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  • The Gift of Family To An Orphan In Ukraine

    Bethany Wight Gillette, Wyoming

    Nik and I have been married for 15 years. We have 4 sweet boys at home ages 5, 6, 7 and 10! Wyoming has been our home for all of these years and we do plan to stick around for […]

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  • Brazil Sibling Group!!

    Chris & Liz Reyes Elizabethtown, Kentucky

    We are the Reyes Family!!  Chris and Liz have been married for 11 years and have 4 biological children: Nolan (age 9), Zachary and Elena (twins, age 7), and Joshua (age 4).  We live in Elizabethtown, Kentucky and are active […]

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  • Kenney Snowflake Adoption

    Tyler and Kristen Kenney
    Tyler and Kristen Kenney Deland, Florida

    NOTE: We are so thankful for the Lord’s provision! We have met our matching goal of $5,000, which will help meet the anticipated $20,000 total cost for our adoption. Though additional donations will not be matched, they will still go toward our […]

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  • Jacky + Anna + Gem

    Anna Boynton Beach, Florida

    We are in the middle of the most exciting and most challenging time for us as a married couple…we are adopting!   Five years ago, in Milwaukee, we got married and thought it was a given that we would have children. However, […]

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  • Called to be Fabian’s Phamily

    Morgan Phaneuf
    Morgan Phaneuf Winter park, Florida

    We have BIG news! The Phantastic 4 is growing to the Phabulous 5! We have decided to pursue the adoption of our host son Fabian!   After an amazing 3 week hosting experience, exponential amounts of prayer, what feels like […]

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  • Chase and Jill Buie’s Adoption Story

    Phillip Chase Buie
    Phillip Chase Buie Prattsville, Arkansas

    My name is Chase Buie and my wife, Jill Buie, and I are in the process of adopting our first child.   Jill has always been lead towards adopting. I remember it being one of the first conversations we had […]

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  • Subtracting by Adding – Living out the Math of Love

    Everett and Jennifer Simpson
    Everett and Jennifer Simpson Dry Ridge, Kentucky

    Wow! Long story! But it is God’s story and I am very blessed to share it.  As a young child I dreamed of having a husband and a big family.  When I say big, I mean six children.  I had […]

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  • Adoption From Thailand

    Jillian Prior
    Jillian Prior Pickerington, Ohio

    3 years ago we started our first adoption journey. We adopted our amazing son Ansel from Thailand. He was 5 when we brought him home and he has changed and enriched our lives and taught us so much about God’s […]

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  • Welcoming More Warrens

    Eric & Andrea Warren
    Eric & Andrea Warren Ames, Iowa

    We have wanted to adopt internationally for quite a while, but more recently our heart for adoption has grown as we continue to better understand how God has adopted us into his family. In the past few years we’ve loved […]

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  • Our Bulgarian Sibling Adoption

    Will and Rachel Harrison
    Will and Rachel Harrison Columbia, South Carolina

    We met working at a Salvation Army summer camp for inner-city kids from Chicago and were married three years later. From the early days, we agreed that adoption was on our hearts. We knew it was not a question of […]

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  • Ritenour: We are adopting from China!

    Scarlett Ritenour Goose Creek, South Carolina

    We are Michael and Scarlett, parents of Nick and Hannah (now married) and bonus parents to our son-in-law, Justin. Early on in our relationship we discussed our future plans for a family and decided that we would have at least […]

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  • Help Bring Rae Ann and Perla Home!

    Christian & Megan Miller
    Christian & Megan Miller Marietta, South Carolina

    Since beginning this journey many have asked us, “Why do you want to adopt?” Our usual response is why not? This is then followed up by stutters and something along the lines of, “You already have so many kids.” We […]

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