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  • Bridges Adoption

    Tyler Bridges Louisville, Kentucky

    Tyler and I have been matched with an expectant mom in Arizona that is due very soon! We have gotten to talk to her on the phone and have been able to meet several tangible needs that she has. We […]

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  • Cameron & Jenny’s Adoption Journey

    Jenny Brooks Sioux Falls, South Dakota

    After four challenging years of trying to start a family, we believe God has brought us to this surprising new chapter in our marriage — and we could not be more excited! As Christians, adoption means more to us than […]

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  • Elijah’s is HERE!!!

    Lamar Bontrager Altadena, California

    Hello, We are so excited to introduce you to Elijah! The biggest and greatest surprise of our year! We are beyond blessed by the gift of Elijah and how God orchestrated the details of his life and ours together into […]

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  • The Thomas Family is Growing!

    Gwendolyn Thomas
    Gwendolyn Thomas Kansas City, Missouri

    We are excited to officially announce that the Thomas Family will be growing through adoption! Even before we began dating, Josh and I both sensed God’s leading to adopt in the future. As you can imagine, we are thrilled to […]

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  • Carmichael Family Adoption Journey!

    Kasey Carmichael
    Kasey Carmichael Kernersville, North Carolina

    Hello, we are Noah & Kasey Carmichael with our daughter Quinn! We have been in the adoption process since April of 2021. We are currently home study approved and waiting to be matched with our future child. We need to […]

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  • The Cross Family Journey to Find the Children God has Promised

    Angela Cross Hamilton, Virginia

    Tanner and I have always known we wanted to adopt. Since we were married 9 years ago we have tried everything to have and to adopt children. Tanner and I are both teachers and we love our students with all […]

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  • Bringing home L and H!!

    Kari Bruce Williamston, Michigan

    the who… We are the Bruce family. Sam and Kari are both missionary kids, growing up on the exact opposite sides of the world. Somehow the Lord led us together and after marrying in 2008, we decided to pursue missions […]

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  • Adopting Baby Davis

    Bellamy Davis Birmingham, Alabama

    Joel & I have always known that the Lord called us to adopt. We didn’t know exactly what that looked like until last year when we began praying about how starting a family. After struggling with infertility for 2 years, […]

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  • ***Libertini Family Adoption #2!!!***

    Tiffany Libertini
    Tiffany Libertini Rogers, Arkansas

         What an incredible journey God has us on!  The day we began dating while hiking through a jungle area of Guatemala, Matt asked me (Tiffany) what I dreamt about for the future. Quickly I responded,  “Adopting 99 children […]

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  • Adding to the Herd – Robbins Adoption #2

    Ashley Robbins Siler City, North Carolina

    We are excited to announce that we are adopting again!! We are doing everything we can to get ready to bring home baby Robbins #2! Noah is going to be the best big brother ever!! As you all know adoption […]

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  • Baby Mia’s Sister is On the Way!

    Guillermo & Jeannie Alvear
    Guillermo & Jeannie Alvear Charlotte, North Carolina

    Our family has been incredibly impacted by the beauty of adoption. We were so thrilled to be chosen to be Mia’s forever parents. We have been presented with amazing news – the opportunity to add Mia’s baby sister to our […]

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  • The Lord has called us to adopt!

    Josh & Elizabeth
    Josh & Elizabeth RALEIGH, North Carolina

    After nine years of marriage the Lord has called us to adopt a child (or two!).  It’s a long and involved process but we know that the Lord is faithful in all things and that we must walk in obedience. […]

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