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  • Anderson Adoption

    Derek & Jennifer Anderson
    Derek & Jennifer Anderson Winston, Georgia

    Over the past several years, God has placed a desire on our heart for adoption. We knew that one day we would welcome a child into our home. As the years have passed, we have shared this desire with our […]

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  • Brays Adopting from Liberia

    Stacie Bray
    Stacie Bray Rockwall, Texas

    Our call to adopt started with a call on both of our hearts to overseas missions in our teenage and college years.  We both felt led to share Christ with those that did not have the opportunity to hear or […]

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  • Phillips Family Adoption Journey

    Allison Phillips Charlotte, North Carolina

    Dear Family and Friends, Some of you know we have felt called by God to adopt a child into our family. We are adopting an infant (we have said we are open to twins, so that is a possibility) from […]

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  • Tait Family Adoption

    Maggie Tait Louisville, Kentucky

    We are the Tait family and we are in the process of adopting again! On February 1, 2017 our lives completely changed when we welcomed Thomas James into our family. We were matched with Thomas’ first momma and a month […]

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  • Jonathan and Carrie Adopt

    Carrie Davis
    Carrie Davis North Augusta, South Carolina

    This is the first question that most people ask us: Why are you adopting? Well, this is a loaded question. There are so very many reasons why we are adopting! I will try and give you the cliff notes version. […]

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  • Our Journey of Adopting a Little One with Down Syndrome

    Jena Walden
    Jena Walden Carrollton, Illinois

    I believe God has been molding me(Jena) to adopt since I was young. I loved playing with dolls and Barbies and I usually picked the ones that had different skin color than myself. So, when Jeffrey and I married in […]

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  • Johnson & Andrea Hoping To Adopt

    Johnson & Andrea Omojola
    Johnson & Andrea Omojola Lubbock, Texas

    Since before we got married over four years ago, we imagined building our family both biologically and through the blessing of adoption. Our journey has truly been filled with ups and downs, but we are now looking towards the up […]

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  • Subtracting by Adding – Living out the Math of Love

    Everett and Jennifer Simpson
    Everett and Jennifer Simpson Dry Ridge, Kentucky

    Wow! Long story! But it is God’s story and I am very blessed to share it.  As a young child I dreamed of having a husband and a big family.  When I say big, I mean six children.  I had […]

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  • Our “YES”: We’re Adopting!

    Susannah Day
    Susannah Day Richland, Washington

    Jay and I met in 2015 through mutual friends. Through time spent together and many deep conversations, we quickly realized we shared the same foundational values: faith, relationships, education, leadership, loyalty, work ethic, and commitments. Almost exactly two years later, […]

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  • The Johnston Family Adoption

    Brandon Johnston Bremerton, Washington

    “Be strong, and let your heart take courage, all you who wait for the LORD!” (Psalm 31:24). God’s words and promises are the themes of our adoption story. We have been married since 2008 and God’s faithfulness has been our song. We […]

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  • Cahatol Adoption

    Janny Cahatol San Jose, California

    Jennard and Janny brought Samuel home in April of 2018. Since then we have been seeking God’s leading to adopt again. First of all, thank you to all of you who have journeyed with us in bringing Samuel home and for […]

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  • Van Pelt: Party of Six

    Eric & Connie Van Pelt
    Eric & Connie Van Pelt Gibbstown, New Jersey

    When we got married in June of 2013, we began preparing our life for what we believed marriage was, and for the eventual step of growing our family and having kids. We bought a house, an SUV to fit the […]

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