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  • The Burton Family Adopts from South Korea

    Hannah Burton Kennedale, Texas

    Thank you for stopping by to learn more about our adoption! God has been preparing both of our hearts for this for a long time. We officially began our adoption journey March 27, 2018 and after months of paperwork and […]

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  • Our Adoption Story

    Paul Roland
    Paul Roland Lexington, South Carolina

    We began our adoption journey in 2017.  Children weren’t initially in our plans for life, but as we got older God started pulling us in that direction.  Natural birth unfortunately wasn’t an option for us so we began to discuss […]

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  • Patterson Family Domestic Adoption

    Cody Patterson Louisville, Kentucky

    Dear Family and Friends, We began our adoption journey in response to God’s call in October 2017. Since that time, we have reviewed many birth mother cases, been matched, had that match fall through and are currently reviewing birth mother […]

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  • Riston for Team ZAT 2018

    Riston Bigbee

    Hi, I’m Riston and on October 20th I will once again be running the Kansas City Kid’s Marathon in order to raise money and awareness for unsponsored kids in Ethiopia. Will you be a part of Team ZAT with me by […]

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  • Help Bring Home the Harneds! – Sibling Adoption from DRC

    Celeste Harned
    Celeste Harned Paducah, Kentucky

      For years, God has been leading our family to adopt siblings. We fully expected to have a few more years to prepare but you know what they say, “Man plans and God laughs!” In April of 2017, we were […]

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  • Goble Family Story


    We have been awarded a $3,000 matching grant from “We Care for Orphans Adoption Fund,” administered by Lifesong for orphans. We are so grateful, and it could not have come at a better time! We recently found out that we […]

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  • Stutsmans Adoption

    Stutsman Mankato, Minnesota

      Adoption has been an integral part of both of our lives and we feel like it is something that God has given us a passion for. We have always had the desire to adopt older children who need a […]

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  • The Journey of the Jones Adoption

    Bethany Jones Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania

    We have always wanted more children in our home. We have worked with and among children and youth our entire lives. We made the decision in April to pursue adoption. Adoption has been a burden in our hearts for much […]

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  • Help make the impossible…Possible!

    Elizabeth Velie
    Elizabeth Velie Sheldon, Wisconsin

    Dear Family & Friends, It is hard to believe that four years have gone by since we were working on adopting Alejandra; a lot has taken place during that time. This past year, once again, the Lord has laid adoption […]

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  • The Olsen Odyssey – Our Journey through Adoption

    Abigail Olsen
    Abigail Olsen Madison, Wisconsin

    Listening to Adventures in Odyssey is one of our favorite past times on long road trips.  We chuckle over Eugene’s mishaps and Mr. Whitaker’s life-lessons never get old!  Our current trek through adoption is one of the greatest adventures in […]

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  • Bringing Home Baby H

    Emilee Hamlett
    Emilee Hamlett Murray, Kentucky

    In a season of waiting, we felt the nudges and heard the whispers from God but kept ignoring them. Until we couldn’t anymore. Adoption had been on our hearts and in our conversations since before marriage. We knew it was […]

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  • Sims Family Adoption

    Melissa Sims Fort Hood, Texas

        God placed adoption on our hearts while we were still dating and we have been blessed to have been able to start our family through adoption! Jubilee Kate Sims was born in July of 2018 and has radically […]

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