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  • Our Adoption

    Alex and Eve
    Alex and Eve Durham, North Carolina

      Hi! Our family is so excited to share that we are in the international adoption process, and we are looking forward to the Lord has planned for our family. Our hope is that we can share our story and […]

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  • The White Family Adoption

    Ramsey White Birmingham, Alabama

    Thank you so much for considering donating to our adoption! We have felt so much support from our church, family and friends as we have navigated the adoption process. We are thankful for you! Our Family’s Call to Adopt Our […]

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  • Baby Girl Hermes

    Nagib Hermes Atlanta, Georgia

      Back when we were dating, we discussed adoption as something we both wanted to pursue at some point in life.  We figured it would be something we would do after having biological children.  However, after much effort to have […]

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  • One More Rohrer

    Mike & Peggy Lynne Rohrer
    Mike & Peggy Lynne Rohrer Washington Boro, Pennsylvania

    Dear Family & Friends, We are truly thankful for being at this point in our adoption journey, which started early on in our marriage…but if you think this story is about us, you would be wrong.  This story is about […]

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  • Hungary, Here We Come! The Paul Family Adoption

    Donielle Paul
    Donielle Paul Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

    We have some seriously exciting news to share! As many of you know, we’ve been fundraising for our adoption. There’s a little boy in Hungary who is waiting for his forever family, and we believe that WE are that family. […]

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  • Adopting Caleb Max Newman

    Daniel & Emily Newman
    Daniel & Emily Newman Lafayette, Indiana

    UPDATE: We are excited to announce the birth of Caleb Max Newman! He was born in Indianapolis on January 11 at 3:47 AM (6 lbs 15 oz, 19 inches). We received a phone call that afternoon and learned that he had been […]

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  • Growing the Gerson Gang

    Walter Gerson Aliso Viejo, California

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read our story, as the time has come where we feel we need to open up and let it be heard. We hope it inspires you as much as we feel […]

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  • The Journey to Baby Gray 2.0

    David and Ashley Gray
    David and Ashley Gray Lumberton, Mississippi

    We are the Gray family- David, Ashley and Matthew!  David is a pastor and Ashley is a social worker who previously worked in foster care and adoption for 12 years. Matthew is a very active little boy who is ready […]

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  • James 1:17- Barton’s Adoption Journey

    Ben and Kelsey Barton Delta, Ohio

    Roughly nine years ago, we were sitting in church. On this particular day it was Sanctity of Life Sunday.  Our pastor’s sermon was on adoption. At this time, we were engaged and to be married in early summer. The topic […]

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  • Nylund Adoption round 2!

    Jaimee Nylund Cashmere, Washington

    Here we GROW again! Adoption round #2 here we come! We are an active waiting family, and have begun presenting our profile to expectant Mama’s hoping to create an adoption plan for her sweet babe. This phase of the journey […]

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  • From Colombia to Lancaster!

    Michael & Michelle Schmaldienst
    Michael & Michelle Schmaldienst Lancaster, Pennsylvania

    Hello to you from the Schmaldienst family of 8!!!!!!  Thank you for taking the time to find us! Our story begins in July 2003 when we were married.  At that time, nearly 16 years ago, the two of us had […]

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  • Bringing home a son from Taiwan

    Newenhisen Wadsworth, Ohio

    “I am chosen, not forsaken, I am who You say I am,” we sing to God on Sunday mornings.  What a wonderful truth, that God created us in His own image, and loves us dearly!  If we believe this truth […]

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