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  • A Baby brother

    lauren Jones Vestavia Hills, Alabama

    We are Van and Lauren. We’ve been married 7 years and feel like we are just getting started. Before we got married we knew we wanted to have a house full of children and believed the Lord would bring us […]

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  • The Winter Family Adoption Story

    Keith & Lauren
    Keith & Lauren Clermont, Florida

    We are so excited to officially announce that our family will soon(ish) be growing!! Since Keith and I first started talking about having a family, we have both known that our hearts were longing to adopt locally. About two years […]

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  • Our Survivor

    Keith Karr Colorado Springs, Colorado

    Our Survivor Our girl is a survivor. She was abandoned in an orphanage at 3 weeks old, survived the Haiti earthquake and is now struggling through the biggest fight of her life! All the trauma at such a young age […]

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  • Our Adoption Story

    Robyn Wright Normal, Illinois

    The journey to saying “yes” to adoption for each of us looked different from the other but we wanted to share with you all the intimate details of how God moved in each of our hearts to bring us here. […]

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  • We Are Adopting!

    Mario & Cynthia
    Mario & Cynthia LA, California

    We have BIG news… we’re adopting a child! This has been a long time coming for us, almost 15 years to be exact. One of our greatest desires is to be parents to a child of our own. We are […]

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  • Johnsen Family Adoption

    Rebecca Johnsen
    Rebecca Johnsen Stanwood, Washington

    Michael and Becca’s desire to become parents began way back in their “dating days”. Each have a strong connection with children, with Michael growing up with numerous young cousins and Becca being an elementary school teacher. When they married in […]

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  • Growing our family through domestic adoption

    Rochelle Saunders Harvest, Alabama

    When Jesse and I were a young married couple, we reconnected with Jesse’s younger half siblings. The father that they shared with Jesse had passed away when they were very young and their mother was in the throws of addiction. […]

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  • Cooper Adoption Story

    LAURA COOPER Loganville, Georgia

    They say, “God writes the best stories.” Here’s ours. In 2007, we found ourselves sitting across from one another at a birthday party of a mutual friend. The conversation went a little like this… “So Laura, what’s your major?” “International […]

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  • Bring M home!

    Amanda Amagliani
    Amanda Amagliani Millington, Tennessee

    I’ve had a heart for adoption long before I was married.  I remember God sweetly leading my husband and I into a conversation about this a year and a half before we were married.  He was not as sure about […]

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  • The Johnson’s become 10

    Aaron Johnson Duluth, Minnesota

    In the beautiful and serene landscapes of Northern Minnesota, there lived a loving couple named Aaron and Amy. Amy, at the age of 43, and Aaron, also 43, were blessed with four incredible children of their own. Their eldest was […]

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  • Evan’s Trauma Therapy Road

    David and Kimberly Derby
    David and Kimberly Derby Owasso, Oklahoma

    We, David and Kimberly, have been married for 26 years and are the blessed and proud adoptive parents of two beautiful boys. Quentin (18) was our first adoption and we were blessed to hold him when he was 6 hours […]

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  • What God Has Opened

    Matthew Termeer
    Matthew Termeer Columbus, Ohio

    Thanks for taking the time to read our story! We hope that we’re able to communicate why and how we’ve developed a heart for adoption, and how God has continued to open our hearts to this exciting venture. We are […]

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