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  • Randall Family’s North Macedonia Adoption

    Brittany Randall
    Brittany Randall Charleston, South Carolina

    We have had hearts for adoption long before we met. We prayed for adoption and even began saving for adoption when we were engaged and preparing for marriage. When Brittany was in occupational therapy school, she completed her capstone project […]

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  • Bring Home Baby McGlathery #3

    Elizabeth McGlathery
    Elizabeth McGlathery Gallatin, Tennessee

    Baby McGlathery #3 is on the way and should be home in just a few short months! This is hopefully our last fundraiser!!!! If we raise $6,000 Lifesong is going to match that- bringing us to $12,000!!!! This past fall […]

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  • Bring M home!

    Amanda Amagliani
    Amanda Amagliani Millington, Tennessee

    I’ve had a heart for adoption long before I was married.  I remember God sweetly leading my husband and I into a conversation about this a year and a half before we were married.  He was not as sure about […]

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  • Stanley Domestic Adoption Journey

    Jordan Stanley
    Jordan Stanley Chelsea, Alabama

    Adoption has always been on mine and David’s hearts. Anyone who knows me well has heard me say from a very young age that I want a big family. My heart has never swayed from this yearning. I believe God […]

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  • Welcoming Cali Jean West!

    Kara West
    Kara West Darwin, Minnesota

    The Best Adventure Ever! As you may or may not know, we started our first adoption journey with Avry about 5 years ago after struggling with infertility for almost 9 years.  We knew that we wanted to grow our family […]

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  • Britt Family International Adoption Journey

    David Britt
    David Britt Harlem, Georgia

    We are Carson and Jennifer Britt and have been married for 14 years.  Ever since we were dating, international adoption has been something we felt God was calling us to.  This calling for us has taken us on the journey […]

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  • Clancy Family Adoption

    Patrick Clancy West Grove, Pennsylvania

    On one of our earliest dates, both of us shared an interest in adopting a child one day. While neither of us has a family history of adoption, we always had admiration for people who opened their hearts and homes […]

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  • Keysia

    Michelle Olson West Chicago, Illinois

         God has called our family to the ministry of foster care and adoption. We currently have 10 kids (3 bio, 5 adopted, 2 foster to adopt). The journey has been both rewarding and also extremely challenging. We have […]

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  • “Be Not Afraid” – Gephart Party of 6!

    Clare & Phil Gephart
    Clare & Phil Gephart Rock Hill, South Carolina

    We are the Gepharts, party of 5 soon to be party of 6!   God has truly blessed us and we are pursuing our 4th adoption. We are passionate about supporting women experiencing unplanned pregnancies, pursuing and educating about open […]

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  • The Willeford’s are Adopting!

    Amanda Willeford Spring, Texas

    Hi we are Mike and Mandy. First of all, thank you so much for visiting our page. We have been married 12 years. We have always wanted to be parents and have a family. Unfortunately, after years of trying, many […]

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  • Lindquist Family Adoption

    Abigail Lindquist Ypsilanti, Michigan

    We believe that the gospel is an adoption story; that all humans are made in the image of God and are sinners that needed to be reconciled to God through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and that the death […]

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