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  • Schroeder Family Adoption

    Sarah Schroeder
    Sarah Schroeder Bend, Oregon

    When we got married, we always knew that we wanted to have children. We both grew up with siblings, and we desired for our children to have that joy as well. Our plans were to have at least three or […]

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  • This is a story of a boy…

    Jeffrey Bergquist Maryville, Tennessee

    Dear Family and Friends, We are so excited about continuing the process of adoption for Josiah! As many of you know, this has been a long process. On 12/20/16, Jeff’s nurse, Kelli, came down the hall and said to Jeff, […]

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  • The Sheridan Family Adoption

    Michael Sheridan
    Michael Sheridan Athens, Alabama

    We are Michael and Michelle Sheridan, and we are excited to share with you the story of our adoption journey – where we are now, and where we hope to be in near future! We truly believe that God has […]

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  • Help Bring Esteban Home

    Matthew Brady Crofton, Maryland

    Thank you for your interest in our story.  We are currently in the process of adopting a 13-year-old boy from Colombia, named Esteban.  We didn’t expect to be in this position, but at the same time we feel very confident that […]

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  • Choosing to adopt our second child

    Briana Harger
    Briana Harger Columbus, Ohio

    Almost three years ago, God started our journey as a family of three. We were so excited that we would soon have a baby. However, that excitement very quickly turned to dismay. Briana was struggling, unable to function at the […]

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  • Every Family Has a Story… Welcome to Ours

    Zack and Erika Wilson
    Zack and Erika Wilson Carrollton, Texas

    OUR STORY We are high school sweethearts! We met in a middle school youth group and started dating in high school. I (Erika) was drawn to Zack for his unique sense of self/confidence and his kindness to others despite being […]

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  • #LeDucAdditionByAdoption

    Marc LeDuc
    Marc LeDuc Augusta, Georgia

    We had been dating for a couple of months and were driving down a windy, scenic highway between Athens and Augusta. We were talking about family and siblings and other families we knew, and we happened upon the topic of […]

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  • Blessed by Twins

    Zeke McManis
    Zeke McManis Colorado Springs, Colorado

    What do you do when you receive a call letting you know that there is not only one, but TWO babies, with a laundry list of potential health and developmental issues, who need to be adopted? This was the question we […]

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  • Sims Family Adoption

    Melissa Sims Fort Hood, Texas

    God placed adoption on our hearts while we were still dating and we have been blessed to have been able to start our family through adoption! Jubilee Kate Sims was born in July of 2018 and has radically and beautifully […]

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  • The Journey of the Jones Adoption

    Bethany Jones Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania

    We have always wanted more children in our home. We have worked with and among children and youth our entire lives. We made the decision in April to pursue adoption. Adoption has been a burden in our hearts for much […]

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  • A Worldwide Adoption

    Christian and Marie Burtt
    Christian and Marie Burtt Auburn, California

    We are Christian and Marie…we currently live in Romania, we met and got married in the USA and we are adopting from Colombia! We have two permanent children, Addy and Mercy. We have been privileged to love other children as […]

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  • Bringing Home Linia and Via!

    Kindra Church Colton, Washington

    God first called me to Haiti when I was 14 years old.  It was 6 years before I was able to obey Him but when I did it changed me. After living there a while God told me, “adopt”!  Over […]

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