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  • Adoption #4

    =Aaron Winter Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Friends & Family- we are excited to announce that we are adopting again! We have been so richly blessed by adoption already in the form of the three beautiful kids we get to call our children. This particular adoption journey […]

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  • Bringing Our Baby Home!

    Carmen Herrera-Williams
    Carmen Herrera-Williams Cerritos, California

    Hello dear friends and family, It is such a joy to share our adoption story with you! We feel so blessed by having a group of supportive and loving people around us, and we want to make you part of […]

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  • Landrum Adoption

    Joshua Landrum HOUSTON, Texas

    The Lord has opened the door for us to adopt a little boy from China. It’s been a long journey for our family, and we’re so thankful for the love and support we’ve received to help sustain us as we’ve […]

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  • Mayes Family Adoption

    Nathan Mayes Bethel, Missouri

    We are the Mayes’s! We are a family of 5 (currently). We were married in 2005. Our family grew as we had three wonderful children, Ariana, Wesley and Eden. Nathan, the weird and sometimes annoying husband, was adopted from South […]

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  • The Schowengerdts Are Adopting!

    Bailey Schowengerdt
    Bailey Schowengerdt

    Adoption has been on our hearts for quite some time. We talked about it many times over the years, especially as we waited for God to fulfill our hearts’ desire to become parents.  In our time of waiting, our conversations […]

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  • Rick & Melissa’s Adoption Journey

    Rick Reiter Herndon, Virginia

    We are so excited to tell you… we’re adopting! Lots of families get to post cute announcements letting friends and family know they’re expecting. And in similar fashion we’re excited to let you know that we’re expecting to adopt a […]

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  • Choosing to adopt our second child

    Briana Harger
    Briana Harger Columbus, Ohio

    Almost three years ago, God started our journey as a family of three. We were so excited that we would soon have a baby. However, that excitement very quickly turned to dismay. Briana was struggling, unable to function at the […]

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  • Sherron Family Adoption

    Chris and Tammy Sherron Rougemont, North Carolina

    Hi! We are the Sherron family from Rougemont, NC. We have four kids…Caleb, Emily, Aija and Brooke. If you are wondering about our middle daughter’s name, it’s Latvian. Aija became part of our family through adoption. We never talked about […]

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  • Welcoming Ivy & Willa into our family!

    Jon and Annette Miller
    Jon and Annette Miller Salisbury, Pennsylvania

     Help us welcome Ivy & Willa into our family by supporting their adoption costs. We, Jon and Annette Miller, started the adoption process last October. At the end of March we got the call that we have been matched! A […]

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  • Family is More than Blood

    Terri Reed Ferndale, Washington

      For years, adoption has been on our hearts. This year our friend from NCFCA speech and debate shared her family’s journey of adoption. When she mentioned there are more children to be adopted, I knew this was the direction […]

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  • Our Mexican Adoption Journey

    Phil and Jessie Fewins Chanute, Kansas

    Dear church, family, and friends, Our family had the privilege of serving last summer at a Christian orphanage in central Mexico.  It was during this time that we again witnessed the longing that all children have to be a part […]

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  • Our Sister At India

    Kristen Casteel Simpsonville, South Carolina

    We want to adopt because children are a blessing from the Lord.  Our primary motivation is that God has given so much and we have so much to give! We have been blessed with a relatively safe and free country, […]

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