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  • The Lasley Family Adoption

    Chris Lasley Taylorsville, Kentucky

    For years Gladys and I talked about adoption and our desire to love a child that might otherwise never know love. We have 4 homegrown boys, yet our family has felt incomplete for a while.  Our children have been longing […]

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  • Help Bring Rahama Home!

    Amber Burger
    Amber Burger BLUE SPRINGS, Missouri

    We are in the process of trying to adopt this sweet girl, Rahama, from South Sudan. She was orphaned by the war as her entire family was killed in a raid on her village. She was left for dead, wrapped […]

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    Julia Black
    Julia Black Louisville,, Kentucky

    We are so excited to be growing our family through adoption again!  Our beautiful daughter, Zara, joined our family in 2013 when we adopted her from Uganda.  She has been such a gift and joy to our lives and she […]

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  • Mayes Family Adoption

    Nathan Mayes Bethel, Missouri

    We are the Mayes’s! We are a family of 5 (currently). We were married in 2005. Our family grew as we had three wonderful children, Ariana, Wesley and Eden. Nathan, the weird and sometimes annoying husband, was adopted from South […]

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  • Lovejoy’s India Adoption

    Alicia Lovejoy
    Alicia Lovejoy Bend, Oregon

    We are the Lovejoy family and we are thrilled to be bringing home a little girl from India! Adoption has always been a part of our conversation.  From the beginning, when we considered building our family, the topic would rise […]

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  • Bringing home M

    Jacob Rivera EAGLE, Colorado

    Hello Family and Friends,  Most of you know that we have been on a journey for about 18 months to adopt from Colombia. We are matched with a beautiful little boy, who currently lives with a foster family in Bogota. […]

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  • Buckley Family Adoption Journey

    Amberly Buckley
    Amberly Buckley FAIRHOPE, Alabama

    Dear Family and Friends, We are incredibly excited to share that we are officially matched with our precious Ya-Lin! She is a beautiful 13-year-old girl from Taiwan, and we are thrilled that we get to be her FOREVER family. Our […]

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  • The Journey Continues …

    Bob and Emily

    As many of you know, for the past six months, we have been working with Bethany Christian Services to adopt a young child.  We appreciate your support as we continue through this journey!   STRIPE charges an online processing fee […]

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  • Adoption from India

    Katherine Jamreonvit La Mirada, California

    Our Journey to Adoption: We have been open to the idea of adoption for a long time. At its core, we believe that God has a special care for orphans and over the years, He has been stirring in our […]

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  • We’re Adopting a Baby Girl!

    Justin Bronson
    Justin Bronson Bend, Oregon

    From early on in our conversations about family, we both expressed a desire to adopt. Justin grew up with an adopted younger brother, and his father was adopted by his step dad when he was very young. There was a […]

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  • Our Adoption Journey

    Caeli Santa Maria
    Caeli Santa Maria West Chicago, Illinois

    Even before marrying, both of us felt God putting the possibility of growing our family through adoption on our hearts. We have been fortunate to witness & celebrate several close friends walk through the process, seeing the Lord redeem stories of brokenness by […]

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  • Franje Adoption

    Mandy Franje Grimes, Iowa

    I was in a small group years ago where a couple adopted two children and that initially sparked something in me. Fast forward a couple of years and then I became involved in an orphanage on the board of directors. I […]

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