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  • The Gertiser Adoption Journey

    Gretchen Gertiser
    Gretchen Gertiser Alexandria, Virginia

    We officially began our adoption journey in March of 2020. We have always had a heart to grow our family though the adoption process, but over the years our hearts have grown specifically for expectant mamas. We feel sensitive to […]

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  • Growing our family

    Paige Bailey
    Paige Bailey High Point, North Carolina

    In 2015, Nicholas and I brought our daughter into the world. She was everything I’ve ever imagined and more. The love I have for her is perfect. We knew we wouldn’t be able to have biological children again after complications […]

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  • Jagge Family Adoption

    Kelci Jagge
    Kelci Jagge Saint Hedwig, Texas

    If you had met Theron and I before 2020, you would probably be surprised to hear that we are now in the process of adopting.  Prior to 2020, we were focused on our dreams of a bigger house, bigger bank […]

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  • Christman Adoption

    Lillian Christman
    Lillian Christman East Petersburg, Pennsylvania

    Since the time we got married and began discussing children, adoption has always been on the table. As we felt the desire to grow our family, we prayed and asked if the time was right. After having 2 biological children, […]

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  • The Colwick’s Adopt

    Kevin Colwick McKinney, Texas

    Hey there – we’re the Colwicks (Kevin, Callie and Kenzi) and we are excited to announce that we are adopting! Thank you for taking a few minutes to hear our hearts, get to know us and learn more about why we’re […]

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  • Bring Baby Rigney Home!

    Summer Rigney
    Summer Rigney Madison, Mississippi

    We are EXCITED to begin this adoption journey! Thank you for visiting our page. We are beyond ecstatic to say we have been award a $10,000 Matching Grant from Colonial Heights Baptist Church’s Adoption Fund, administered by LifeSong! Help us […]

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  • Chase and Jill Buie’s Adoption Story

    Phillip Chase Buie
    Phillip Chase Buie Prattsville, Arkansas

    My name is Chase Buie and my wife, Jill Buie, and I are in the process of adopting our first child.   Jill has always been lead towards adopting. I remember it being one of the first conversations we had […]

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  • Justin & Nicole Willet’s Adoption

    Justin & Nicole Willet
    Justin & Nicole Willet Westminster, Maryland

    One thing we have always done and continue to do frequently is dream together. From early on in our dating relationship, we have always dreamed of what we hope for out of the life we have been building. When we […]

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  • Kenney Snowflake Adoption

    Tyler and Kristen Kenney
    Tyler and Kristen Kenney Deland, Florida

    Hello! Thank you for your care for us and our adoption journey. We are excited to share with you where God is leading our family. Early in our marriage we talked about the beauty of adoption and the glorious way […]

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  • The Kujawas Are Adopting From INDIA!

    Jennifer Kujawa
    Jennifer Kujawa Sylvania, Ohio

    Adoption has always been something Geoff and I have been drawn to, felt was going to be part of our family story. Throughout the last 16 years of our marriage, we’ve continued to visit the topic, stay open to the […]

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  • Byrd Family Adoption

    Landon Byrd
    Landon Byrd Birmingham, Alabama

    Dear Family and Friends, Ephesians 1:3-7 tells of the incredible blessings that belong to God’s children in Christ Jesus. These blessings belong to the Christian because “In love [God] predestined us for adoption to himself as sons through Jesus Christ.” […]

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  • Ok, God Im listening….

    Denise Champion Irondale, Alabama

    It was after the death of my husband, I felt this call to adopt a little boy with Down syndrome. I was a widow, raising a little boy with cerebral palsy. Looking back on that time, I put that call […]

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