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  • A Million Miles to Madison

    Sarah Heinsbroek
    Sarah Heinsbroek Houston, Texas

    On the day I found my daughter, I was on the internet searching out contract agencies who work with CPS, with the intent of applying to be a foster parent.  I would provide temporary care for hurting children while their […]

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  • What if God calls you to do something great?

    Walter & Dina Wills
    Walter & Dina Wills Little Rock, Arkansas

    Hello Family & Friends,       In February of 2015, Walter and I both felt God prompting us to do something great…grow our family through adoption.  And while many of you may or may not know this calling the Lord has […]

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  • Create a family Memory with Orphans

    Elizabeth Pezoldt
    Elizabeth Pezoldt Racine, Wisconsin

    Greetings from Bolivia!  The Plans Please join me and eight local Bolivian orphanage staff members in giving 57 children ages 1 to 22 from Fundacion Esperanza in Cochabamba, Bolivia an opportunity to visit two historic and cultural locales in their […]

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  • Bringing Godlieb Home

    Geoff and Leah Swanson
    Geoff and Leah Swanson Stillwater, Minnesota

    We first met Godlieb in 2012, when we he was only 11 years old. At the time our family was living in Namibia, Africa, working with orphans and vulnerable children who spent their time on the streets and at the […]

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  • My Bolivian Journey

    Susannah Baffa
    Susannah Baffa Washington, Illinois

      “The will of God is always a bigger thing than we bargain for, but we must believe that whatever it involves, it is good, acceptable and perfect” -Jim Elliot- My world has been filled with stories of faithful saints […]

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  • Three Year Old Girl Adoption from Western Africa!

    Rachel Douglass
    Rachel Douglass Orlando, Florida

    We are adopting a sweet three year old girl from Western Africa! We are both in ministry and have spent copius amounts of time on the missions field all across the globe. That precious time is what opened our eyes […]

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  • Cassity Adoption Fund

    Hunter & Jessica Cassity
    Hunter & Jessica Cassity Homewood, Alabama

    Our Story Hi, we’re Hunter and Jessica. Almost 2 years ago, we began praying that God would grow our little family, that He would bless us with children. We waited with excitement to see just how He would do that. […]

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  • Mason Makes Five!

    Jason and Katie Brabson
    Jason and Katie Brabson Dwight, Illinois

    Our kids prayed about us adopting again. We already have a home that has been blessed with the noise and wonder of four children, two of whom were adopted internationally from Ethiopia and China. Our family felt torn between the […]

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  • Hosting and Adopting Jose!

    Andy McMullin
    Andy McMullin Bel Air, Maryland

    We have been talking about adoption ever since we were married 16 years ago.  However, it started long before that, it started with our Lord’s perfect plan of redemption.  Through Christ, we are all adopted into God’s family, through Christ […]

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  • Humbled by Hope: Our Family’s Second Adoption Journey

    Roberta Holloway Crestview, Florida

    If we only knew where we would be led…. After adopting our youngest at birth domestically in 2013 we soon felt called to adopt again, but knew we were being called to adopt an older child.  Both in law enforcement, […]

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  • Schobey Family Adoption Journey

    Chris and Kylee Schobey
    Chris and Kylee Schobey Anna, Texas

    Thank you for visiting our site! We are honored that you have decided to share in our adoption journey. As we look to the future, we are excited to open our home to a child in need of a loving […]

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  • VanKoevering Adoption

    Shannon VanKoevering Hudsonville, Michigan

    In the international adoption world there are children who are considered “difficult to place”. Children with Spina Bifida are on this list. About 4 years ago we were introduced to one of those children. We followed God to Ghana and […]

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