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  • The Blakely Family Adoption Journey

    Eric and Kimmie
    Eric and Kimmie Aurora, Colorado

      Our adoption journey started 13.5 years, on our second date. Adoption has been a dream of ours since before we were even a family. God calls us to care for the orphans and widows, and that is exactly what […]

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  • Welcoming a Precious New Baby!

    Rachael Boer
    Rachael Boer Germantown, Tennessee

    Our journey to adopt baby #5 has been filled with joy and anticipation. After many years of waiting and hoping, we were matched with a special little baby girl here in Memphis. We have been told that she will be […]

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  • Chad & Joni Ryder – India Adoption

    Chad Ryder
    Chad Ryder Grand Prairie, Texas

    We are Chad & Joni Ryder, and we are adopting from India! We live in Grand Prairie, TX. We have two boys, Leland (biological/4yr) and Desmond (adopted/10yr), and we are pursuing an adoption of 1 or 2 more child(ren). Adoption […]

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  • Morris Adoption

    Ryan Morris
    Ryan Morris Greensboro, North Carolina

    Hi everyone! Victoria and Ryan here 🙂 We are so excited to officially bring you guys on our journey of ADOPTION. This has been a story in the making for some time now. If you don’t know our story, let […]

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  • Baby Kawell Adoption

    Sam and Hannah Kawell
    Sam and Hannah Kawell Madison, Alabama

    Hello and welcome! This is a page for our family and friends who are partnering with us in our adoption ministry. We will post updates and prayer requests, answer questions, and enjoy sharing this journey with you!  Many of you […]

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  • Fox Domestic Infant Adoption

    Emily and Kody Fox
    Emily and Kody Fox Henderson, Kentucky

    We are in the process of adopting a sweet baby. At this point, we are in the process of presenting our profile to birth moms. This fundraiser will be used to go towards the agency fees, lawyer fees, medical expenses, […]

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  • Our Journey to Jozsef

    Kristin Pushak
    Kristin Pushak Reston, Virginia

    Joe, Gabriella, Angelina, Zoe, and I are so excited to pursue God’s calling to welcome a precious child into our family through adoption. God first placed the desire to adopt in my heart as a young child. Throughout my adult […]

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  • Ten Years+ Long… But This Is God’s Story

    Lydia Leggett
    Lydia Leggett Canon City, Colorado

    Our matching grant has been matched! Please continue to pray for us. _ _ We have been blessed with a $4,500.00 matching grant from Lifesong for Orphans. That means that every $1.00 you donate becomes $2.00 toward this adventure of bringing the Littlest […]

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  • The Puryears are Adopting!

    David Puryear
    David Puryear Raleigh, North Carolina

    The Puryears are adopting from Colombia! Join us on this journey! We – David, Anna, Eli, and Joy – are so very exited to welcome a little one (or siblings!) to our family from Colombia, South America. Going back nearly […]

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  • Hope and Healing for the Wises

    Joy Wise
    Joy Wise Arbela, Missouri

      It is from a desperate and vulnerable place that we are reaching out and sharing our story here.   Adoption was on my heart even as a young girl. It was something I had always felt led to do. […]

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  • Our Adoption Adventure Continues!

    Michelle and Tim Kutcher
    Michelle and Tim Kutcher DeBary, Florida

    Dear family and friends, Our adoption adventure continues and we are so honored that you would partner with us! We are excited to share with you that we are adopting a baby once again! Our adoption story began 35 years ago […]

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  • The Winter Family Adoption Story

    Keith & Lauren
    Keith & Lauren Clermont, Florida

    We are so excited to officially announce that our family will soon(ish) be growing!! Since Keith and I first started talking about having a family, we have both known that our hearts were longing to adopt locally. About two years […]

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