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  • Bringing Baby Gray Home

    Robbie and Erica
    Robbie and Erica Port St. Lucie, Florida

    After Robbie and I were married, we were excited to begin our family. But with every passing month, it became clear that our desires were not going to be met in the time or necessarily the manner in which we […]

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  • Schlender Adoption

    Rebecca Schlender
    Rebecca Schlender Bozeman, Montana

    Our Story told by Rebecca When I was 12 years old our church had a guest speaker come and talk about adoption. The speaker passed out a little flyer with the precious faces of two babies on the front and […]

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  • “Perhaps You Were Born for Such a Time as This”

    Thompson EASTLAND, Texas

    Hey there! We are Jim and Alaina Thompson! We have been married for 5 years and have decided it is time to start growing our family. When we got married, we were living in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex but knew […]

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  • “For with God nothing shall be impossible.” (Luke 1:37)

    Karin Villa Grove, Illinois

    Thank you for reading our story and for your prayers. I realize everyone is busy, so here’s just a brief summary of what God did in our lives to encourage you and ask for your prayers. I always wanted to […]

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  • Glad Surrender – Luster Adoption

    Carrie Luster
    Carrie Luster Brandon, Mississippi

    The Glad Surrender – our Adoption Story and testimony of His (Jesus) faithfulness, His plan, His timing, His strength, His grace, His steadfastness, His love, His purpose, His comfort, His hope, Him choosing us, His Story! Surrender THE word that God […]

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  • Wilson Adoption Fund

    Chris Wilson Louisville, Kentucky

    We are Chris and Amanda Wilson, and we are hoping to adopt a child! We’ve been married for six years, and adoption has been a desire of ours since before we were dating. Through our travels, our faith, and witnessing […]

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  • Cullen & Danelle Nance

    Cullen Nance Indianapolis, Indiana

    Way back in 2010, we were only strangers struggling to find “the one” as blind date after blind date seemed to be going nowhere, so the both of us decided to try out online dating. One day, Cullen was browsing […]

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  • Kearney Colombia Adoption

    Rebecca Kearney
    Rebecca Kearney Birmingham, Alabama

    We are Drew and Becca Kearney. Two cajuns who have called Birmingham home for six years. Natives of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. ​Married for seven years and forever changed by the Gospel. Starting our family through adoption. We believe that God is before all things and […]

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  • Smith Adoption-Baby #2!

    Samantha Smith Lake Village, Arkansas

    We are the Smith Family-Hunter, Samantha (Sam) & Lexi Anne. We are on our journey to adopt our SECOND baby and we could not be more excited!! We have been on the “waiting list” for approximately 1 & 1/2 years […]

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  • Bickley Family Adoption

    Benjamin Bickley
    Benjamin Bickley Ridgefield, Washington

    God writes the most beautiful stories and we are so thankful to be a part of this one! Lena and I both have known since before we got married that we wanted to adopt. Through much prayer and discussion, the […]

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    Jorge & Jen Uriostegui Wheaton, Illinois

    Let’s bring Savannah Hope, Hiu-Sze, HOME! We’re excited to share we received a $4,000 matching grant award from Glen Ellyn Bible Church, which is administered by Lifesong for Orphans. Now every donation we receive will be matched up to $4,000!  This wonderful news comes at a […]

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  • Adopting Because He First Adopted Us

    Bryan & Sonya Hedrick
    Bryan & Sonya Hedrick Knightdale, North Carolina

    The Lord began to put adoption in my (Sonya’s) heart about five years before getting married.  When my Asian co-worker shared her story about when she was a little girl in her home country, I began to see the need […]

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