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  • Bringing Pete Home

    Robbie and Erica
    Robbie and Erica Port St. Lucie, Florida

    After Robbie and I were married, we were excited to begin our family. But with every passing month, it became clear that our desires were not going to be met in the time or necessarily the manner in which we […]

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  • Bringing “Promise” Home-adopting from China

    Kate St Louis, Missouri

    I’m Kate C. In 2009, I adopted my daughter, Lexi, from Russia. She was 6 1/2 years old. Lexi is an amazing daughter–loving, tender-hearted, brave and loyal–who gladdens my heart each and every day. I began to feel that our […]

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  • The Koskes are adopting!

    Andy and Liza Koske
    Andy and Liza Koske Fenton, Missouri

    We are the Koskes!  We started talking about adoption on our 4thdate.  We have always known adoption would be part of our story.  The Lord has already blessed our family through adoption when Joshua joined our family in November of […]

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  • Team Brock

    Bradley Brock
    Bradley Brock Cary, North Carolina

    Hi!  We’re Team Brock, also known as the Brock Family!  We have one adorably creative daughter that made a little cheer for our family to encourage us through the adoption process again, so now we call ourselves Team Brock.  She’s […]

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  • Building Transition Homes for orphans in Odessa, Ukraine

    Michelle and Audrey
    Michelle and Audrey

    ***We are so excited and thankful that Lifesong has given our project a $100,000 matching grant! This means that every dollar given up to $100,000 will be matched/doubled!*** Here in Odessa, Ukraine, the goal of our Lifesong team is to […]

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  • Johnson Family Adoption

    Kyle Johnson Fort Wayne, Indiana

    We are Kyle and Amy Johnson. Adoption is something that has been on both of our hearts for a very long time. God has blessed us with two biological children. As our son reached the age of 2, we both […]

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  • Another Punkin’ Dunkin’

    Shevin Duncan Allen, Texas

    Thank you so much for visiting our page and for your interest in our adoption journey. We will be adopting a beautiful, squishy baby through Gladney’s domestic infant adoption program. We do not know boy or girl at this point, […]

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  • Matthews Family Adopts Again

    Rob and Jessica Matthews
    Rob and Jessica Matthews Grand Rapids, Michigan

    We would like to invite you to join us on our journey of growing our family. Almost two years ago, we welcomed our son into our family through adoption and we invite you to participate in our second adoption. It […]

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  • The Romano Family

    Samantha Romano
    Samantha Romano Palmetto, Georgia

    Hello and welcome to our page! We are the Romano family – Leonard (Lenny), Samantha and Kailyn. Lenny works as a local Police Officer and Samantha works as a Registered Behavior Technician for children with Autism. Kailyn is 13 and Samantha’s […]

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  • Michael + Chelsea adoption

    Michael Sobolik
    Michael Sobolik

    Almost thirty years ago, I (Chelsea) was adopted from overseas. I grew up with five adopted siblings, and have spent years advocating and advancing child welfare policy in Washington, D.C. Adoption has been my heartbeat for years.   For as […]

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  • The journey to our boys

    Heather Mauck
    Heather Mauck Hoxie, Kansas

    Where do we start? In our case, we started with 5 beautiful girls. Our lives were busy, happy and full. So, you can imagine our surprise when God nudged us to adopt. At first, we found it laughable. But in […]

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  • Franje Adoption

    Mandy Franje Grimes, Iowa

    I was in a small group years ago where a couple adopted two children and that initially sparked something in me. Fast forward a couple of years and then I became involved in an orphanage on the board of directors. I […]

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