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  • Crawford Adoption

    Joshua Crawford
    Joshua Crawford Shelbyville, Kentucky

    Hello! We’re the Crawford Family: Joshua, Jess and Gabby.  We’re excited about what God is doing in our family and thankful for the opportunity to share our story with you!  Last year we celebrated 10 years of marriage and we have […]

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  • Zylstra Family Adoption Journey

    Kayla Zylstra
    Kayla Zylstra Noblesville, Indiana

    We are growing our family through domestic adoption! For the past 2 years, Sam and I have been prayerfully considering adoption to start our family. We had always talked about adoption being part of our story–we always had our why […]

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  • Davis’ Adopt Again

    Gabriel Davis
    Gabriel Davis Charlotte, North Carolina

    Our adoption story starts years ago, as Dionne has wanted to adopt since we were married. She has always had a soft spot in her heart for children who are in need of a home, and her being a nanny […]

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  • Jeff and Beckie Adopt

    Rebecca Wiegel
    Rebecca Wiegel Verona, Wisconsin

    We matched with an expectant mother who is due with a baby boy May 29!!! Please pray for her as she prepares to give birth and place her baby for adoption. Please pray that we would have wisdom as we […]

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  • The Howes Adoption

    Lindsey Howe
    Lindsey Howe OJAI, California

    Adoption has captured our hearts for many years. After 9 years of being married and having a biological Daughter of our own we have decided to pursue domestic infant adoption. We are excited about bringing another little one into our […]

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  • Killen Party of SIX

    Carmen Killen
    Carmen Killen Dallas, Georgia

    Hello Friends! Thank you for visiting our fundraising page! We are raising funds for a domestic newborn adoption. If you would have asked us 9 years ago if adoption was in our plans, we probably would have told you “no”. […]

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  • Glad Surrender – Luster Adoption

    Carrie Luster
    Carrie Luster Brandon, Mississippi

    The Glad Surrender – our Adoption Story and testimony of His (Jesus) faithfulness, His plan, His timing, His strength, His grace, His steadfastness, His love, His purpose, His comfort, His hope, Him choosing us, His Story! Surrender THE word that God […]

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  • We’re adopting a baby!

    Wendy Rhea
    Wendy Rhea Arlington, Tennessee

    We are adopting a newborn baby from the US!  We have been called by God to provide a home for a child who could have been aborted or placed in foster care.  Many of you may not know that domestic […]

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  • Forever Summers: Our Adoption Story

    Taylor and Katie
    Taylor and Katie Cleveland, Mississippi

    Our story started with vulnerable children at the heart of it. Before the two of us ever met, the Lord stirred within our hearts individually to care for sick, orphaned, and vulnerable children around the world. In 2017 Katie moved […]

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  • Cahatol Adoption

    Janny Cahatol San Jose, California

    Jennard and Janny brought Samuel home in April of 2018. Since then we have been seeking God’s leading to adopt again. First of all, thank you to all of you who have journeyed with us in bringing Samuel home and for […]

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  • Our Family is Growing through Adoption

    Ryan & Kristy Young Kansas City, Missouri

    We are so excited to announce that we have started the journey of adoption!  Our family has been incredibly blessed with three amazing boys, but we feel like we have enough love in our hearts for one more.  Due to […]

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  • Help Fund Our Adoption!

    Jon and Stacey
    Jon and Stacey Tallahassee, Florida

    We’re adopting!   If you’d asked us a decade ago whether we’d ever consider adopting a child, we would have said no without hesitation. We thought adoption was fine for other people, but it wasn’t for us.   After all, […]

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