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  • Adopting Because He First Adopted Us

    Bryan & Sonya Hedrick
    Bryan & Sonya Hedrick Knightdale, North Carolina

    The Lord began to put adoption in my (Sonya’s) heart about five years before getting married.  When my Asian co-worker shared her story about when she was a little girl in her home country, I began to see the need […]

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  • Bring Our Boy Home

    Kristin Mooney
    Kristin Mooney Taylorsville, Kentucky

    Matt and I have four children, and even after the fourth was born we never thought we were finished having children.  Every other mom kept telling me “you will know”. I never felt like I “knew”, but I just couldn’t figure out […]

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  • Springer Haiti Adoption

    Karissa Springer Havre, Montana

    We have exciting news!!!!  Our family of 7 is growing by one!  We are so excited to be in the process of adopting! Our story of adoption began years ago.  For me (Karissa) I had a desire to adopt from […]

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  • Foss Family Adoption

    Sage Foss
    Sage Foss Bozeman, Montana

    The three of us, Eric, Sage, and Jasper, currently make up the Foss family, and how excited we are to add another little boy to our home. We know there is a little boy that God has ordained for us […]

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  • Pratt Family Adoption

    Kyle Pratt Pratt Goldsboro, North Carolina

      Hello, we are the Pratt family. Our names are Kyle (dad), Ashleigh (mom), Makay (big brother, 13), and Cameron (little brother, 9) and prayerfully, “A” (adopted sister, 13) and “I” (adopted sister, 12). We are currently living is Goldsboro, […]

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  • Larry & Jenna’s Adoption Journey

    Jenna DuBose Warsaw, Indiana

    Hi friends and family! You’ve likely heard that we’re adopting, but we’d like to also share a bit of our journey with you! It started back years before we were married, or even knew each other. Larry became interested in […]

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  • The Buergers are Adopting!

    Stephen Buerger
    Stephen Buerger GARLAND, Texas

    We are Stephen and Elizabeth. We got married in 2013. After a few years of struggling with fertility complications, we got pregnant and had Sam in 2016. However, we have encountered “secondary infertility,” and our hopes for Sam to have […]

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  • Huntley Adoption Journey

    Jared Huntley
    Jared Huntley Alexandria, Virginia

    We’re the Huntley family (Jared and Jen)! We live in Alexandria, VA and I (Jared) serve as the pastor of a church plant in Washington, DC. Jen serves alongside me in the work of reaching DC with the Gospel and […]

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  • Casch Family Adoption

    Chelsie Casch
    Chelsie Casch Boise, Idaho

    Our hearts have longed to adopt since our dating days. We had discussed adoption as a way to grow our family and continued to pray throughout our marriage that God would make it clear when the time was right.  After […]

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  • Bringing Home Our “Caboose”!

    Sarah Epting Pomaria, South Carolina

       Bringing Home Our “Caboose”   We had always talked about adoption… even before having biological children.  Sarah’s parents were missionaries in Africa when she was young.  She wanted to grow up and adopt the orphan children she saw in […]

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  • Love and Hope to China

    Zac Irwin
    Zac Irwin Leesburg, Virginia

    We were orphans, adopted by God, and grafted into His family. In turn, we too are called to care for the orphan. This care can look vastly different to many people, but to us, it ultimately looked like this – […]

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  • Cullen & Danelle Nance

    Cullen Nance Indianapolis, Indiana

    Way back in 2010, we were only strangers struggling to find “the one” as blind date after blind date seemed to be going nowhere, so the both of us decided to try out online dating. One day, Cullen was browsing […]

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