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  • The Smith Tribe’s Adoption Adventure

    Elizabeth Smith Columbus, Ohio

    Hello!! We are Jason and Elizabeth Smith, and our family is so excited to be adopting from Uganda. The call to adopt began years ago for us. Before we were even engaged we talked about adopting and planned to do […]

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  • Deemer China Adoption

    James Deemer Auburn, Indiana

    Dear Family and Friends, Lyndsi and I have always tried to plan out what we thought our lives would look like. We thought we knew. But God has had other ideas for us, things we never imagined. Lyndsi and I […]

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  • The Madras Adopt from India

    Kalin Madra
    Kalin Madra Thompson's Station, Tennessee

       Hi everyone!  We are the Madras – Angad, Kalin and Anya. Thank you for joining us as we work towards bringing home our next child from India!  Here you will find a little bit about us and our adoption […]

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  • A Sibling for Everett

    Matthew Steury Fort Wayne, Indiana

    We are Matthew and Angela Steury, loving parents of Everett James. Everett is ready for a brother or sister! We started our married life in July 2012. After years of unexplained infertility and many doctor visits we felt that God […]

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  • Cottle Family Adoption – Adding to our crazy, loud, wonderful family

    Aimee Cottle
    Aimee Cottle Indianapolis, Indiana

      There is so much we could tell you about the path that led us here. All the conversations. Prayers. Nudges. Gut checks. Fear. Leaps. We’ve both felt like adoption was something we were always supposed to do. Separately, at […]

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  • Nylund Adoption round 2!

    Jaimee Nylund Cashmere, Washington

    Here we GROW again! Adoption round #2 here we come! We are an active waiting family, and have begun presenting our profile to expectant Mama’s hoping to create an adoption plan for her sweet babe. This phase of the journey […]

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  • James 1:17- Barton’s Adoption Journey

    Ben and Kelsey Barton Delta, Ohio

    Roughly nine years ago, we were sitting in church. On this particular day it was Sanctity of Life Sunday.  Our pastor’s sermon was on adoption. At this time, we were engaged and to be married in early summer. The topic […]

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  • Surprise Brother

    Lauren Lee
    Lauren Lee Huffman, Texas

    In January we finalized our adoption with our first son. At the end of March I got a call from our social worker that our son’s birth mother was pregnant and wanted to know if we would take the baby. […]

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  • Our Story Isn’t Over Yet- Nathan & Christen Hoping to Adopt

    Christen Woody
    Christen Woody Signal Mountain, Tennessee

    We met in the restaurant industry back in our college days. Our friendship eventually got closer, and we started dating. Four years later in 2008, we tied the knot in our hometown. We waited a while to begin to start […]

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  • Otte Adoption Story

    Robin Otte Florence, Alabama

    11 years ago, I was grieving. I just had my 2nd miscarriage after several unsuccessful attempts to conceive.  I was so desperate to have a child. Up to this point, everything in my life had gone according to my plans. […]

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  • The Nichols Are Adopting!

    Sharon Nichols
    Sharon Nichols Birmingham, Alabama

    The Nichols Adoption Journey Hello, we are the Nichols family and this is our adoption story. For us, adoption was in each of our hearts before we even met. There was no real plan or direction at that point. Just […]

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  • Hansome Adoption

    NaTosha Hansome Greenfield, Indiana

    In 2018, we became burdened for Ukrainian orphans. Our eyes were opened to the statistical outcome that these children faced. We prayed for over a year about what God wanted us to do. In 2019, God opened the door for […]

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