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  • Larry & Jenna’s Adoption Journey

    Jenna DuBose
    Jenna DuBose Warsaw, Indiana

    Hi friends and family! You’ve likely heard that we’re adopting, but we’d like to also share a bit of our journey with you! It started back years before we were married, or even knew each other. Larry became interested in […]

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  • Franzen Family Fund

    Elizabeth Franzen
    Elizabeth Franzen Mundelein, Illinois

    We have exciting news! Lord willing, we, the Franzens, are going to adopt! Although we are blessed with our own biological children, there are so many more millions of children around the world in need of loving homes. We have […]

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  • We are adopting and need your help!

    Abby Morrison
    Abby Morrison

    How we got here… Even while dating and in the early days of our marriage, we were having conversations about adoption. Adoption has never been a question of “if,” but always “when?” However, what we didn’t see coming was our […]

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  • The Ames are Adopting

    Emily Ames Hoover, Alabama

    After years of prayer and consideration, we strongly feel God’s calling on our family to adopt! He has blessed us with two amazing kids, a home full of love, and an incredible community (thanks to YOU!).  And that’s why we […]

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  • The Hetricks Adopt From India, Again!

    Malea Hetrick University Heights, Ohio

    We are the Hetrick Family. I (Malea) am a single mom to Suma Joy, who was adopted from India in August 2018. We also have one small dog who is full of personality! Prior to Suma Joy’s adoption, I had […]

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  • The Langefelds are Adopting

    Elizabeth Langefeld
    Elizabeth Langefeld Raleigh, North Carolina

    We are Marc and Elizabeth, currently pursuing a domestic infant adoption. We discussed adoption as a possibility while dating, and in 2019, moved forward with our plan. We would love to become parents through the blessing of adoption. We are currently […]

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  • The Cullen Family Adoption Journey to India

    Blake and Elizabeth Cullen Cary, North Carolina

    Our adoption journey has been a slow and steady walk. God planted seeds for over ten years while we didn’t even realize the bigger story He was writing.  It started in October of 2011, when Blake and I walked into […]

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  • Help John & Caitlin Wojtasek Adopt!

    John Wojtasek
    John Wojtasek Littleton, Colorado

    Hello, We are John & Caitlin Wojtasek. It’s wonderful to meet you! We are inviting you to become a crucial part of our adoption story through your financial support. Because, in truth, this story is much bigger than just the […]

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  • Edwards Family Adoption

    Alex & Toni Edwards
    Alex & Toni Edwards Alexandria, Minnesota

    We’re adopting! Why? Here’s our story, the start of it anyway… We’ve seen God use ordinary couples to welcome children into their homes through adoption many times, but neither of us ever considered it could be a part of our story. […]

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  • Bringing Home Baby Presley

    Jalyn Presley
    Jalyn Presley Birmingham, Alabama

    We are Wes and Jalyn Presley and we are on a journey to grow our family through adoption. From the beginning of our relationship, we realized that both of us felt a calling to adopt but were not sure when the […]

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  • Justin & Nicole Willet’s Adoption

    Justin & Nicole Willet
    Justin & Nicole Willet Westminster, Maryland

    One thing we have always done and continue to do frequently is dream together. From early on in our dating relationship, we have always dreamed of what we hope for out of the life we have been building. When we […]

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  • Saunders’ Family Adoption Journey

    Brianna Saunders
    Brianna Saunders Katy, Texas

    We are Clark and Brianna. We’ve been married since October 2013. We love God, love life, and love each other. We discussed adoption when we first got married in 2013 but decided to try to grow our family biologically first. […]

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