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  • Our China Adoption

    JD Jones
    JD Jones Shreveport, Louisiana

    Adoption has always been something we knew we would pursue as a family. JD is adopted and adoption has always been a passion for Bethany as well. We have two biological kids and felt that after Josiah was born it […]

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  • Jackson Family Adoption

    Ryan Jackson Matthews, North Carolina

    Hello! Our names are Ryan and Rachel Jackson. When we got married we desired to have many children, and after completing our masters programs, Rachel quickly became pregnant with Adalyn and had no complications with her pregnancy. Adalyn is a […]

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  • James 1:17- Barton’s Adoption Journey

    Ben and Kelsey Barton Delta, Ohio

    Roughly nine years ago, we were sitting in church. On this particular day it was Sanctity of Life Sunday.  Our pastor’s sermon was on adoption. At this time, we were engaged and to be married in early summer. The topic […]

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  • Long Family Adoption from India

    Susie Long
    Susie Long Fairfield, Alabama

    Aaron and I talked about adopting one day since before we were married. This desire was prompted in us by a combination of our understanding and gratitude for how God has adopted us as his children, an understanding of God’s […]

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  • Cottle Family Adoption – Adding to our crazy, loud, wonderful family

    Aimee Cottle
    Aimee Cottle Indianapolis, Indiana

      There is so much we could tell you about the path that led us here. All the conversations. Prayers. Nudges. Gut checks. Fear. Leaps. We’ve both felt like adoption was something we were always supposed to do. Separately, at […]

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  • Anderson Adoption

    Derek & Jennifer Anderson
    Derek & Jennifer Anderson Winston, Georgia

    Over the past several years, God has placed a desire on our heart for adoption. We knew that one day we would welcome a child into our home. As the years have passed, we have shared this desire with our […]

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  • Tiny Tech Adoption

    Nathan & Deena Tech
    Nathan & Deena Tech Richmond Hill, Georgia

    Hi! We are Nathan and Deena. Here’s a little of our story: We have both felt for quite a while that God put a call towards adoption in our hearts and that adoption would be part of our story. Deena […]

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  • Busenitz Family Adoption #2!

    Busenitz Newton, Kansas

    Hello! We are Ben and Jana Busenitz. Even before we were married, we both thought it would be neat to adopt someday! After the birth of our firstborn son, Jana struggled with health issues and we didn’t think we would […]

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  • Davis Haiti Adoption

    JESSICA DAVIS Columbus, Ohio

    Our family has had a heart for caring for vulnerable and at risk children long before we began pursuing adoption. We both have experienced the grace and love of Jesus and being adopted into God’s family, and we see adoption […]

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  • Our journey to adopt from South Korea

    Jon & Kate Lilley
    Jon & Kate Lilley Mayfield Heights, Ohio

    As long as we can remember, Jon and I have wanted to be parents and to have a big family. Early on in our relationship we talked about adoption being part of the way our family would be built. The picture […]

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  • The Belcher’s are Adopting a Girl from India

    Carl Belcher
    Carl Belcher Lehigh Acres, Florida

    Our adoption story begins with the gospel. In Galatians 4:3-7, Scripture says, “In the same way we also, when we were children, were enslaved to the elementary principles of the world. But when the fullness of time had come, God […]

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  • The Chelians are Adopting from Thailand!

    Abby Chelian
    Abby Chelian San Jose, California

    We are excited to announce that we are in the process of adopting a little one from Thailand! When I (Abby) was a child, my parents took me and my sister on a missions trip to Thailand, and I visited […]

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