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  • Bringing Home Linia and Junior!

    Kindra Church Clarkston, Washington

    God first called me to Haiti when I was 14 years old.  It was 6 years before I was able to obey Him but when I did it changed me. After living there a while God made it clear to […]

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  • Bringing Home Baby Hartland!

    Danielle Hartland
    Danielle Hartland Erie, Pennsylvania

    OUR ADOPTION STORY In our teen and early adult years, we both felt strongly that adoption would be part of our lives. When we first talked about it after we met and before we were married, we were surprised that […]

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  • Felder Family Adoption

    Brittney Felder
    Brittney Felder MADISON, Mississippi

    I, Brittney, have a very clear memory of being in preschool playing with the baby dolls, complete with a toddler kitchen and doll bed, and remember thinking one day when I’m older I’ll have this baby that I’ve adopted to […]

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  • Pate Adoption Adventures

    Crystal Pate
    Crystal Pate Newnan, Georgia

    So why have we chosen to grow our family through adoption? We have been asked this question a lot! Adoption has always been on my (Crystal) heart. My best friend growing up was adopted and I was able to see […]

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  • Miller adoption from India

    Rachel Miller
    Rachel Miller Baltic, Ohio

    We are the Miller family!  Zackary and I (Rachel) were compelled to adopt in 2013 after our second biological son was born.  Before that point, we had been through many refining processes both individually and in our marriage.  At that […]

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  • Help us bring Josiah and Judah home from China!

    Elizabeth Messer

    We began to want to grow our family again sometime last year, and after seeing the need in China, we decided to adopt from China. In February we were matched with An Ying Hang, 26 months, (Josiah David) who has […]

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  • Our Adoption Story “Fear or Faith?”

    Middleton Montgomery, Texas

    Our stirring to adopt internationally began over two years ago through our good friends (who just recently adopted from Colombia) and while attending Riverstone Community Church (our current church home).  Riverstone has a strong calling to “Defend the Orphan” and […]

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  • Bringing Home Baby Bredow

    Tiffany Bredow
    Tiffany Bredow Jackson, Tennessee

    Ben and I always knew we wanted to adopt.  Before we ever met, we both had served on mission trips to orphanages in third-world countries, and it wasn’t until then that our hearts and minds were open to the need […]

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  • Not everyone is called to adopt

    David and Christi Gould
    David and Christi Gould Columbia, Tennessee

    “No matter how large, your vision is too small.” Thomas Chalmers said that. And our Pastor has it on a bulletin or handout often … so it’s been before us on a regular basis for over 10 years. It’s easy […]

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  • Love More, Fear Less

    Rivers Fort Wayne, Indiana

    Adoption has held a special place in our hearts for a long time. Thirteen years ago, Kevin’s family fostered a baby girl. After years of prayer, hoping, and waiting, she was adopted in 2012. This precious child of God, Angel, […]

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  • Journey Home: Growing the Hale’s through Adoption!

    Martin Hale Lakewood, Ohio

    As most of you know, the Hale’s LOVE children!  You can usually find us babysitting for friends, visiting with our nieces & nephews, or volunteering in the toddlers area at church.  Since we were married in 2010, we always knew […]

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  • Our Greatest Adventure-Baby Wood

    Jennifer Wood
    Jennifer Wood Bowersville, Georgia

    Hello Family and Friends! We hope everyone is doing well. Kenneth (Woody) and I have been praying for several years now in regards to expanding our family. We started discussing the topic of adoption in the fall of 2016. We […]

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