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  • Best Gifts 2Gether

    Stacy Hill Chattanooga, Tennessee

    I knew for a long time that I wanted to adopt. Along the way, a number of friends who knew my heart for adoption encouraged me to go ahead and do it. It took almost three years for the idea of […]

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  • We’re Adopting!

    Reada Acheson
    Reada Acheson Republic, Missouri

    As many of you know, we have always felt called to adopt. After much prayer and consideration, we  decided about six months ago to start the process of adopting from South Korea. Three weeks ago, we were matched with a beautiful little […]

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  • Lewis Family Adoption: Our Story

    Laura Lewis Bellevue, Kentucky

    IT’S TIME. After a lot of prayer, tears, and conversations, we’re super stoked (and a little nervous) to be starting this adoption journey!Adoption is such a great picture or analogy of how God has brought us into His family. We […]

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  • Bringing Home Panda Bear

    Tina Deramo
    Tina Deramo Tulsa, Oklahoma

      As a little girl I would spend hours looking through the Sears and JC Penney catalogs. Instead of picking out what toys or clothes I wanted, I was more interested in deciding which babies I wanted to bring home; […]

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  • Cheesman Family Adoption

    Emily Cheesman
    Emily Cheesman Union, Maine

    Dear Family and Friends,  We have some exciting news: we are adopting! We have always loved children and even before we started having children, we talked about adopting some day.  After our four children were born we started discussing the […]

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  • The Falink Family is Adopting!!!

    Christina Falink
    Christina Falink Elwood, Indiana

    Hello Friends and Family! Some of you know we have felt called by God to adopt a child from another country. We began our adoption journey in April of 2018, after returning from a trip to Costa Rica.  We both have had […]

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  • James and Suzanne’s Adoption Fund

    Suzanne Horton Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

    Thank you for visiting our new fundraising home!  We are thrilled about being able to start our family in this way! We are excited and grateful to announce that we have been chosen for a matching grant with Lifesong for […]

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  • Yoder Adoption

    JaLisa Yoder Narvon, Pennsylvania

    Dear Friends and Family,   We felt led to adopt for quite some time now and are excited to start this journey to complete our family! We are adopting domestically using consultants recommended to us by friends. After suffering two […]

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  • Bringing Tallulah Home

    Alisha Keim
    Alisha Keim Atkinson, Nebraska

    Hello, we are Rodney and Alisha Keim and are first and foremost adopted children of God. We have always intended to grow our family through adoption. For me (Alisha), this calling and desire is an early memory. I remember reading […]

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  • Growing our hearts and family through adoption

    Cassandra Hill Beavercreek, Ohio

    When Chris and I started dating in 2005 he told me of his desire to adopt.  I told him that I was open to the possibility, but it would take over a decade for us to get to the point […]

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  • Cooke Family Adoption

    Chad Cooke
    Chad Cooke High Point, North Carolina

    We adopted our oldest son from Ethiopia. The process has taught us so much. There have been many painful tears but also tears of joy and glimpses of beauty and redemption from the brokenness. We also have two biological sons. […]

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