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  • Barkers are Adopting from India Again!

    Bill and Sara Barker
    Bill and Sara Barker South Hamilton, Massachusetts

    Our family began when we met one another over 20 years ago as young college students studying abroad in Jerusalem, Israel.  As our friendship developed, we discovered it was a desire of each of our hearts to marry and have children […]

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  • Dumas Adoption Journey

    Eric and Lori Dumas
    Eric and Lori Dumas West Saint Paul, Minnesota

    BIG NEWS! We’ve received a match! Baby Boy is expected on July 6th, and we are thrilled to be on this journey with him and his birth mother. Please keep everyone in your prayers! —- Join us on our adoption […]

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  • Josh and Rebekah’s Adoption Journey!

    Josh and Rebekah
    Josh and Rebekah Louisville, Kentucky

    Hello, and thank you for stopping by and learning about our domestic infant adoption! We’re Josh and Rebekah, and we’ve been married for almost 8.5 years. From the beginning, we’ve looked forward to having at least a couple of children, […]

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  • Our Continuing Adoption Journey, Come see what the Lord has done!

    Josiah Arington
    Josiah Arington Bartonville, Illinois

    The Lord has done some marvelous things in our family. God has given my wife, Jessica, and I (Josiah) three children through adoption. Two girls and a boy. Nevaeh, (9) Inara (4) and Jovan. (3) We have done private adoption, […]

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  • A Long Road…

    Matthew Haberman
    Matthew Haberman Fort Wayne, Indiana

    Before we were married…before we were even engaged, Traci and I talked about adoption as something that both of us knew we would pursue. There has always been a longing in our family to reflect God’s spirit of adoption and […]

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  • Becoming Dillon Party of Four

    Sarah Dillon Lancaster, Pennsylvania

      Our “people” have walked many seasons with our family over the years, especially as we have navigated the joys and challenges of building a family through domestic infant adoption. Nearly 4 years ago we brought home our sweet girl, […]

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  • Johnson Family Adoption

    Anaely Johnson
    Anaely Johnson Rossville, Georgia

    A Crib and Some Paint Cans My husband put this crib together almost 5 years ago. I was VERY pregnant at the time with our son Justus and we were elated to be able to decorate a room that would […]

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  • Awaiting Baby Crais – Matthew and Danielle’s Adoption

    Danielle Crais
    Danielle Crais Lexington, South Carolina

    We are so excited to announce we are adopting! For those that do not know our story, we have been married for 9 years. Shortly after becoming engaged, Danielle was diagnosed with breast cancer. Among the many hardships this brought, […]

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  • The Gift of Family To An Orphan In Ukraine

    Bethany Wight Gillette, Wyoming

    Nik and I have been married for 15 years. We have 4 sweet boys at home ages 5, 6, 7 and 10! Wyoming has been our home for all of these years and we do plan to stick around for […]

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  • Bringing Home Baby Bull- Adoption Journey

    Stacey Bull
    Stacey Bull Alabaster, Alabama

    Who We Are We are John and Stacey Bull.  We have been married for 5.5 years!  We have 2 dogs.  We have always wanted children and can’t wait to become parents. Why We Are Adopting As most married couples do, […]

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  • Chosen-A Bulgarian Sibling Adoption

    Adam Schnabel Medford, Wisconsin

    The first weekend in March of 2012, we had our first date.  And during one of our conversations the topic of children came up.  We didn’t know then that the Holy Spirit had imprinted Adoption on our hearts. But we […]

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  • Patty Kyrgyzstan Adoption

    Arianne Patty
    Arianne Patty Joshua, Texas

    Adoption has long been my dream of how to grow a family. As single woman living and working in East Asia with hopes of becoming a mother and raising children, I did not come to the decision to adopt lightly […]

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