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  • Our Hungarian Love Story

    Chelsea Prescott Westbrook, Maine

    Hello Family and Friends,  The Prescott family is growing! We’re excited to announce that we’re adopting from the country of Hungary!!! We hope to adopt siblings (Chelsea is praying for twins so they can be the same age) in the […]

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  • Adopting Baby Mango

    Kait & Jonathan
    Kait & Jonathan McCordsville, Indiana

    Family and Friends–it is surreal that you are even reading our story, really. We have been talking about adoption since our first date! And years later, we are on the brink of becoming parents. God has taught us a lot […]

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  • The Journey to Baby Gray 2.0

    David and Ashley Gray
    David and Ashley Gray Lumberton, Mississippi

    We are the Gray family- David, Ashley and Matthew!  David is a pastor and Ashley is a social worker who previously worked in foster care and adoption for 12 years. Matthew is a very active little boy who is ready […]

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  • Our Adoption Story

    Prentiss Morris
    Prentiss Morris Madison, Mississippi

    (From the perspective of the Father) To all of our friends and family and anyone else who came across our page – here is our story! As many of you already know, we are adopting.  This is not something that […]

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  • Another Punkin’ Dunkin’

    Shevin Duncan Allen, Texas

    Thank you so much for visiting our page and for your interest in our adoption journey. We will be adopting a beautiful, squishy baby through Gladney’s domestic infant adoption program. We do not know boy or girl at this point, […]

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  • Stowers Adoption

    Charissa Stowers Austin, Texas

    We have felt called to adoption since before we were married, and we are thrilled to take the steps toward bringing a little one into our lives. We are so honored to have received a matching grant from The Fellowship […]

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  • This is a story of a boy…

    Jeffrey Bergquist Maryville, Tennessee

    Dear Family and Friends, We are so excited about continuing the process of adoption for Josiah! As many of you know, this has been a long process. On 12/20/16, Jeff’s nurse, Kelli, came down the hall and said to Jeff, […]

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  • Dunn Family Adoption


    Hello there!! We are the Dunns. It is with heavy hearts that we announce our 3rd failed adoption.  We cannot express how often this process has brought us to our knees and how many tears have been shed over this […]

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  • Larson Family Adoption Journey

    Kara Larson
    Kara Larson Peoria Heights, Illinois

    I, Kara, grew up with an older biological sister and two younger adopted brothers. Before I married, I just knew adoption would be apart of our family as well. I believed it would be similar to my childhood. After the […]

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  • Dorigos adoption story – From 3 to 6

    Andrea and McKenzie Dorigo
    Andrea and McKenzie Dorigo Wilmington, North Carolina

    Our adoption journey began in 2009 with a short term mission trip to Kenya. We went with our church Port City to visit an orphanage they helped to build many years ago. God was growing a desire in us for […]

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  • Dorn Adoption – Amor Sin Limites

    Tiffani Dorn
    Tiffani Dorn Newark, Ohio

    I don’t know when the desire to adopt for me began, but I feel like it was always there. Even though I have lived in the same area my whole life, there has been wanderlust in my mind and heart and […]

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  • Help Brad and Amy Tankersley adopt!

    Amy Tankersley
    Amy Tankersley Phenix City, Alabama

    We are Brad and Amy Tankersley. We have been blessed with two wonderful children but have been called by God to grow our family through adoption. We have finished our home studies and we are now waiting on the child […]

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