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  • Ford Adoption Journey

    Kamie Ford Ardmore, Oklahoma

    Caring for orphans became a priority for each of us in our early adult years, before we met and married. We came to believe that to live in obedience to the Lord meant to care for orphans. Soon after we married, […]

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  • Growing in Grace – Navigating the Adoption Journey

    Rebecca GROVETOWN, Georgia

    Becca, here! It’s amazing to see how prominent adoption has been in both our lives even from a very early age. As kids, we were directly impacted by adoptees: Nate was raised with one and I was raised by one! Adoption […]

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  • Help Bring Home Little Mikel (#OperationCALM)

    Liz Mikel Bloomington, Illinois

    Hi! We’re David & Liz Mikel. We’re in our mid-twenties, have been married for two years, and have for years had a heart for orphans. We always planned to have adoption be part of our family story, but we originally thought […]

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  • Weaver Family Adoption

    Eric and Connie Weaver Lancaster, Pennsylvania

    We have BIG news! We are in the process of adopting a child from Colombia! We are beyond excited and are doing everything we can to be faithful and ready as we walk this journey. As part of our adoption […]

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  • Maxwell Adoption

    Kasee Maxwell
    Kasee Maxwell Headland, Alabama

    Hey everyone! We are Higgins and Kasee, thank you for checking out our story. We have been married for almost 7 years and have always dreamed of a big family. We both discussed adoption/fostering before we were even married, and […]

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  • Little Faces – Powell Family Adoption

    Kristi Powell
    Kristi Powell Goshen, Kentucky

    Before Mason and I met, we individually desired to adopt. We even talked about it on our second date. After we married in 2016, we prayed that God would grow our family biologically, and planned to pursue adoption down the […]

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  • Kanagy Family Adoption

    Kelly Kanagy
    Kelly Kanagy Belleville, Pennsylvania

    Tyler and I met and fell in love in 2012 while working at a therapeutic wilderness camp for boys.  We got married  almost 2 years later and continued working at the camp together.  Our eyes were opened to the world […]

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  • Doing the Lord’s Work

    Cate Bryan
    Cate Bryan Waukee, Iowa

    Dear Friends and Family,Over a decade ago, God set us out on a journey as husband and wife. During that time, we have grown to love one another and Christ more every day. Today, we would like to include you […]

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  • The Stevens Family Adopts

    Stevens Bowling Green, Kentucky

      We are Jacob and Cara Stevens. Along with our daughters Elisabeth (3) and Abigail (1), we live in Porto, Portugal where we serve as missionaries. Before marriage, God had put the desire to adopt “one day” in our hearts, […]

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  • Townsend Family Adoption from South Korea

    Rachel Townsend
    Rachel Townsend Kountze, Texas

    He’s been working in our hearts for a long time. We were walking hand in hand down the sidewalk in a quiet neighborhood in Dallas. Sunset was near and a cool breeze hung in the air, (perfect strolling weather). It was […]

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  • Williams Family Adoption

    Elizabeth Williams Evansville, Indiana

    We are the Williams.  Phillip and I met in 2011, and got married in May of 2013.  We wanted to wait a few years before trying for children.  I had an overactive thyroid, and my doctor wanted us to wait […]

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  • Why Don’t You Do Something

    Jennifer Maitland GREENVILLE, South Carolina

    I am a single mom with two adopted daughters and thought we were set as a family.  But I felt a real conviction when I heard the words that were “why don’t you do something” as a request to God.  […]

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