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  • We have big news to share.

    Megan Kaiser
    Megan Kaiser New Braunfels, Texas

    Dear friends and family, Josh and I are adopting a baby! We have been pooling all our time, money, and resources into our infertility battles for the last seven years with the answer that we will not be able to […]

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  • Answering God’s Call

    Crissy Hathcock Woodland, Mississippi

    We want to thank you for reading our story.  We are so excited to be answering God’s call in our lives.  Adoption has always been in our hearts and now because of His amazing grace, we have the opportunity to […]

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  • Angela is almost home!

    Bolt Grand Rapids, Michigan

      Hello Family and Friends! It’s a bit surreal to be writing to you about the final steps of our adoption. The past five years have, at times, seemed achingly slow.  And yet, we’ve developed more patience than we thought […]

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  • Bringing Home Panda Bear

    Tina Deramo
    Tina Deramo Tulsa, Oklahoma

      As a little girl I would spend hours looking through the Sears and JC Penney catalogs. Instead of picking out what toys or clothes I wanted, I was more interested in deciding which babies I wanted to bring home; […]

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  • Help Bring Baby Girl Kossack Home

    Lauren Kossack Zionsville, Indiana

    Dear Family & Friends,We are so excited to finally announce that we’re adopting a little girl from China!  It’s something that we’ve been talking about since our very first date back in 2003. After we were married we continued to […]

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  • Bringing Home Baby Klein; Seeing Him in ALL Things

    Harmonee Klein
    Harmonee Klein Lexington, North Carolina

    The Lord laid adoption on our hearts very early on in our relationship; although, we were not sure when or where our adoption would take place. In our first year of marriage (2011/2012), the Lord pressed upon our hearts to […]

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  • Our adoption journey to Ashley!

    Michelle and Tim Kutcher
    Michelle and Tim Kutcher DeBary, Florida

    Dear Family and Friends, Many of you have already heard the exciting news that we are growing our family through adoption AGAIN! We are adopting an infant from right here in central Florida! As a family, we have been excitedly […]

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  • The Exsted’s Adopt!

    Cassandra Exsted
    Cassandra Exsted Rochester, Minnesota

    Hey! We are Mike and Cassandra. We live in the Midwest, along with our three biological children. This year, we are celebrating ten years of marriage! Five years ago, if you were flipping through the pages of my Bible, you […]

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  • Our Journey To The Silk Road

    Jessica Perron
    Jessica Perron New Market, Maryland

    Our adoption story started on October 3, 2017. We had spent months reading about international adoption and praying over waiting children. One afternoon we reached out to an agency and inquired about adoption. We explained that we were interested in […]

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  • Cooper Family Adoption

    Scott Cooper
    Scott Cooper Kearneysville, West Virginia

    We’re the Cooper family. This Winter we hosted a teenage girl from Eastern Europe for a month through an orphan hosting program. “A” is 15 and has lived, without family, in an orphanage since she was two. We went ice skating, […]

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  • Wilson Adoption Journey

    Del Wilson Knoxville, Tennessee

    After many years of trying to grow our family and trying several fertility treatments we both have felt led to research the adoption process.  After much prayer and lots of meeting with friends and family who have gone through the […]

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  • Johnson, Party of SIX!

    Charis Johnson
    Charis Johnson Lewisville, Texas

    After 9 months of waiting, one phone call on Monday, August 20, 2018 at 10:15pm changed everything. A baby boy had been born earlier that day in Houston, Tx. “Healthy Bi-racial boy, 7lbs 15oz, 20.5”, born at 4:44pm. Do you […]

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