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  • Amber’s Adoption

    Amber Lewis Dayton, Ohio

    Many of you may know that 5 years ago I almost adopted from Uganda.  God however, closed that door and it was quite a painful experience. I wasn’t sure if I would ever pursue adoption again even though it has […]

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  • So Will I! The Jones Family Adoption

    Kaitlin Jones
    Kaitlin Jones Sarasota, Florida

    “If You gladly chose surrender so will I I can see Your heart Eight billion different ways Every precious one A child You died to save If You gave Your life to love them so will I”   These words […]

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  • Bringing home baby Ray

    Amanda Ray
    Amanda Ray Byram, Mississippi

    Adoption, some people see that word and the first thing most people think about is the money. Yes, adoption can be expensive, but when God calls you to something, he will see you through it. Patrick and I met February […]

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  • Nick & Micah are ADOPTING!!

    Micah Reis
    Micah Reis Plano, Texas

    We have been married for almost nine years and we are eager to grow our family. Adopting has been on our hearts for many years and we truly believe this is the Lord’s plan for us. While we have not […]

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  • Stoykovich Family Adoption

    Angela Stoykovich
    Angela Stoykovich Rice Lake, Wisconsin

    Hello, we are the Stoykovich family. We are in the process of adopting from South Korea. We currently have three biological sons, and are both teachers. We have both known we wanted to add to our family through adoption since […]

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  • Our Mexican Adoption Journey

    Phil and Jessie Fewins Chanute, Kansas

    Dear church, family, and friends, Our family had the privilege of serving last summer at a Christian orphanage in central Mexico.  It was during this time that we again witnessed the longing that all children have to be a part […]

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  • Help Brad and Amy Tankersley adopt!

    Amy Tankersley
    Amy Tankersley Phenix City, Alabama

    We are Brad and Amy Tankersley. We have been blessed with two wonderful children but have been called by God to grow our family through adoption. We have finished our home studies and we are now waiting on the child […]

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  • My Uganda Internship | Global Hands of Hope

    Haylie Meyer
    Haylie Meyer Sabetha, Kansas

    Family & friends, Last August I went on a two week mission trip to Uganda with Global Hands of Hope, a ministry that by provides education, food security, child protection, a local church & business skills to the village of […]

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  • Help bring Gamaliel home!

    Douglas Shenker
    Douglas Shenker Senoia, Georgia

    Our son is waiting, help us bring him home. For me having a family is a miracle. My name is Doug Shenker, husband to Itanie, daddy to Gabriella and prayerfully soon to Gamaliel. When I moved to Georgia in 1999 […]

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  • Returning to China For Our Son

    Lauren Gregory
    Lauren Gregory Birmingham, Alabama

    We are so excited to have been give a three thousand dollar matching grant from Micah’s Hope Adoption Fund that has partnered with Lifesong. They will match dollar for dollar money that is donated, up to three thousand. Micah’s Hope […]

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  • Walseman Family Adoption

    Ashley Walseman
    Ashley Walseman Croghan, New York

    Hi! We’re Patrick and Ashley! We will have been married 7 years this coming June, started our relationship as high school sweethearts, and are grateful for each day we’ve shared together. In these 7 years having children has not been […]

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  • Help make the impossible…Possible!

    Elizabeth Velie
    Elizabeth Velie Sheldon, Wisconsin

    Dear Family & Friends, It is hard to believe that four years have gone by since we were working on adopting Alejandra; a lot has taken place during that time. This past year, once again, the Lord has laid adoption […]

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