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  • Stradleys are adopting from India again!

    Mark and Alicia Stradley Buffalo, New York

    In December 2016, we brought home our son from India.  It had been a long, tedious process and we had vowed to never endure that kind of paperwork again!  That was our plan…. But God doesn’t follow our plans… in […]

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  • Our little expanding family…

    Paige Bailey
    Paige Bailey Greensboro, North Carolina

    We are the Bailey’s. We started dating in 2006 when I was in college. We have always had a heart for adoption. It was our first choice for growing our family. When we first checked into adoption, we didn’t see how it was […]

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  • Haiti – Summer 2018

    Trent Wyss
    Trent Wyss Washington, Illinois

    Dear Family and Friends, Greetings! I pray this post finds you and your family well. I am now in my third year of college, double majoring in Finance and Agribusiness. The Lord has been faithful in my life and continues […]

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  • LeDuc Family Adoption

    Karla LeDuc
    Karla LeDuc Fort Collins, Colorado

    We are Aaron and Karla and it is our hope that God would bring a child into our family by adoption. We are so excited to be where we are at and, Lord willing, to meet a new little one […]

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  • Luna Mei

    Emily Rancourt
    Emily Rancourt Bristow, Virginia

    It was a cold and gloomy December day when the news came from China. Just like that – she was gone. Almost two years of hoping, praying, and advocating for China to prepare her file and suddenly we were faced […]

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  • TateMakes8

    Harlow O'Fallon, Missouri

      Our little superhero is just waiting for his buddy to come home. Tate Isaiah is 3 years old and was born in northern China. From the moment we saw his amazing smile, we could not get him out of […]

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  • Bringing Home Baby Klein; Seeing Him in ALL Things

    Harmonee Klein
    Harmonee Klein Lexington, North Carolina

    The Lord laid adoption on our hearts very early on in our relationship; although, we were not sure when or where our adoption would take place. In our first year of marriage (2011/2012), the Lord pressed upon our hearts to […]

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  • The King’s Adoption Story

    Lucinda Mont Belvieu, Texas

    We are Will and Lucinda King of Mont Belvieu, Texas. Together with our three children and one nonnie, we plan to expand our family through international adoption. It has always been a desire of ours to adopt a child. We […]

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  • Bringing Tommy Home!

    Scott & Becky Congdon Gillett, Pennsylvania

    Hi, Family & Friends! We are so excited about growing our family through adoption! You may or may not know that Scott and I have wanted to have another child for almost 4 years now. It’s been a very long […]

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  • Daughters of the King Retreat

    Lifesong for Orphans
    Lifesong for Orphans Gridley, Illinois

    As you heard in the video above, our girls at Lifesong School Zambia come from a culture where women are often abused and devalued.  Our heart and prayer is that each girl could discover their true identity in Christ, ultimately living as Daughters […]

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  • The Friesen Family Adoption Story

    Natalie Friesen Ferndale, Washington

    Natalie first became interested in adoption in 5th grade when she read the book, The Family Nobody Wanted about a couple that adopted several special needs children from around the world. She decided then that she would adopt 20! Well, […]

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  • Celebrating Grace

    Bryan and Erin Cromwell Fort Wayne, Indiana

    Early in our dating days (before even discussing marriage), we learned we were both passionate about adopting our future children. We had a wonderful love story, which led to our beautiful wedding, then led to our adventures as husband and […]

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