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  • Continued care for Nathan …. next steps

    Jill Baker
    Jill Baker Goleta, California

    We are all adjusting to a new season in Nathan’s journey as he recently relocated to a new residential therapeutic center in Sebastopol, California. With each shift in his story, we are invited once more to pivot in ways that honor […]

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  • Jeremy & Lauren’s Adoption Story

    Jeremy Votaw Fishers, Indiana

    We’re expecting to adopt our first child around July 1! We knew adoption was a possibility for our family before we were ever married. By the time we found each other, we were in our mid-30s. Lauren was sick with […]

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  • Our Special Needs Embryo Adoption Journey

    Keith and Gloria Reed
    Keith and Gloria Reed Mount Carmel, Illinois

    Soon after we began discussing the idea of adoption, our hearts were drawn toward children with Down syndrome. We are very involved in the fight to end abortion and the realization that these precious children are targeted for abortion made […]

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  • The Mayo’s Journey to Adoption

    Kyle and Makayla Mayo
    Kyle and Makayla Mayo Newburgh, Indiana

    We are the Mayo Family and we are adopting! Kyle and I met in 2008 and we were married in 2012. In the first few years of our marriage we took a short-term mission trip to Myanmar where we worked […]

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  • Expanding the Nadolski’s

    Robin Nadolski El Campo, Texas

    Friends and Family, We need your help and prayers. This last summer God really put it on our hearts to start the adoption process again. Little did we know that God (like always) had different timing than us. With our first […]

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  • Costa Rica Adoption

    Heike Wilson Cincinnati, Ohio

    Big (Unexpected!!) News!!! We are adopting (again!)  We are in process to adopt the older sister of Brandón & Kaiteny. We are excited and in awe of God’s hand in this process. We hope to travel later this year and hopefully be […]

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  • Our Adoption Journey

    Justin Diebold Westland, Michigan

    We have awesome news! We are adopting a child! We are so excited about this opportunity and are working hard to prepare ourselves to start this new adventure. Having a family and sharing our love and values with a child […]

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  • We have a match! Baby Brightbill is due February 25th!

    Kimberly Brightbill BRASELTON, Georgia

    Hello friends and family! We need your help! Many of you know we are still on our adoption journey, but at the end of October, we began working with an adoption consultant. That decision has opened a lot of doors […]

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  • Davenport Family Adoption


    God began working in our hearts concerning adoption shortly after we got married. Adoption has blessed our family long before we adopted our son, when my parents adopted Berkley. We have truly seen first hand how God used that circumstance […]

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  • What God Has Opened

    Matthew Termeer
    Matthew Termeer Columbus, Ohio

    Thanks for taking the time to read our story! We hope that we’re able to communicate why and how we’ve developed a heart for adoption, and how God has continued to open our hearts to this exciting venture. We are […]

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  • Norman’s India Adoption #2

    Lauren Norman
    Lauren Norman Covington, Georgia

    We are the Normans! Logan, Lauren, Jack Clay, Elizabeth, and Joshua. We are ordinary people living out God’s call on our family to make His name great throughout the earth. We feel that He has led our family to adopt […]

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  • Our journey to grow our family through adoption!

    Jason Door
    Jason Door Clarksville, Tennessee

    We have a passion for growing our family through adoption! We were blessed with our beautiful and wonderful daughter, Maddie, in 2018. A few months later we found out that Katie had developed Chronic Kidney Disease. We were devastated and […]

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