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  • Help Bring Home Little Mikel (#OperationCALM)

    Liz Mikel Bloomington, Illinois

    Hi! We’re David & Liz Mikel. We’re in our mid-twenties, have been married for two years, and have for years had a heart for orphans. We always planned to have adoption be part of our family story, but we originally thought […]

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  • Tait Family Adoption

    Maggie Tait Louisville, Kentucky

    We are the Tait family and we are in the process of adopting again! On February 1, 2017 our lives completely changed when we welcomed Thomas James into our family. We were matched with Thomas’ first momma and a month […]

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  • Why Us? Why Now?

    Dan Zehr DORR, Michigan

    This September, we will celebrate 14 years of marriage and in those 14 years, we’ve experienced so much.  The idea of adopting a child had always been on the back burner but had never taken center stage.  Sheila has wanted […]

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  • Hand Family Adoption

    Alexandra Hand
    Alexandra Hand White Rock, New Mexico

    Our passion for adoption comes from our pro-life convictions, the heart God clearly shows throughout the Bible for His people to care for the least of these, and the beautiful representation adoption is of the Gospel and our relationship with […]

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  • Boswell Family Adoption

    Timothy Boswell
    Timothy Boswell FORT WORTH, Texas

    Dear Family and Friends, Some of you know we have been completing the steps to adopt a child into our family, and we believe God is leading us on this journey. We are adopting an infant girl from somewhere in […]

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  • The Battles Family Adopting from China

    Dustin Battles
    Dustin Battles Liberty Township, Ohio

    Adopting a child has always been a hope and desire of our hearts. Even when we were dating, we discussed the possibility. We are thrilled to watch this dream unfold as we have started the process.   Megan spent a summer […]

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  • The Loopstra International Adoption Journey

    Jonathan & Carol St. Paul, Minnesota

    The Beginnings of our Adoption Journey Ever since our marriage in 2007, we have considered adopting children, especially since we both grew up in close-knit families with strong Christian values of caring for those in need. We knew that if […]

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  • Baby K Adoption Journey

    Briana Kraayenbrink Sioux Center, Iowa

    It has always been a desire of our hearts to adopt long before we were married. After we were married we thought we would have a biological child before starting the process of adoption. However, after two years of infertility […]

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  • The Dominick Adoption Adventure

    Peter and Mindy Dominick
    Peter and Mindy Dominick Locust, North Carolina

    Our journey to parenthood has been a long and painful one. In the end, the answer to all the difficult questions was simple. We are parents who want children, and there are children who need parents. Adopting just makes sense. […]

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  • Bringing Bei Bei Home

    Jessica Beck
    Jessica Beck Freeland, Maryland

    We are adopting again! Building a family, following the Lord We are the Becks. We are family of five with a story that looks different from most. Our oldest son, Joshua, age 15, joined our family in May 2018 through […]

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  • Anderson Adoption

    Derek & Jennifer Anderson
    Derek & Jennifer Anderson Winston, Georgia

    Over the past several years, God has placed a desire on our heart for adoption. We knew that one day we would welcome a child into our home. As the years have passed, we have shared this desire with our […]

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  • Going back for one more!

    Carrie Mitchell
    Carrie Mitchell Lenoir City, Tennessee

    Dear Family and Friends, We are adopting from Bulgaria again! It seems like just yesterday we landed in the States with a new little girl named Presley. Over the last two years we have watched her grow and flourish both […]

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