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  • Bring Tong Home

    Jane Blackwell
    Jane Blackwell WILMINGTON, North Carolina

    Hello! We are the Blackwells! My husband, Bryan, and I (Jane) are the parents of four beautiful girls, Gracie, Emma, Hannah and Rebekah. Bryan is the pastor of a local church here in Wilmington, and we have been in the […]

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  • Adopting 2 from Mexico

    Nancy Bonilla Bourbonnais, Illinois

    We met at a children’s home in Mexico so we always knew that adoption would somehow be part of our story someday.  That “someday” arrived in 2015 when we started the paperwork to adopt a child or sibling pair from Mexico. […]

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  • Fusilier Family Adoption

    Johnny Fusilier
    Johnny Fusilier Pasadena, Texas

    Dear friend,   Thank you for taking the time to read more about our journey and how you can help! Adoption was always part of God’s plan for our family. We prayed for so long and Josiah is proof of […]

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  • Our Second Miracle

    Daniel Girlando Cinnaminson, New Jersey

    The calling of adoption was stirred in our hearts years ago, even prior to meeting each other.  We were married in 2001 and believed that adoption would be in our future because we shared that desire.  A few years into […]

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  • “The Newest Culton” Adoption Story

    David & Anna Culton
    David & Anna Culton Northborough, Massachusetts

    The concept of what “family” means to us has shifted as we’ve come to understand who we are in God’s eyes – no matter who we are, where we came from, or what we’ve done, He has made us His […]

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  • Laidler Adoption Journey

    Kelley Laidler Byron, Georgia

    Richard and I have been trying to expand our family for 5 years. Though we have encountered much heartache through infertility over this time God has called us to adopt a child. We know that this is how we are […]

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  • Cheesman Family Adoption

    Emily Cheesman
    Emily Cheesman Union, Maine

    Dear Family and Friends,  We have some exciting news: we are adopting! We have always loved children and even before we started having children, we talked about adopting some day.  After our four children were born we started discussing the […]

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  • Joshua’s Journey, Our adoption story

    Benjamin Beck Freeland, Maryland

    Our adoption journey started in early 2017 when friends asked us to pray for their adopted son’s friend who was still in China waiting for a family.  This friend was turning 13 and at risk of aging out of the […]

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  • Stockton Adoption Fund

    Kellie Stockton
    Kellie Stockton Chesterfield, Missouri

    The Stockton family is growing!  Our journey began with a post on facebook to host an orphan child for a summer vacation experience.  When we registered for the Host Children program one little girl stood out to me but when […]

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  • Bassler Family China Adoption

    Jennifer Bassler Greendale, Wisconsin

    Dear family and friends, Adoption is something we have considered and prayed about for many years.  We’re excited to share that in God’s timing we are in the process of adopting from China!   We have been blessed with 4 biological […]

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  • Bringing Lilly home!

    Chris and Susan Allen
    Chris and Susan Allen Eaton Rapids, Michigan

    Over the past several years we have prayed about fostering or adopting children because our children are grown and we are not ready for an empty nest. We have always enjoyed working with children, most recently teaching the children of […]

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  • Blessings To Come

    Amy Nachtigall West Fargo, North Dakota

    Hi, we are Daniel & Amy! We are in the process of adopting our first child. We are adopting a child from the United States. We have not been matched yet but are praying that God will have His perfect child […]

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