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  • The Nichols Are Adopting!

    Sharon Nichols
    Sharon Nichols Birmingham, Alabama

    The Nichols Adoption Journey 9/21/2020 Update: Our completed dossier has been sent to Kyrgyzstan for translation and will then go to the central authority for review and approval! We are getting so much closer to bringing home our child! Hello, […]

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  • Will & Shannon are adopting!

    Will and Shannon Middleton
    Will and Shannon Middleton Burlington, North Carolina

    Hello! We are Will and Shannon Middleton, a North Carolina couple who are hoping to adopt domestically.   We’ve had adoption in our prayers and conversations for many, many years. We discussed it when we were dating as teenagers, even […]

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  • Deemer China Adoption

    James Deemer Auburn, Indiana

    Dear Family and Friends, Lyndsi and I have always tried to plan out what we thought our lives would look like. We thought we knew. But God has had other ideas for us, things we never imagined. Lyndsi and I […]

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  • Booker Adoption Journey

    Hannah Booker
    Hannah Booker High Point, North Carolina

    We are the Bookers. Paul, Hannah, and Evelyn. Welcome to our adoption journey.  We appreciate you taking the time to even look at our page and show interest in what the Lord is doing in our life and, above all […]

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  • Little Chinesse Girl Adopting PARENTS and a Sister!!!!!

    Miguel Cruz Las Vegas, Nevada

    Since before we got married there was already a desire in us towards adoption, since my wife volunteered at an orphanage in Mexico and my brother and my sister in law were also volunteering at another orphanage; when my wife […]

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  • Our Adoption Story

    Prentiss Morris
    Prentiss Morris Madison, Mississippi

    (From the perspective of the Father) To all of our friends and family and anyone else who came across our page – here is our story! As many of you already know, we are adopting.  This is not something that […]

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  • Foss Family Adoption

    Sage Foss
    Sage Foss Bozeman, Montana

    The three of us, Eric, Sage, and Jasper, currently make up the Foss family, and how excited we are to add two more to our tribe. We know there are two children that God has ordained for us to bring […]

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  • Otte Adoption Story

    Robin Otte Florence, Alabama

    11 years ago, I was grieving. I just had my 2nd miscarriage after several unsuccessful attempts to conceive.  I was so desperate to have a child. Up to this point, everything in my life had gone according to my plans. […]

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  • Ten Years+ Long… But This Is God’s Story

    Lydia Leggett
    Lydia Leggett Canon City, Colorado

    Update: We have been blessed with a $4,500.00 matching grant from Lifesong for Orphans. That means that every $1.00 you donate becomes $2.00 toward this adventure of bringing the Littlest Leggett home. To those who gave through our other crowdfunding page, before […]

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  • Pressnell Family Adoption

    Steve Pressnell Indianapolis, Indiana

    ANNOUNCEMENT! We have BEEN CHOSEN TO adopt a baby in two weeks!      Can you financially help us increase our adoption funds with a matching grant of $4,000 available to us? Friends & Family,      We are thrilled […]

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  • Bringing home a son from Taiwan

    Newenhisen Wadsworth, Ohio

    “I am chosen, not forsaken, I am who You say I am,” we sing to God on Sunday mornings.  What a wonderful truth, that God created us in His own image, and loves us dearly!  If we believe this truth […]

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  • 5 to 8: The Littleton Family is Traveling Soon!

    Dane Littleton
    Dane Littleton Cleveland, Ohio

    Thank you so much for visiting us here.  If you were involved in our first adoption, you know we just cannot keep up with blogging! There are just not enough hours in the day for us as a family of […]

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