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  • Help Bring Our Son Home

    Shannon Helms Kansas City, Missouri

    We have been happily married for 12 years and have two biological children.  We love being parents and feel blessed to have happy, loving, and family oriented children. We had talked about adoption for quite a while even early on […]

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  • Twins again! Twice as much fun…..

    Joe and Karen Morrow
    Joe and Karen Morrow Columbus, Georgia

    God’s plan is not always our plan, or what we think our plan is. Around Oct/Nov. 2016 I started feeling God stirring in my heart.  I didn’t know what he was trying to tell me, I just knew he was […]

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  • Abigail’s Journey Home

    Brad and Mary Ann Ferris
    Brad and Mary Ann Ferris Springfield, Illinois

    HOW IT BEGAN… Our adoption story began in June of 2012 when Brad accepted the Lead Pastor position at Rochester Christian Church.  Within a few weeks we were introduced to some new friends, Marshall and Michelle McGowan, and their ministry, […]

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  • Our road of adoption looks like it’s leading us to TWINS!

    Ross and Kristen Peterson
    Ross and Kristen Peterson Cleghorn, Iowa

    From birth to maturity… From life apart to life in marriage… From new life to miscarriage to learning about molar pregnancies… From three potential adoptions to three hard goodbyes… Glory to God from whom and through whom and to whom […]

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  • 619- Waiting to complete our family with a little girl from China

    Brandon Speeg Jacksonville, Florida

    We are a family of four from Jacksonville Florida with two biological sons waiting to be matched with a little girl from China. Here is a little bit about our journey. Have you ever felt God’s call on your life […]

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  • Create a family Memory with Orphans

    Elizabeth Pezoldt
    Elizabeth Pezoldt Racine, Wisconsin

    Greetings from Bolivia!  The Plans Please join me and eight local Bolivian orphanage staff members in giving 44 children ages 3 to 18 from Fundacion Esperanza in Cochabamba, Bolivia an opportunity to visit two historic and cultural locales in their […]

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  • Dennis Family Adoption

    Jessica Dennis St. Stephen, South Carolina

    Adoption has always been close to my heart as I was an adopted child. We always thought we would adopt, “someday”.  Someday came sooner than we expected when we suffered several devastating miscarriages and the Dr. told us we needed […]

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  • Our Adoption Story “Fear or Faith?”

    Middleton Montgomery, Texas

    Our stirring to adopt internationally began over two years ago through our good friends (who just recently adopted from Colombia) and while attending Riverstone Community Church (our current church home).  Riverstone has a strong calling to “Defend the Orphan” and […]

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  • #PittsPartyof6

    Ashley St. Louis, Missouri

    We never discussed adoption before getting married, but we felt God nudge our hearts towards adopting form China in our first year of marriage. We had to be 30 to adopt from China, but we still had several years until […]

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  • Not everyone is called to adopt

    David and Christi Gould
    David and Christi Gould Columbia, Tennessee

    “No matter how large, your vision is too small.” Thomas Chalmers said that. And our Pastor has it on a bulletin or handout often … so it’s been before us on a regular basis for over 10 years. It’s easy […]

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  • Phillips India Adoption

    Jennifer Phillips
    Jennifer Phillips Springdale, Arkansas

    We are adopting from India!!! Our daughter, Luna, is already such a big part of our family and we can hardly wait until we bring her home! The Lord has been so gracious to our family and we don’t have […]

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  • Love’s Great Adventure: A Forever Home for Our Boys

    Abby McCabe
    Abby McCabe Friendsville, Maryland

    We are the McCabe family. Marty, Abby, and our two dogs Afton and Jade. Marty and I have talked about wanting children since our first date. Due to some medical problems of mine, we were not able to have children […]

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