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  • The Bakers Are Adopting!

    Greg Baker
    Greg Baker Des Moines, Iowa

    The Bakers are adopting! We were married on June 3, 2012. We dreamed of beginning a life together and raising a family in the Lord. Our first few years of marriage went great. Though we greatly wanted a family, we […]

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  • Bring Our Boy Home

    Kristin Mooney
    Kristin Mooney Taylorsville, Kentucky

    Matt and I have four children, and even after the fourth was born we never thought we were finished having children.  Every other mom kept telling me “you will know” and I just couldn’t figure out what God wanted for us. Adoption […]

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  • My heart started for adoption when I was 14 yrs old

    Sarah Steinhauer
    Sarah Steinhauer Spring Hill, Tennessee

    Hi my name is Sarah and My Adoption story started on a mission trip to Romania when I was 14 yrs old, 1993. I visited a couple of orphanages and I knew at that time I would adopt one day. […]

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  • Our Adoption Story

    Kelsey Merrill Ada, Michigan

    We have always talked about one day expanding our family through adoption and just didn’t know when that would be. For Kelsey, having two adopted sisters, the seed to adopt was planted in her childhood. Drew knew this was a […]

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  • Our Down Syndrome Adoption Story

    Ellen Sanazaro
    Ellen Sanazaro St. Louis, Missouri

    A little over three years ago, we received what we thought was the worst news imaginable. Our doctor called to inform us that Rosalie’s prenatal genetic testing had identified an extra chromosome in her DNA. With this extra chromosome would come […]

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  • Aimee and Patrick’ Adoption journey

    Aimee Esslinger
    Aimee Esslinger Grabill, Indiana

    Aimee and Patrick have always wanted to adopt.  Aimee was adopted as a 7 year old, was very blessed by it, and knew God planted adoption in her heart from a young age.  When we got engaged, we talked about […]

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  • The Crowe’s are Adopting a Haitian Baby Boy!!!

    Stephanie Crowe Bowling Green, Kentucky

    Even before my wife and I were married almost ten years ago we had discussed adoption. It did not take long for us to agree that we eventually wanted to pursue it.  The initial conversation was prompted by another family […]

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  • #BringHomeBabyJ

    Joshua & Amanda Coleman
    Joshua & Amanda Coleman Summerdale, Alabama

    Why adoption? Many people have asked us why we decided to adopt. We have always felt that some one was missing from our family and have entertained the idea of international adoption for many years. In October 2018, we decided […]

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  • DeMien Family Adoption Journey

    Jason DeMien Goshen, Indiana

    DeMien Family Adoption Journey Dear Family and Friends, Over the past three years God has called us to adopt and given us a heart for adoption.   In the early stages of our marriage, we discussed how amazing it would be […]

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  • The Seguritan Family is adopting!

    Amanda & Chris Seguritan Santa Clara, California

    We are Chris & Amanda Seguritan and we have been hoping to expand our family ever since the summer of 2013, but God has had other plans for us. We discovered we were unable to have biological children due to […]

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  • Ball Family Adoption!

    Ball Irving, Texas

    We are adopting from Korea! Yep, that’s right. And we are very excited. Even before we were married, we both knew individually that we had a heart and desire to adopt from Asia. In fact, that was one of our […]

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  • A Story of Hope: Josh and Sherry Adopts

    Josh and Sherry
    Josh and Sherry

    Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance in what we don’t see. Hebrews 1:11 Hope is what we felt when we held the positive pregnancy test in our hands. Our hearts racing while we envisioned what life […]

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