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  • Domestic Adoption


    The Lord has provided a matching grant of $6,500 for our domestic adoption! For every dollar given up to that amount, it will be matched. Praise God for His faithfulness to us and our future child!    In 2019, we […]

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  • Rominger Family Thailand Adoption

    Ryan & Lindsey Rominger
    Ryan & Lindsey Rominger Fishers, Indiana

    Ryan and my journey toward adoption dates back to October 26, 2013–the day Ryan and I first met in Charlottesville, Virginia. Ryan and I met in college during our junior year of school. A dear, mutual friend of ours invited […]

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  • The Hanje Family’s Adoption

    Kiley Hanje
    Kiley Hanje Rochester, New York

    From the moment we were married, we talked about the potential for adoption. We have been Christians from a young age, and stewarding our lives and marriage to “father the fatherless” had always been a desire. Once we started having […]

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  • Let the Peoples Praise You! -McCullough Family Adoption

    Sally Beth McCullough Belden, Mississippi

    May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face to shine upon us, that your way may be known on earth, your saving power among all nations. Let the peoples praise you, O God; let all […]

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  • Growing Our Hearts and Family Through Adoption

    Bethany Noordmans
    Bethany Noordmans Sioux Falls, South Dakota

    Our journey so far   God placed the idea of adoption on our hearts early on in our lives. Initially, even before we were married or even met each other, we had individually considered adoption to be a great way […]

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  • Called to adopt

    Dusten Harward Cornelius, North Carolina

    Dusten and I have some exciting news to share that we want you to join in with us: We have begun the process of adopting a domestic infant through a local adoption agency! We feel like if we are going […]

    $2,002 of $4,000
    272 days left
  • Gregory Family Adoption

    Joel & Jessica
    Joel & Jessica Barberton, Ohio

    Hello, and thank you for visiting our page and prayerfully considering supporting us in our adoption journey. We believe wholeheartedly that God is leading us in this journey. We believe adoption is the heart of God. He adopts us as […]

    $32,212 of $40,000
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  • The Johnson’s become 10

    Aaron Johnson Duluth, Minnesota

    In the beautiful and serene landscapes of Northern Minnesota, there lived a loving couple named Aaron and Amy. Amy, at the age of 43, and Aaron, also 43, were blessed with four incredible children of their own. Their eldest was […]

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  • Neises Family’s Call to Adopt

    Kelsey Neises Franklin, Tennessee

    Are we overwhelmed? Excited? Prayerful? Wanting your partnership? YES! While all the above are true, we are ultimately so thrilled to be stepping into this process and know that God is preparing our hearts, minds and home to welcome a […]

    $8,599 of $12,000
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  • Cambron Adoption

    Abbi Cambron Decatur, Alabama

    We have desired to adopt since before we were married, and early in our marriage, we discussed the desire to adopt at some point. We didn’t know exactly what that would look like for us, or when we would pursue […]

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  • Where God Guides, He Provides


    We have always been excited at the thought of adoption, having heard the stories of many friends who are adopted, and having ourselves received the greatest family through adoption, the Church. While we longed for the privilege of raising godly […]

    $4,865 of $20,000
    297 days left
  • Four Adoptions in Five years!

    Erin Corash Walsenburg, Colorado

    Our family is a chosen family, grafted together from many trees to make one beautiful tree. We have four kiddos in our family, L, H, E, and our new little baby M. With grateful hearts we are pleased to say we […]

    $3,150 of $14,000
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