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  • The Mitchell family’s transition to the U.S.A.

    T.J. Mitchell McKinney, Texas

    After devoting over 8 years of our lives to missionary service in Bolivia, we have made the decision to return home to the United States. We are set to arrive in Dallas on April 1st of this year. This decision […]

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  • Working All Things for Good | Morefield Family Adoption

    Michael Morefield
    Michael Morefield Kansas City, Missouri

    We feel like we are in this cycle of first knowing, then experiencing the rich truth that we are cared for by a God who is both all-good and all-sovereign. And over and over and over again we see these […]

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  • Zetterholm Adoption Story

    Andrew Zetterholm

    One of the great joys of parenthood is to be a witness to the life of a child.  To be there for the scrapes, and the tears as well as the first steps and first loose tooth. Our next child […]

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  • The Hallelujah Adventure!

    Whitney and Jeremiah Napier
    Whitney and Jeremiah Napier McCalla, Alabama

    I already feel like we’re friends! Grab a warm cup of coffee or some hot tea, get cozy, and let’s chat. We are the Napiers. We met at the end of college, dated long distance as we both pursued our […]

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  • Sims Family Adoption

    Melissa Sims Fort Hood, Texas

        God placed adoption on our hearts while we were still dating and we have been blessed to have been able to start our family through adoption! Jubilee Kate Sims was born in July of 2018 and has radically […]

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  • And Baby Makes 3

    Allison Eberhardt
    Allison Eberhardt

    We are excited to add a third sibling to the family. In late spring we received another surprise call from our adoption lawyer. She said that our son’s birthmother was pregnant again, due in a few months… with a girl (insert […]

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  • Preparing to Adopt

    Benjamin Walker
    Benjamin Walker Bloomington, Indiana

    We got married in January of 2015 and looked forward to starting a family. After three years it became evident, following tests and treatments, that growing our family was unlikely to happen biologically. Early on in our marriage we talked about […]

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  • The Olsen Odyssey – Our Journey through Adoption

    Abigail Olsen
    Abigail Olsen Madison, Wisconsin

    Listening to Adventures in Odyssey is one of our favorite past times on long road trips.  We chuckle over Eugene’s mishaps and Mr. Whitaker’s life-lessons never get old!  Our current trek through adoption is one of the greatest adventures in […]

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  • One Pho’nomenal Experience: Our Vietnam Adoption Journey

    Jessica Switzer Edmond, Oklahoma

    Hello! Let us begin by introducing ourselves. Our names are Gregg and Jessica Switzer. We are from Oklahoma and have been married for 2 years now. Gregg works for the City of Edmond Parks and Jessica works as a 2nd […]

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  • Bringing Home Baby H

    Emilee Hamlett
    Emilee Hamlett Murray, Kentucky

    In a season of waiting, we felt the nudges and heard the whispers from God but kept ignoring them. Until we couldn’t anymore. Adoption had been on our hearts and in our conversations since before marriage. We knew it was […]

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  • Family is More than Blood

    Terri Reed Ferndale, Washington

      For years, adoption has been on our hearts. This year our friend from NCFCA speech and debate shared her family’s journey of adoption. When she mentioned there are more children to be adopted, I knew this was the direction […]

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