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  • Rick & Melissa’s Adoption Journey

    Rick Reiter Herndon, Virginia

    We are so excited to tell you… we’re adopting! Lots of families get to post cute announcements letting friends and family know they’re expecting. And in similar fashion we’re excited to let you know that we’re expecting to adopt a […]

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  • Adoption #4

    =Aaron Winter Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Friends & Family- we are excited to announce that we are adopting again! We have been so richly blessed by adoption already in the form of the three beautiful kids we get to call our children. This particular adoption journey […]

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  • Reames Family Adoption

    Zach Reames
    Zach Reames Clarksville, Tennessee

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read our story. We are the Reames family. My husband, Zach, is a medic in the Army and I am a stay at home mom. We married in 2007 and have […]

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  • Etsebeth Family Adoption – Bringing Anya Home!

    Hannah Etsebeth Fort Worth, Texas

    We are an international family and international adoption has been on our hearts since 2001. When we were married in 2011 we quickly learned that we shared the desire to grow our family through adoption. With two fun, energetic, and […]

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  • Our faith journey to adopt our two children!

    Karen Holden
    Karen Holden Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

    We had a plan for what our lives would look like.  We thought we knew.  But God had other ideas for us, things we never imagined.  See, we were high school sweethearts, married at a young age and had a […]

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  • Stowers Adoption

    Charissa Stowers Oakland, California

    We have felt called to adoption since before we were married, and we are thrilled to take the steps toward bringing a little one into our lives. We are so honored to have received a matching grant from The Fellowship […]

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  • The Slavik Family Sibling Adoption

    Jon and Debbie Slavik
    Jon and Debbie Slavik SAINT CROIX FALLS, Wisconsin

    We are so excited to report that Lifesong for Orphans has just generously awarded us a matching grant of $3000!  That means that any donation up to $3000 will be matched by Lifesong for Orphans!   Not all are called […]

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  • Scollan Family Adoption

    Patricia Scollan
    Patricia Scollan Kennesaw, Georgia

    Without going into too many details, when I went to the doctor last year I mentioned that I was dating someone that I knew I wanted to have children with. She said because of my age I needed to do […]

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  • Celebrating Grace

    Bryan and Erin Cromwell Fort Wayne, Indiana

    Early in our dating days (before even discussing marriage), we learned we were both passionate about adopting our future children. We had a wonderful love story, which led to our beautiful wedding, then led to our adventures as husband and […]

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  • Kowatch Adoption Journey

    Casey Kowatch
    Casey Kowatch Waxahachie, Texas

    We are excited to announce that we are adopting! Many of you know that our desire to adopt began long before we ever met. From the beginning of our relationship, we had a deep desire to have both biological and […]

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  • Cassil Family Adoption

    Jessica Cassil Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    Hello Friends and Family, We write to you with GREAT joy and expectation in our hearts! Many of you know by now that we are adopting a little girl from China! This decision has been a long time coming, as […]

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  • Baker Adoption Story

    Austin Baker
    Austin Baker Atlanta, Georgia

    If we were to get into a time machine and travel back to this exact time a year ago, children were not even on the radar. Christine and I were pretty content with our simple lives. We were halfway through […]

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