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  • Help Bring the Ruges Home!

    Sigrid Ruge
    Sigrid Ruge Denver, Colorado

    After many years on the journey of adoption, we were selected in 2018 to adopt our son.  A few months later, we were on a plane traveling to Mwana Villages to meet him. Mwana Villages is a non-profit family and […]

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  • Pratt Family Adoption

    Kyle Pratt Pratt Goldsboro, North Carolina

      Hello, we are the Pratt family. Our names are Kyle (dad), Ashleigh (mom), Makay (big brother, 13), and Cameron (little brother, 9) and prayerfully, “A” (adopted sister, 13) and “I” (adopted sister, 12). We are currently living is Goldsboro, […]

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  • Lowman Family Adoption

    Cory Lowman
    Cory Lowman Camp Point, Illinois

    We are the Lowman Family; Cory, Kelsi, Abe, Hazel, and Riley.  We have been married for 11 years and have been blessed with our three biological children.  We have been talking about adopting since the beginning of our relationship.  Our […]

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  • Bring Baby Girl Ungleich Home!

    David Ungleich
    David Ungleich KNOXVILLE, Tennessee

    We are Dave and Amanda (and David Jr. and Grant!). We are a family defined by silliness and love, and we’d love to tell you our story! Adoption is something we have talked about since we first got married. We […]

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  • Larson Family Adoption Journey

    Kara Larson
    Kara Larson PEORIA, Illinois

    I, Kara, grew up with an older biological sister and two younger adopted brothers. Before I married, I just knew adoption would be apart of our family as well. I believed it would be similar to my childhood. After the […]

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  • Forever Fischetti Family

    Kristen Fischetti
    Kristen Fischetti Grantsville, Maryland

    We have always thought adoption would play a role in our lives as a family even though we have had the blessing of welcoming biological children into our home. Ultimately our faith in God has shown us the importance of […]

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  • The Neely family adoption journey

    Crystal Neely Dallas, Oregon

    Welcome to our adoption journey! Here is a little info about us Neely’s. Our family has known we were called to adopt since before we even married! We are blessed to have many people on both sides of our family […]

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  • Cahatol Adoption

    Janny Cahatol San Jose, California

    Jennard and Janny brought Samuel home in April of 2018. Since then we have been seeking God’s leading to adopt again. First of all, thank you to all of you who have journeyed with us in bringing Samuel home and for […]

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  • Phillips Family Adoption Journey

    Allison Phillips Charlotte, North Carolina

    Dear Family and Friends, Some of you know we have felt called by God to adopt a child into our family. We are adopting an infant (we have said we are open to twins, so that is a possibility) from […]

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  • Skrepak Family Adoption

    Melissa Skrepak
    Melissa Skrepak Spirit Lake, Iowa

    Early on in our marriage we sat at the kitchen table and talked about how wonderful it would be to adopt someday. I have no idea what triggered the conversation but we both felt the call. We didn’t know what […]

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  • Davis Haiti Adoption

    JESSICA DAVIS Columbus, Ohio

    Our family has had a heart for caring for vulnerable and at risk children long before we began pursuing adoption. We both have experienced the grace and love of Jesus and being adopted into God’s family, and we see adoption […]

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  • Andrew and Chelsea’s Adoption

    Chelsea Wood Spring, Texas

    Our Reasons for Adopting Words cannot express how eager we are to bring a sweet child into our home. Adoption is such a beautiful picture of God’s love for us as His adopted children. We have always wanted to adopt […]

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