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  • A Journey to FOREVER

    Bryan Nelson
    Bryan Nelson Chandler, Arizona

    We started this adoption journey when, as I describe it, “God called our bluff”. Before we were married Julie and I asked ourselves, should we struggle to conceive children naturally, were we open to adoption. Our answer then, again in 2013 […]

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  • The Seguritan Family is adopting!

    Amanda & Chris Seguritan Santa Clara, California

    We are Chris & Amanda Seguritan and we have been hoping to expand our family ever since the summer of 2013, but God has had other plans for us. We discovered we were unable to have biological children due to […]

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  • Drew Family Adoption

    Katie Drew
    Katie Drew Nashville, Tennessee

    Hi!  We are Chris and Katie Drew from Nashville, TN.  Thank you for taking a moment to read about us and our adoption journey.  We met eight years ago and were married about a year later.  Early in our marriage […]

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  • Boersma Family Adoption

    Mauralee & Brad Stillwater, Oklahoma

    We are so excited to grow our family through adoption! Brad and I knew early on in our relationship that we wanted to have multiple children. God blessed us with a wonderful 8-year-old daughter, Lucy. Since then, growing our family […]

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  • The Girls God Sees

    Rachel Parkinson
    Rachel Parkinson Berryville, Virginia

    Mark and Rachel Parkinson have been happily married 16 years. We have three beautiful children.. Christian, Naomi and Ella. We have a fun farmette where we enjoy all of our animals and plenty of fresh air! Adoption has been on […]

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  • Scollan Family Adoption

    Patricia Scollan
    Patricia Scollan Kennesaw, Georgia

    Without going into too many details, when I went to the doctor last year I mentioned that I was dating someone that I knew I wanted to have children with. She said because of my age I needed to do […]

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  • Svoboda Adoption

    Meredith Svoboda Spring Hill, Tennessee

    This feels crazy and surreal to talk about but we want to share some exciting updates that are going on in the Svoboda house! We have felt the Lord tugging on our hearts for a long time to pursue adoption […]

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  • Waiting for Haiti Baby

    Sarah Best
    Sarah Best OWENSBORO, Kentucky

    If you would have asked us ten years ago what our life would look like today this is not what we would have pictured at all. We never dreamed that we would not one day be pregnant and have our […]

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  • Global Hands of Hope: Suubi School Project

    Global Hands of Hope
    Global Hands of Hope

    Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We at Global Hands of Hope would like to thank you for your continued support and prayers in our effort to end generational poverty in the name of Jesus Christ. Through […]

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  • Rieger Family Adoption

    Jessica Rieger
    Jessica Rieger Leola, Pennsylvania

    We are TJ, Jess, Blake, and Malcolm Rieger from Lancaster, PA. We are very excited to be in the process of adoption from South Korea. We are currently waiting for a match, which should happen by this coming spring. TJ […]

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  • Bringing Elizabeth home to her forever family!

    Jennifer Smith
    Jennifer Smith Newfield, Maine

    After many friends and family around us had started fostering and adopting back in early 2015 we could no longer ignore the burden God had put on our hearts. Scott and I began to have informal discussions about what adoption […]

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  • It Takes a Village: Mimnagh Adoption Journey

    Matt Mimnagh Charlotte, North Carolina

    We have known that adoption would be part of our story since before we were married. We believe that all followers of Christ are called to care for the orphans in some way, and that our way is to open […]

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