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    CLAIRE MILLICAN Santa Clarita, California

    Friends and Family, As you have been giving and we have been praying, God has been at work. On December 3rd, our attorney called us and told us she believed she had a birth mom who would match us very […]

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  • Serving in Haiti

    Lydia zimmerman Forrest, Illinois

    Hello friends! I’m getting ready to go to Haiti for the purpose of helping Darin and Jessica Leman and serving as much as I can while I’m there! I would potentially be teaching women to sew and helping Jessica set […]

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  • Adopted through Grace

    Dale + Kristy
    Dale + Kristy

    In our eleven years of marriage, we’ve celebrated joys and supported each other during times of the unknown. A few years after being married, Dale finished his graduate work and we moved to a new town. We purchased a home, […]

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  • The Constance Family Adoption (Bringing home Maylei Grace)

    David and Kristi Constance
    David and Kristi Constance Cumberland Furnace, Tennessee

    We are David and Kristi Constance and we have wanted to adopt since the beginning of our marriage 15 years ago! We both strongly believe that when God places the desire of adoption on your heart that he makes a […]

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  • Theo’s Adoption

    Ashley Kellogg Columbia City, Indiana

    We felt God was calling us to adopt again in late 2017. We adopted Frannie and Finton from China in 2015 and they have brought so much joy and completeness to our family!  We know there are millions of orphans who need […]

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  • Covington Family Adoption

    Willis and Mallory
    Willis and Mallory Springfield, Missouri

    Welcome to our family page! We’re so glad that you have partnered with us on this journey. Adoption is an awesome privilege that can’t be embarked upon alone. You are very much part of this process, very much a part of helping us grow […]

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  • Whitehead Party of 4

    Ashley Whitehead
    Ashley Whitehead Lafayette, Indiana

    We are pleased to announce to our family and friends that we adopting… AGAIN!! We have been awarded a $4,000 matching grant from Connection Point Church through Lifesong for Orphans. Every dollar donated up to $4,000 will be matched. We […]

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  • God’s Perfect Timing

    Klasen Cypress, Texas

    Hello Friends and Family! We have prayed for a child for many years and we are so excited to be at this point in our journey of starting a family. We have had several years of unexplained infertility which included […]

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  • Our adoption adventure continues!

    Michelle and Tim Kutcher
    Michelle and Tim Kutcher DeBary, Florida

    Dear Family and Friends, Many of you have already heard the exciting news that we are growing our family through adoption AGAIN! We are adopting an infant from right here in central Florida! As a family, we have been excitedly […]

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  • Mayes Family Adoption

    Nathan Mayes Bethel, Missouri

    We are the Mayes’s! We are a family of 5 (currently). We were married in 2005. Our family grew as we had three wonderful children, Ariana, Wesley and Eden. Nathan, the weird and sometimes annoying husband, was adopted from South […]

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  • Our Adoption Journey

    Cortney Holland Murray, Kentucky

    Cortney and Justin first met in high school in our small hometown in Kentucky. But it was several years later before our lives crossed paths again that we ran into one another at church. We spent the next two years […]

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  • Adding another Hale to the Household!

    Martin Hale Lakewood, Ohio

    We’re excited to share with you all that we are headed back to India for Hale Adoption #2!  Our first daughter, Anjaly, was adopted from India in 2017 and can’t wait to become a big sister!  We’re currently in the […]

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