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  • Our road of adoption looks like it’s leading us to TWINS!

    Ross and Kristen Peterson
    Ross and Kristen Peterson Cleghorn, Iowa

    From birth to maturity… From life apart to life in marriage… From new life through miscarriage to learning about molar pregnancies… From three potential adoptions to three hard goodbyes… Glory to God from whom and through whom and to whom are […]

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  • Adoption Journey


    Thank you for taking the time to visit this page.  We are humbled and blessed by your support through prayers and conversations we have had with many of you.  We know that God has called us to adopt and lead […]

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  • Eight is Not Enough!

    Heidi Slagh
    Heidi Slagh Holland, Michigan

    We thought eight was enough, but God has other plans for our family! We are stepping out in obedience again, knowing full well that God’s plans are always better than our own! God began preparing our hearts about a year […]

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  • Reames Family Adoption

    Zach Reames
    Zach Reames Clarksville, Tennessee

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read our story. We are the Reames family. My husband, Zach, is a medic in the Army and I am a stay at home mom. We married in 2007 and have […]

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  • Called to Love – Domestic Adoption

    Ben & Emily
    Ben & Emily Fort Worth, Texas

    Long before we were married, we hoped to one day adopt. We were both moved that the central story of the Bible is one that involves adoption. Because He chose to set His love on us while we were His […]

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  • Three + Two= The New Us || Matching Grant

    Nikki Bahler
    Nikki Bahler Clear Lake, Iowa

    First off, God is the coolest, and he deserves all the credit for what I am about to share with you.  He has woven a beautiful story of adoption, hope, promise and grace & for that we are eternally grateful. […]

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  • Bringing “Wren” Home to the Perrys

    Kasey Perry
    Kasey Perry Radcliff, Kentucky

    **Update** “Mila” is no longer available for adoption, as her birth mother has come back into the picture. Our family is now pursuing the adoption of a special little girl, “Wren.” “Wren” is only a baby, and has Down syndrome.  […]

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  • Adopting Jose!

    Andy McMullin
    Andy McMullin Bel Air, Maryland

    We have been talking about adoption ever since we were married 16 years ago.  However, it started long before that, it started with our Lord’s perfect plan of redemption.  Through Christ, we are all adopted into God’s family, through Christ […]

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  • VanKoevering Adoption

    Shannon VanKoevering Hudsonville, Michigan

    In the international adoption world there are children who are considered “difficult to place”. Children with Spina Bifida are on this list. About 4 years ago we were introduced to one of those children. We followed God to Ghana and […]

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  • #PittsPartyof6

    Ashley St. Louis, Missouri

    We never discussed adoption before getting married, but we felt God nudge our hearts towards adopting form China in our first year of marriage. We had to be 30 to adopt from China, but we still had several years until […]

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  • Bring Magnolia Joy Home

    Kate Jones Kalispell, Montana

    We are so excited to be bringing our sweet Magnolia Joy home this summer. We just know that she will fill our lives and our home with joy. She rocks her extra chromosome pretty well in our opinion! Last fall […]

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  • The VanHorn Family- Adventure Awaits!

    Jennifer VanHorn
    Jennifer VanHorn Peyton, Colorado

    Thank you for choosing to come along side us and be a part of the adventure God has called us to. Most of you know that our family is growing through adopting from the Philippines.  Although adoption has always been […]

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