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  • Gard Family Adoption

    Gard Rockford, Michigan

    As we seek to adopt a second time our family has engaged in many fundraising opportunities and has applied for adoption grants to offset some of the costs associated with adoption.  Lifesong provided us with a matching grant when we […]

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  • Life After Adoption

    Erika and Nate Johnson Friendsville, Tennessee

    I’m Erika, mom to 8, three children through adoption and five via birth. My life changed forever the summer of 2010. As a young 20 year old full of hope and grand ideas, I said “I do” and became a […]

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  • Powell Family Adoption

    Ashley Powell Nashville, Tennessee

    We have BIG news! We are adopting! We are beyond excited and are doing everything we can to be prepared to welcome a beautiful new life into our home. As part of our adoption process, we have started a crowdfunding […]

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  • Glassford Party of Five

    Jordan Glassford
    Jordan Glassford WILLOW SPRING, North Carolina

    We’re the Glassford family and it is with great joy that we share that our family is in the adoption process! Adoption is something we have always felt a call towards. Even before we were married, we both shared this […]

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  • Barsness Family Adoption


    Hello friends and family!  Thank you so much for taking the time to read our story and hear our heart in our current adoption process!  We are so excited to be pursuing adoption again and look forward to seeing how […]

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  • Gundy Adoption

    Darin Gundy
    Darin Gundy Eureka, Illinois

    We have been hoping to grow our family through adoption and became homestudy approved over five years ago. We have an all-knowing God and, although difficult at times, have trusted in his divine timing. We are thrillled to share that we […]

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  • Baby Gongwer Adoption

    Daniel and Claire Gongwer Loganville, Georgia

    Hello! We are Daniel and Claire Gongwer! We reside in Georgia with our furry friend Ellie. We have been married for five years and met in 2013! We are best friends and have been walking through infertility. Though this has […]

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  • Bond004…The Unexpected

    Matthew and Anna Bond
    Matthew and Anna Bond San Marino, California

    It was Wednesday, July 14, 2021. I was at the Costco gas line when I received a text message….“Would you and Matthew be interested in adopting a Chinese baby boy with these symptoms” followed by a screenshot of various conditions. Within […]

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  • The Kemmerer Family Adopts

    Jaimee Kemmerer
    Jaimee Kemmerer Reading, Pennsylvania

    When Jaimee and I first talked about adoption late 2020, we only knew that we wanted to continue to grow our family. Last year Jaimee and I got to be involved closely in our friend’s international adoption journey.  Watching and […]

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  • Patty Kyrgyzstan Adoption

    Arianne Patty
    Arianne Patty Arlington, Texas

    Adoption has long been my dream of how to grow a family. As single woman living and working in East Asia with hopes of becoming a mother and raising children, I did not come to the decision to adopt lightly […]

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  • Wanted, Chosen, Loved…Crawford’s Journey to India

    Marcus Crawford Edmond, Oklahoma

    We’re expecting! Well, not exactly the way that probably comes to mind. We’re expecting God to move mightily through our home as we bring another child into our family through adoption. We are Marcus & Kristin Crawford and we have […]

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  • The Olsen Odyssey – Our Journey through Adoption

    Abigail Olsen
    Abigail Olsen Madison, Wisconsin

    Listening to Adventures in Odyssey is one of our favorite past times on long road trips.  We chuckle over Eugene’s mishaps and Mr. Whitaker’s life-lessons never get old!  Our current trek through adoption is one of the greatest adventures in […]

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