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  • Price Family Adopts Again!!

    Katie Price McKinney, Texas

    Thank you for taking the time to visit our page and read about our family’s next great adventure! We were so blessed to bring Lewis and Piper home in 2017 and we have watched God’s redemptive plan play out in […]

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  • Felder Family Adoption

    Brittney Felder
    Brittney Felder MADISON, Mississippi

    I, Brittney, have a very clear memory of being in preschool playing with the baby dolls, complete with a toddler kitchen and doll bed, and remember thinking one day when I’m older I’ll have this baby that I’ve adopted to […]

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  • The Galloway’s Adoption Story

    Denise Galloway
    Denise Galloway Cary, North Carolina

    Jason and I have wanted to adopt for several years now. Initially we considered adopting domestically, but decided it wasn’t the route we should take, so we considered international adoption. After several weeks of research, we decided to move forward […]

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  • One More in Boutopia!

    Boutot Poquoson, Virginia

    Why would a busy family with four biological children pursue adoption? Our story begins nearly a decade ago when we were a young married couple desperately wanting children. Back then it was hard to celebrate when friends and family announced […]

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  • Baby Chapman Adoption Fund

    Holly Chapman
    Holly Chapman Sachse, Texas

    Our journey to become parents has definitely been an adventure already!  We found a domestic infant adoption agency in Texas that we have partnered with to help bring our baby home. Our biggest hesitation in beginning this journey is how […]

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  • Growing Our Family

    Ruth Shuler
    Ruth Shuler Upatoi, Georgia

    Dear friends and family….Over the course of the past 12 months, God has guided us down the path towards adopting a newborn child.  “He” laid this on both of our hearts and brought us together with peace on adopting through […]

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  • Adopting! – Our next great adventure

    Faimola Guerrero
    Faimola Guerrero Brookhaven, Georgia

    God is calling us to change a life! Season’s Greetings! My son and I are on another great adventure! We have partnered with the Morgan Hill Children’s Foundation (MOHIC) in Lagos, Nigeria to adopt a little girl. Already, we’ve sacrificed […]

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  • The Chelians are Adopting from Thailand!

    Abby Chelian San Jose, California

    We are excited to announce that we are in the process of adopting a little one from Thailand! When I (Abby) was a child, my parents took me and my sister on a missions trip to Thailand, and I visited […]

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  • Pray – Hope – Love – Adopt

    Kendall Heenehan
    Kendall Heenehan Tyler, Texas

    Thank you for visiting our page and caring to know our adoption story! We have been awarded a $3,000 matching grant from Karis Adoption Fund, administered by Lifesong for Orphans! We are so grateful for this gift and grateful to […]

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  • Rieger Family Adoption

    Jessica Rieger
    Jessica Rieger Leola, Pennsylvania

    We are TJ, Jess, Blake, and Malcolm Rieger from Lancaster, PA. We are very excited to be in the process of adoption from South Korea. We are currently waiting for a match, which should happen by this coming spring. TJ […]

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  • Waiting for Haiti Baby

    Sarah Best
    Sarah Best OWENSBORO, Kentucky

    If you would have asked us ten years ago what our life would look like today this is not what we would have pictured at all. We never dreamed that we would not one day be pregnant and have our […]

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  • Friddle’s Finding Our Missing Piece

    Rodney & Megan Friddle
    Rodney & Megan Friddle Murphy, Texas

    We have some amazing news to share…WE’RE ADOPTING a BABY and we’re so excited to finally become parents!  Some of you already know, 2016 was a difficult year for us. We started off the year as foster parents to a […]

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