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  • Love Never Fails!

    Jorge & Jen Uriostegui Warrenville, Illinois

      Dear Family and friends, As 2020 comes to an end, and we welcome in a new year with joyful expectation, we wanted to share some updates from our family, including our adoption update, and a couple of photos. Like […]

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  • Team Brock

    Bradley Brock
    Bradley Brock Cary, North Carolina

    Hi!  We’re Team Brock, also known as the Brock Family!  We have one adorably creative daughter that made a little cheer for our family to encourage us through the adoption process again, so now we call ourselves Team Brock.  She’s […]

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  • Gephart Adoption #3

    Clare & Phil Gephart
    Clare & Phil Gephart ROCK HILL, South Carolina

    We met in 2014 and were inseparable after our first date. Phil jokes that I pushed him into a cactus on our first date, and while it is true that we spent thirty minutes pulling cactus spines out of Phil’s […]

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  • Bring Baby Girl Ungleich Home!

    David Ungleich
    David Ungleich KNOXVILLE, Tennessee

    We are Dave and Amanda (and David Jr. and Grant!). We are a family defined by silliness and love, and we’d love to tell you our story! Adoption is something we have talked about since we first got married. We […]

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  • The Nichols Are Adopting!

    Sharon Nichols
    Sharon Nichols Birmingham, Alabama

    The Nichols Adoption Journey 4/20/2022 Update: Flights are booked! Last week Greg and I provided our selection of a child that we want to pursue for adoption and as of this morning, we received the official letter from the Ministry in […]

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  • Called to adopt

    Dusten Harward Cornelius, North Carolina

    Dusten and I have some exciting news to share that we want you to join in with us: We have begun the process of adopting a domestic infant through a local adoption agency! We feel like if we are going […]

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  • A Story of Experiencing Grace

    Jacob Chicago, Illinois

    Adoption is a story of unmerited favor and grace.   Our hearts have been longing for the opportunity to adopt internationally for many years, and we are excited to invite you to join us on this journey!   The principle […]

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  • Our Adoption Adventure Continues!

    Michelle and Tim Kutcher
    Michelle and Tim Kutcher DeBary, Florida

    Dear family and friends, Our adoption adventure continues and we are so honored that you would partner with us! We are excited to share with you that we are adopting a baby once again! Our adoption story began 35 years ago […]

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  • Whitehead Party of 4

    Ashley Whitehead
    Ashley Whitehead Lafayette, Indiana

    We are pleased to announce to our family and friends that we adopting… AGAIN!! We have been awarded a $4,000 matching grant from Connection Point Church through Lifesong for Orphans. Every dollar donated up to $4,000 will be matched. We […]

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  • Cooper Adoption Story

    LAURA COOPER Loganville, Georgia

    They say, “God writes the best stories.” Here’s ours. In 2007, we found ourselves sitting across from one another at a birthday party of a mutual friend. The conversation went a little like this… “So Laura, what’s your major?” “International […]

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  • Michael + Chelsea adoption

    Michael Sobolik
    Michael Sobolik

    Almost thirty years ago, I (Chelsea) was adopted from overseas. I grew up with five adopted siblings, and have spent years advocating and advancing child welfare policy in Washington, D.C. Adoption has been my heartbeat for years.   For as […]

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