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  • Becoming Stukenberg Party of Four

    Marcy Stukenberg
    Marcy Stukenberg Villa Park, Illinois

    It has been clear that God has been calling us to grow our family through adoption a second time. When Audrey turned one year old in November of 2021, we jumped right in to get our home study completed for […]

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  • Matthew and Rachel Jackson: Our Adoption Story

    Matthew and Rachel Jackson
    Matthew and Rachel Jackson Smyrna, Tennessee

    In life nothing is guaranteed. We are not guaranteed health. We are not guaranteed prosperity. We are not guaranteed children. We realized that within a few years of our marriage. After trying to have children the natural way, we decided […]

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  • Henderson Family Bulgarian Adoption

    Philip and Megan Henderson Xenia, Ohio

    Hello family and friends! We are excited to add to our family of 6 through the gift of adoption. Philip and I have been married 16 years, and adoption has been a topic of discussion throughout our life together. In […]

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  • Journey to be 3+

    Sasha & Robert
    Sasha & Robert Chugiak, Alaska

    Hi, We’re Robbie, Sasha, & Solo. We’re a tight knit family that loves spending quality time together. We’re mostly at home when we’re not traveling the world and adventuring in our own ‘back yard’, that is, all that Alaska has […]

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  • Acky & Anna’s Adoption Journey

    Acky & Anna
    Acky & Anna Bartlesville, Oklahoma

    During Anna’s bridal shower, friends and family drew pictures of what they thought our future life may look like, and most predicted we would have a large family. However, both natural means and medical interventions to have a family have […]

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  • Help Us Bring Baby Iles Home!

    Simon Iles Birmingham, Alabama

    It has certainly been a long road for us as we have reached the point of actively pursuing adoption. Truthfully, it often felt like life was going smoothly until this. After meeting on a mission trip in Simon’s home county […]

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  • The Martins adopt…again!

    Hayley Martin
    Hayley Martin Allen, Texas

    Thank you for taking a moment to read our story. Our family is expecting through adoption AGAIN! When I (Hayley) say we’re expecting, I mean we are trusting God and living with hopeful expectation that He will bring another child […]

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  • Baby Sampson Adoption Journey

    Lauren & Nathan Sampson
    Lauren & Nathan Sampson

    Thank you for visiting our adoption page! We feel strongly that the Lord is going to bring us our 2nd born child through domestic adoption. We have completed our home study and are actively waiting to be matched with an […]

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  • The Martin’s Adopt – Again!

    Caitlin Martin Fort Wayne, Indiana

    Hello! We are Kyle, Caitlin, and Lydia Martin, and welcome to our story! Throughout our lives, we’ve experienced many trials – all of which have brought us to our journey of adoption. A great passion and fire grew within us […]

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  • Secrest Domestic Adoption Journey

    Amanda SECREST
    Amanda SECREST Wingate, North Carolina

    We first met in 7th grade Math when Jeremy changed schools. We went to Senior Prom together as a fluke and we got married at 21. When we started trying to have a family, like many other couples, we struggled […]

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  • The Barkley Adoption Story

    Josh Barkley
    Josh Barkley Cary, North Carolina

    Hi! We are Josh, Brandy, and Amelia Jane, and we are in the process of adopting a baby. We have been led to adoption throughout our marriage and we are walking through the process daily. We can’t wait to be […]

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  • Frazier Adoption

    Rachel Frazier Knoxville, Tennessee

    Hello Friends! We are the Frazier family! We have two beautful daughters that are 3 and 5 years old. After the birh of our youngest child, we were advised not to have more biological children due to health difficulties. We […]

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