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  • Subtracting by Adding – Living out the Math of Love

    Everett and Jennifer Simpson
    Everett and Jennifer Simpson Dry Ridge, Kentucky

    Wow! Long story! But it is God’s story and I am very blessed to share it.  As a young child I dreamed of having a husband and a big family.  When I say big, I mean six children.  I had […]

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  • Summer Internship in Zambia

    Hannah Godfrey
    Hannah Godfrey Douglasville, Georgia

    Hi everyone! My name is Hannah Godfrey and I am a junior Religion major, Sociology minor at Samford University. Last summer I served as an intern for two months in Zambia with Lifesong for Orphans and to say that it […]

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  • Brodie & Anna Burns’ Adoption Story

    Brodie Burns
    Brodie Burns Oxford, Mississippi

    Anna and I first thought of the possibility of adopting a child back in 2010. That was when we read the book Radical by David Platt. At that time, we had been married for 3 years and felt that if we […]

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  • The Wellers are Adopting Again!

    Emily Weller
    Emily Weller Indianapolis, Indiana

    We are so excited to grow our family through adoption again! We are still in awe of God’s story of bringing Anna into our family, and we are trusting His perfect plan and timing to add another child. We know He […]

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  • Courtney Family Adoption

    Chase & Ashley Courtney
    Chase & Ashley Courtney Boerne, Texas

    We are so excited to announce that we are officially adopting!  We are teaming up with an organization called Faithful Adoption Consultants.  Before we even met, we both had a heart for adoption.  When we got married in 2008, we […]

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  • Jackson Family Adoption

    Ryan Jackson Matthews, North Carolina

    Hello! Our names are Ryan and Rachel Jackson. When we got married we desired to have many children, and after completing our masters programs, Rachel quickly became pregnant with Adalyn and had no complications with her pregnancy. Adalyn is a […]

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  • Rothrock International Adoption Journey

    Derek and Crystal Rothrock Kevil, Kentucky

    This summer, as Derek and I put our kids to bed, we encouraged them to pray for a sweet, precious, and feisty girl we had met. This young girl was here in the US through an international hosting program and […]

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  • Garmon Family- Back to Korea To Bring Home Sister

    Chad & Kimberly Garmon
    Chad & Kimberly Garmon Longwood, Florida

    Last October, God rocked our world when we received a call from the social worker that helped us with our 2014 adoption.  She asked if we would consider adopting the 6-month-old sister of our adopted son.  As the shock wore […]

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  • The Santos Family Burundi Adoption Journey

    Jordan & Brandi Santos
    Jordan & Brandi Santos Chattanooga, Tennessee

    Santos Family Burundi Adoption Journey Hi!  My name is Brandi, and I am married to an amazing man of God.  Jordan and I are college sweethearts that have enjoyed the perks of a slow burn towards love.  We have been […]

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  • Franje Adoption

    Mandy Franje Grimes, Iowa

    I was in a small group years ago where a couple adopted two children and that initially sparked something in me. Fast forward a couple of years and then I became involved in an orphanage on the board of directors. I […]

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  • The Loopstra International Adoption Journey

    Jonathan & Carol St. Paul, Minnesota

    The Beginnings of Our Adoption Journey Ever since our marriage in 2007, we have been considering adopting children, especially since we married later in life, and also because we wanted to pass on the blessing of a close-knit family with […]

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  • Bringing Baby West Home

    David & Laurel West Crowley, Texas

    We are David and Laurel West and we are following God’s call for our family to grow through adoption. Adoption has been on our heart to one degree or another for a few years now.  It’s something we talked and […]

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