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  • The Journey Continues …

    Bob and Emily

    As many of you know, for the past six months, we have been working with Bethany Christian Services to adopt a young child.  We appreciate your support as we continue through this journey!   STRIPE charges an online processing fee […]

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  • Lovejoy’s India Adoption

    Alicia Lovejoy
    Alicia Lovejoy Bend, Oregon

    We are the Lovejoy family and we are thrilled to be bringing home a little girl from India! Adoption has always been a part of our conversation.  From the beginning, when we considered building our family, the topic would rise […]

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  • LaShomb Family

    Lauren LaShomb
    Lauren LaShomb Spring, Texas

    Hi! We are the LaShomb family: Michael, Lauren, Lincoln, and Holden.  Last month we welcomed Holden into our family after a quick match and placement through our adoption agency.  A few days earlier our church shared that they offer matching grants, […]

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  • Bringing Home our Missing Piece!

    Lindsey and Brian Brewer Pakse, Laos, Texas

    We are the Brewer family and we are in the process of adopting a cross cultural infant from America! We live overseas in SE Asia working in a village coffee farm and helping local farmers. We have been graciously awarded […]

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  • The Olsen Odyssey – Our Journey through Adoption

    Abigail Olsen
    Abigail Olsen Madison, Wisconsin

    Listening to Adventures in Odyssey is one of our favorite past times on long road trips.  We chuckle over Eugene’s mishaps and Mr. Whitaker’s life-lessons never get old!  Our current trek through adoption is one of the greatest adventures in […]

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  • The Wright’s Adoption Journey

    Samantha Wright Lafayette, Indiana

      We are Christopher, Samantha, and Julia! On July 1, an expectant mom and dad in Arizona chose us to raise their daughter and make her part of our family. Expectant mom is due September 13 but has high blood […]

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  • Schlender Adoption

    Rebecca Schlender
    Rebecca Schlender Bozeman, Montana

    Our Story told by Rebecca When I was 12 years old our church had a guest speaker come and talk about adoption. The speaker passed out a little flyer with the precious faces of two babies on the front and […]

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  • Bringing Home Baby Ritchie

    Jessica Ritchie
    Jessica Ritchie Jackson, Kentucky

    “Where God guides, He provides.”  -Isaiah 58:11 Throughout the past year, we (Nathan and Jessica) have stood on the promise of this verse, and continue to see the Lord keep His word above and beyond what we could have imagined! […]

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  • Bringing Oskar Home

    Laura VanderHart
    Laura VanderHart Rossville, Georgia

    This is our journey to bring Oskar into our family. We have one son, Calvin, and are praying for God to bring another little boy into our home. We desire to name him Oskar Godert, which would be a family […]

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  • The Battles Family Adopting from China

    Dustin Battles
    Dustin Battles Liberty Township, Ohio

    Adopting a child has always been a hope and desire of our hearts. Even when we were dating, we discussed the possibility. We are thrilled to watch this dream unfold as we have started the process.   Megan spent a summer […]

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  • Henderlong Adoption: India!

    Amanda Henderlong Roswell, Georgia

    Thank you friends and family for walking and supporting us on this journey of adoption! We have been awarded a $4000 matching grant from Johnson Ferry Baptist Church Adoption Fund, administered by Lifesong for Orphans and we are so thrilled by […]

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  • Woodbury Family Adoption from Colombia

    Rosemarie Woodbury West Chicago, Illinois

    We have BIG news! As many of you know we are adopting a child from Colombia! We have now identified a child who we are pursuing to adopt and we hope will be a part of our family soon! He’s […]

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