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  • LeDuc Family Adoption

    Karla LeDuc
    Karla LeDuc Fort Collins, Colorado

    We are Aaron and Karla and it is our hope that God would bring a child into our family by adoption. We are so excited to be where we are at and, Lord willing, to meet a new little one […]

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  • Baby on the way!

    Tim and Julie Collins Troy, Ohio

    Our decision to adopt came after Julie was diagnosed with ovarian failure at age 33.  We struggled with the up’s and down’s of infertility for about three or four months.  Julie received injections, medications, and IUI treatments, all to no […]

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  • Kondracki Adoption Journey!

    Ashleigh Kondracki
    Ashleigh Kondracki Arnold, Missouri

    We want to start out with a big thank you to those who have been praying for us through this journey thus far. We have been blessed to receive a matching grant. We know that many of you have already […]

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  • The Games Adopt

    Lindsey Games
    Lindsey Games Noblesville, Indiana

    We are so excited to announce that we have been awarded a $3000 matching grant from Kirklin Christian Church Adoption Fund, administered by Lifesong for Orphans. We are so excited and honored that every donation will be matched up to […]

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  • This is Us–Baby Peters’ Adoption Story

    Brittney Peters Sailsbury, North Carolina

    Chapter 1. I am a lover of stories. I have been madly in love with books my entire life. The written word has become a way for me to lose myself into a plot with characters that I feel are […]

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  • The Wilson’s Beautiful Calling to Adopt From Ethiopia

    Chad & Christina Wilson Chattanooga, Tennessee

    The first thing we would like to say is that this is God’s story, God’s Children, His work, and one of the callings He has placed on our life! We are simply humbled to be a part of what He […]

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  • #onelesshomeless

    Nathan and Becky Singer
    Nathan and Becky Singer Round Lake, Illinois

    Adoption has been on our hearts for years. It was 2 years ago that we initially began getting licensed for adoption thru foster care and about a year ago that God changed that direction for our family to private domestic […]

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  • Fulfilling God’s Calling: Growing our Family through Adoption!

    Aaron & Kim Harmon
    Aaron & Kim Harmon Bloomington, Illinois

    We are Aaron & Kim and are SO excited about growing our family through adoption!  After eight years of marriage, we have three biological children, Emmett, Marshall, and Liza.  We are excited for this journey and to see how God’s […]

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  • Engaging Gods heart for the orphan…*Matching Grant*

    Katie Nelson Mobile, Alabama

      Our hearts have been stirred by the number of children without a home and the number of lives lost through abortion. These are the voiceless and the defenseless ones. These are whom the Lord has called his people to see and […]

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  • From Poland to Nepal

    Rob Robideau
    Rob Robideau Ashtabula, Ohio

    Our Adoption Testimony We have been burdened about adoption and orphan care since very early in our marriage, but living overseas as missionaries in Nepal for over seven years has opened our eyes in a much greater way to the […]

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  • Trusting Him- The Rogers Family

    Rebekah Rogers
    Rebekah Rogers Cedarville, Ohio

    Even before marriage, God was preparing both our hearts to embrace adoption. Bekah’s family fostered and adopted, so she grew up with a family brought together through a combination of biology and adoption. From a very early age Bekah’s heart […]

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  • Plevinski Family Adoption/Matching Grant

    Sarah Plevinski Clarksville, Tennessee

    Paul and I always knew that we wanted a family.  Somehow, even before we were married we discussed the idea of adoption and we were both open to it.  Within the first few years of our marriage we started trying […]

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