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  • The Pittmans are Adopting!

    Jared Pittman
    Jared Pittman Madison, Alabama

    We have been planning and praying about adoption for a long time! We both had hearts that were open to adoption even before we were married. It was a topic that would come up, but we didn’t spend much time […]

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  • Waples Family Adoption

    Justin & Abigail Waples
    Justin & Abigail Waples Normal, Illinois

    The Lord has graciously brought a special family into our lives. Our connection was instantaneous & our relationship with them is so dear to us all already! Through the most loving & yet heartbreakingly difficult decision this precious family has […]

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  • Johnson Domestic Adoption

    Andra Johnson Merced, California

    Adoption has always been on our hearts but in January 2021, God put it on our hearts to jump in and pursue the baby He has for our family with all that we are. We are so honored to be […]

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  • Pankratz Family Adoption

    Stephen and Cayli Pankratz
    Stephen and Cayli Pankratz Spring, Texas

    We are so excited to announce that we are adopting! We have both dreamed of one day adopting a child, individually (prior to meeting one another), and then together from the time of our engagement. We are overjoyed to finally […]

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  • One Day a Keeney – Haiti Adoption

    Jennifer Keeney
    Jennifer Keeney Greensboro, North Carolina

         There’s a saying in Haiti that goes, “Yon jou la jou,” which translates to, “One day will be the day.” We learned this saying on one of our mission trips to Haiti from 2011-2015. It stuck with us […]

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  • Phillips Adoption #2

    Russell & Jessica Phillips Greenville, Pennsylvania

      We’re adopting again. It seems to be a tradition of ours to make plans only for God to change them. In 2018, we completed our first adoption from China; a wonderful son who immediately fit right into our family. […]

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  • Kowieski Family Adoption

    Doug Kowieski
    Doug Kowieski St. Augustine, Florida

    Hello and welcome to our adoption journey! We are thrilled to share our decision to adopt Milena, a 14 year old teenager from Bulgaria. Melissa and I had thought that we were going to be empty nesters when our youngest […]

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  • Freeman Family Adoption

    Katie Freeman West Columbia, South Carolina

    Hi! We are the Freeman family from Columbia, SC. We have been married for almost ten years and have two beautiful biological daughters who are 6 and 4. Katie is a teacher and Matt is the Associate Director of Worship and […]

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  • Merrifield Adoption Journey

    Callie Merrifield
    Callie Merrifield Louisville, Kentucky

    Please read about how God led us to adoption and we hope you prayerfully consider making a donation to support our continued journey. Our Story: Wes and I met in 2012 while in college. I was student teaching at the […]

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  • The Bush Family’s 4th Adoption

    Matthew Bush
    Matthew Bush Jacksonville, Florida

    Our family currently consists of 5: Myself (Matt), my wife Jessica, and our three children Sophie (6), Elijah (5), and Ezekyal (4). After 4 years as a family of 5, we will soon be a family of 6! Our adoption […]

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  • Bringing Home Brother

    Abigail McKinley
    Abigail McKinley NORTH AUGUSTA, South Carolina

    We are excited to announce that Rosemary is a BIG SISTER! Her birth mother has chosen us to adopt her precious BaBy BoY due **this May**! Yes, we are shocked along with a hundred other emotions.  When we had our little girl in […]

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  • Brazil Sibling Group!!

    Chris & Liz Reyes Elizabethtown, Kentucky

    We are the Reyes Family!!  Chris and Liz have been married for 11 years and have 4 biological children: Nolan (age 9), Zachary and Elena (twins, age 7), and Joshua (age 4).  We live in Elizabethtown, Kentucky and are active […]

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