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  • Help Bring Baby Girl Kossack Home

    Lauren Kossack Zionsville, Indiana

    Dear Family & Friends,We are so excited to finally announce that we’re adopting a little girl from China!  It’s something that we’ve been talking about since our very first date back in 2003. After we were married we continued to […]

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  • Waiting For Our Wyatt

    Brooke Hayes North Little Rock, Arkansas

    When Jonathan and I started dating, my parents had just begun the adoption process so Jonathan really got to see it start to finish.  He was even there the night my parents flew in with my sister and we greeted […]

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  • And then there were EIGHT!

    Jennifer Berge
    Jennifer Berge Edina, Minnesota

    My huband John and I have been married for almost 19 years.  We have extensive experience living and serving in Haiti– which is a beautiful country with proud and resilient people! We are now in the final stages of adopting […]

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  • bring tommy home

    Darren Hall
    Darren Hall Fargo, North Dakota

    Thirteen years ago we felt that someday we’d adopt from China.  Fast forward to last spring, we met our son (soon to be Thomas./Tommy)  Tommy has spent all 10 of his years in the orphanage waiting for a family.  When […]

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  • Derek and Amanda’s Adoption Journey

    Derek Thompson Marion, Indiana

    Our journey to adoption has developed over the course of several years.  Before we got married over seven years ago, we discussed the desire to adopt at some point in the future. We told ourselves if we could not bear […]

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  • Join our story as we domestically adopt a newborn

    Odessa McCreesh
    Odessa McCreesh Felton, Pennsylvania

      Our story isn’t long, sad or full of bumps in the road (so far anyway).  It’s simple actually – God said “I want you to do this”, I said “You’re crazy”, He said “What are you waiting for?  Go.” […]

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  • Mitchell Family China Adoption

    Hannah Mitchell Longmont, Colorado

    We’ve just been matched with beautiful Liliana and will be heading to China soon to bring her home!  Our last expenses to cover are our travel expenses, and we’re more than halfway there.  We are so appreciative of your prayers […]

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  • Help Daleena and Jeremy bring home their daughter from China

    Green Prineville, Oregon

    We have stepped out in faith believing we are being called to adopt again.  Believing God has called and He will provide the means.   We have been given a generous gift from Lifesong for Orphans. A match grant that will match dollar […]

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  • Rightly Placed: To China and Back Again

    Heidi Estep
    Heidi Estep Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

    It began for Heidi after reading Choosing to See by Mary Beth Chapman. God used this book to cultivate a heart for adoption in her and she kept these things in her heart (not yet sharing this with Matt), praying […]

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  • Praying Benly Home from Haiti

    Patty Alley

    It has been 4 years since we fell head over heels  in love with our son,  this is the year he will be home! In December we received the adoption decree that legally shows his name  is  Benly Pierre Alley. […]

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  • Growing the Gersons through Adoption!

    Zane-Stephanie Gerson
    Zane-Stephanie Gerson New York, New York

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read our story! At the moment we have raised over $17,000, and now are hoping to fund the rest through grants and other sources of funding. Right now, we have the opportunity […]

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  • I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.

    Curtis and Rachel Niemeyer Cashton, Wisconsin

    Dear Friends and Family,  We are writing with exciting news! We are in the process of adopting a child from Kyrgyzstan and hope to have our child with us sometime in the coming year. We recently finished our International Dossier […]

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