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  • Ammon Adoption

    Alexis Ammon
    Alexis Ammon Louisville, Kentucky

    Welcome to our adoption fundraising page! Lexi and I have been married since August 2015 and have both had a strong desire to adopt for many years. Prior to meeting each other, both of us had separate experiences working in […]

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  • Ford Adoption Journey

    Kamie Ford Ardmore, Oklahoma

    Caring for orphans became a priority for each of us in our early adult years, before we met and married. We came to believe that to live in obedience to the Lord meant to care for orphans. Soon after we married, […]

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  • The Smith Tribe’s Adoption Adventure

    Elizabeth Smith Columbus, Ohio

    Hello!! We are Jason and Elizabeth Smith, and our family is so excited to be adopting from Uganda. The call to adopt began years ago for us. Before we were even engaged we talked about adopting and planned to do […]

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  • Aimee and Patrick’ Adoption journey

    Aimee Esslinger
    Aimee Esslinger Grabill, Indiana

    Aimee and Patrick have always wanted to adopt.  Aimee was adopted as a 7 year old, was very blessed by it, and knew God planted adoption in her heart from a young age.  When we got engaged, we talked about […]

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  • Thaxton Family Adoption

    Katherine Thaxton
    Katherine Thaxton Auburn, Alabama

    WE ARE ADOPTING!! We can not wait to grow our family through adoption! We began this process at the beginning of the year and are in the middle of our home study now. We hope and pray to adopt our […]

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  • Varner Adoption

    Robert Varner Springfield, Missouri

    We have a 5-year-old biological daughter named Sarah. Since giving birth to Sarah, we have experienced unexplained secondary infertility and have been unable to have more biological children. We had the opportunity to be foster parents for a precious baby […]

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  • Freeman Family Adoption

    Katie Freeman West Columbia, South Carolina

    Hi! We are the Freeman family from Columbia, SC. We have been married for almost ten years and have two beautiful biological daughters who are 4 and 2. Katie is a teacher and Matt is the Associate Director of Worship and […]

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  • Taylor4More

    Joseph Taylor
    Joseph Taylor California, Maryland

    In our marriage adoption has always been something we discussed. Health issues during pregnancy is what the Lord used to drive us to our first adoption. We adopted Kenneth Jude (KJ) in 2014 and always felt led to adopt more. […]

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  • Adopting Because He First Adopted Us

    Bryan & Sonya Hedrick
    Bryan & Sonya Hedrick Knightdale, North Carolina

    The Lord began to put adoption in my (Sonya’s) heart about five years before getting married.  When my Asian co-worker shared her story about when she was a little girl in her home country, I began to see the need […]

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  • Abundance of Love

    Michael Seaver Ladson, South Carolina

    The Seaver 7 have exciting news! We are thrilled to announce that after much prayer and counsel, we are growing our family through the adoption of a sibling group from the country of Colombia in South America. We are so […]

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  • Bring Our Boy Home

    Kristin Mooney
    Kristin Mooney Taylorsville, Kentucky

    Matt and I have four children, and even after the fourth was born we never thought we were finished having children.  Every other mom kept telling me “you will know”. I never felt like I “knew”, but I just couldn’t figure out […]

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  • Because He First Adopted Us

    Amanda Kelley
    Amanda Kelley Newnan, Georgia

    Our Story… We have talked about adoption since we were dating and have prayed often throughout our marriage about the timing of this pursuit, wondering when God would reveal His timing between our terms in Chad. Knowing that God in His great love has […]

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