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  • Conant Family Adoption!

    Sara Conant Salt Lake City, Utah

    About a year after we were married, we both felt that God was calling us to start a family. God had given the us so much love, it was time to start expanding that beyond the two of us. After […]

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  • Choosing to adopt our second child

    Briana Harger
    Briana Harger Columbus, Ohio

    Almost three years ago, God started our journey as a family of three. We were so excited that we would soon have a baby. However, that excitement very quickly turned to dismay. Briana was struggling, unable to function at the […]

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  • Cheesman Family Adoption

    Emily Cheesman
    Emily Cheesman Union, Maine

    Dear Family and Friends,  We have some exciting news: we are adopting! We have always loved children and even before we started having children, we talked about adopting some day.  After our four children were born we started discussing the […]

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  • Our Children In The Philippines

    Dustin Smith
    Dustin Smith Lebanon, Ohio

    We have been granted the adoption of two very special children!! Glen is four years old and Angel is three years old. They live in the Philippines. Prospectively, we will travel in January to bring them home! Through Lifesong, The […]

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  • Nashholden Adoption Journey

    Jonathan Nash
    Jonathan Nash Kissimmee, Florida

    We began this adoption journey about a year ago when we told all of our friends and family we were considering adoption.  This was after 4 years of fertility struggles.  We were able to get pregnant one time, but lost […]

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  • Bringing baby Crockett home 💕

    Rachael Crockett
    Rachael Crockett Spring Hill, Tennessee

    We’ve been MATCHED! A sweet expectant mama picked us! To say you go through a mix of emotion is an understatement. Do we laugh, cry, yell, jump up and down, or just act normal? No one told us how to […]

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  • The Carls Adopt Again!

    Jonathan Carl
    Jonathan Carl Hodgenville, Kentucky

    We are adopting again!!! Currently, we have been pre-approved to adopt a beautiful 11 year old girl from China, who will be joining our family hopefully around the Spring of 2019!   We wanted to share a small bit of our […]

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  • Ryan and Katy’s Adoption Journey

    Katy Cheney
    Katy Cheney Edmond, Oklahoma

    God has blessed us in so many ways. One of those ways was the simple fact that God has led us to each other.  Prior to meeting, both of us had been advised by medical professionals that if either of […]

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  • Bringing Tallulah Home

    Alisha Keim
    Alisha Keim Atkinson, Nebraska

    Hello, we are Rodney and Alisha Keim and are first and foremost adopted children of God. We have always intended to grow our family through adoption. For me (Alisha), this calling and desire is an early memory. I remember reading […]

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  • The Wellers are Adopting Again!

    Emily Weller
    Emily Weller Indianapolis, Indiana

    We are so excited to grow our family through adoption again! We are still in awe of God’s story of bringing Anna into our family, and we are trusting His perfect plan and timing to add another child. We know He […]

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  • The Horne’s are Adopting!

    Jarrah Horne
    Jarrah Horne Madison, Mississippi

    Hi, we are the Horne’s! We got married on November 12, 2010 and had our daughter right before our four year anniversary. We have always felt called to adopt and even talked about it in college, before getting engaged. After […]

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  • The PERFECT Penny

    Tiffany House
    Tiffany House Dunn, North Carolina

    Our precious family consists of myself, Tiffany, my amazing husband of 10 years, Robert (Dwayne), our outgoing yet preciously sweet 6 year old daughter, Bailey, who is inquisitive, bold and yet humble and gracious. To say our child is excited […]

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