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  • Chelsea and Parker Day Family Adoption

    Chelsea Day
    Chelsea Day Altoona, Iowa

    Hello friends and family! As most of you know, we are pursuing adoption through Iowa Lutheran Family Services. This process is so new to us and even though we are just getting started we have already learned so much! I […]

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  • Answered Prayer

    Brittany & Drew Traverse City, Michigan

    We have been married almost 9 years now, high school sweethearts.  We married right after finishing Bible College together.  We dreamt of a home full of children and life serving our Lord. We did not plan on such heartbreak when […]

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  • Obeying, Adopting, Trusting – and thankful for a Matching Grant!

    Heidi Slagh
    Heidi Slagh Holland, Michigan

    We thought eight was enough, but God has other plans for our family! We are stepping out in obedience again, knowing full well that God’s plans are always better than our own! God began preparing our hearts about a year […]

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  • Berryman Clan Adopting From China

    Lee and Shannon Berryman
    Lee and Shannon Berryman Troup, Texas

    As we have traveled over the past 17 years (and 12 years of actually living abroad), we have seen so many children who do not have the blessing of a family to love and nurture them. In the developing world […]

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  • Our Family’s Story

    Ashley DeKock
    Ashley DeKock Edmond, Oklahoma

    Hello! We’re excited to share this piece of our hearts with everyone. To know us is to know how we got started on this adoption journey, and if you are interested in learning more about us, check out our blog post […]

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  • Finding Our Pearl

    Kate Schlickman
    Kate Schlickman Wheaton, Illinois

    While we’ve officially been “home study ready” since September 2016, our hearts only had 12 hours to prepare for Pearl Amelia. In my follow-the-textbook mind, we would match with a birth mother, begin bonding with her, and start our fundraising. […]

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  • Braker Family Adoption

    Calvin Braker West Dundee, Illinois

    From a very early time in our lives and in our relationship as a couple, God has placed adoption on our hearts.  We both knew going into marriage that one day we wanted to grow a family through adoption.  In […]

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  • Cheesman Family Adoption

    Emily Cheesman
    Emily Cheesman Union, Maine

    Dear Family and Friends,  We have some exciting news: we are adopting! We have always loved children and even before we started having children, we talked about adopting some day.  After our four children were born we started discussing the […]

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  • Story’s Story

    Mark and Lynn Shaeffer Bangor, Pennsylvania

    We are the Shaeffer Family. We began thinking about adoption shortly after we were first married, 28 years ago. Our daughter was born and we thought we might adopt the next baby. God, however, had different plans. When we contacted […]

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  • Miller Family Adoption

    Kristen Miller Charleston, West Virginia

    Keith and I always knew we wanted to adopt, even before we were married. It’s something we even discussed prior to saying I do. We married young, so we decided to wait to have children (unless the Lord saw otherwise […]

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  • Journey to Five

    Matthew Graham
    Matthew Graham Brandon, Mississippi

    Even before we were married God had placed the idea of adoption on our hearts. We have been married for 15 years and have four incredible kiddos that range in age from 2 to 11. Last November God’s timing was […]

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