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  • Growe Adoption

    Jeff & Laurel Growe
    Jeff & Laurel Growe Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    Sweet family and friends, we are so excited to invite you into this journey of adoption with us! As many of you already know, we are stepping into this hopeful process of adopting internationally from Taiwan! We are thrilled! This […]

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  • Brown Family Adoption Journey

    Carter Brown
    Carter Brown Cedar Falls, Iowa

    One of the earliest things we talked about in our relationship was our desire to pursue adoption at some point in the future. We love that adoption is a living illustration of the entire message of the Bible! The reality […]

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  • The Nichols Are Adopting!

    Sharon Nichols
    Sharon Nichols Birmingham, Alabama

      Hello, we are the Nichols family and this is our adoption story. For us, adoption was in each of our hearts before we even met. There was no real plan or direction at that point. Just an understanding that […]

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  • Called to be Fabian’s Phamily

    Morgan Phaneuf
    Morgan Phaneuf Winter park, Florida

    We have BIG news! The Phantastic 4 is growing to the Phabulous 5! We have decided to pursue the adoption of our host son Fabian!   After an amazing 3 week hosting experience, exponential amounts of prayer, what feels like […]

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  • Riber Family

    Kristin Riber
    Kristin Riber Cedarville, Ohio

    “Imagine if Christian churches were known as the places where unwanted babies become beloved children. If this were the case across the board around the world, sure, there would still be abortions, there would still be abusive homes. But wouldn’t […]

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  • Harker Family Adoption

    Mindy Harker
    Mindy Harker

    We are so excited to announce we are growing our family through adoption! Adoption is near and dear to our hearts and we are so excited to be on this journey. God has always provided for us and we have […]

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  • Barkers are Adopting from India Again!

    Bill and Sara Barker
    Bill and Sara Barker South Hamilton, Massachusetts

    Our family began when we met one another over 20 years ago as young college students studying abroad in Jerusalem, Israel.  As our friendship developed, we discovered it was a desire of each of our hearts to marry and have children […]

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  • Dumas Adoption Journey

    Eric and Lori Dumas
    Eric and Lori Dumas West Saint Paul, Minnesota

    BIG NEWS! We’ve received a match! Baby Boy is expected on July 6th, and we are thrilled to be on this journey with him and his birth mother. Please keep everyone in your prayers! —- Join us on our adoption […]

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  • Simpsons Adopt from India!

    Courtney Simpson
    Courtney Simpson Birmingham, Alabama

    A year after we got married, we ended up meeting some our our close family friends who lived near us and they had two biological daughters, an adopted son, and were in a process of adopting their two littles. Getting […]

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  • India Adoption

    Michael and Jessie VanKlaveren
    Michael and Jessie VanKlaveren Brooks, Georgia

    First of all, thanks for taking the time to visit this MyStory site. Jessie and I are very blessed to have such a supportive community. Truly, thank you. As you may know, Jessie and I are adopting from India. Why […]

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  • Josh and Rebekah’s Adoption Journey!

    Josh and Rebekah
    Josh and Rebekah Louisville, Kentucky

    Hello, and thank you for stopping by and learning about our domestic infant adoption! We’re Josh and Rebekah, and we’ve been married for almost 8.5 years. From the beginning, we’ve looked forward to having at least a couple of children, […]

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  • The Potts Adoption Journey – Join Us!

    John Potts Littleton, Colorado

      Welcome to our page! Thank you so much for taking time to learn about our story. We are deeply grateful. We are excited to share with you our story, as well as how you can join us in our […]

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