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  • Miller Family – Olena & Oakley’s Adoption

    Kathleen Miller
    Kathleen Miller Hedgesville, West Virginia

    When Scott saw a post about hosting orphans he knew God wanted us to do it. I thought he was crazy, but I quickly got on board. In just 8 short weeks we were hosting 15 year old Lena for the summer.  Lena is an orphan […]

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  • We’re adopting a baby!

    Wendy Rhea
    Wendy Rhea Arlington, Tennessee

    We are adopting a newborn baby from the US!  We have been called by God to provide a home for a child who could have been aborted or placed in foster care.  Many of you may not know that domestic […]

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  • Ford Adoption Journey

    Kamie Ford Ardmore, Oklahoma

    Caring for orphans became a priority for each of us in our early adult years, before we met and married. We came to believe that to live in obedience to the Lord meant to care for orphans. Soon after we married, […]

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  • Bringing Home Matthias’ Brother or Sister

    Johnie Karr London, Kentucky

    As you may know, adoption-related costs can easily total up to $35,000 or more. We are taking advantage of tax credits and grants and special adoption loans as we can, but we have also started this fundraiser as part of […]

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  • The Haupts: Bringing Home Our Littlest One

    Charlton and Naomi Haupt
    Charlton and Naomi Haupt Berthoud, Colorado

    Our story, our story, our story… It’s a little hard to explain a story that has run deeply through many years, on many levels. Adoption has basically been on our radar from the beginning, and to be at the point […]

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  • Becoming 12 – Growing the Brown Family

    Gene and Erin Brown Royston, Georgia

    The Brown family is growing! We are excited to be on this journey of Becoming 12 as we hope and work towards adopting two beautiful teen siblings from Ukraine. Even with out already large brood (of 8) we had planned on […]

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  • We are adopting again!

    Kristen Money
    Kristen Money Fort Valley, Georgia

    Hello Friends and Family! We are so excited to be on this adoption journey again! We had such a wonderful experience with Covenant Care the first time and we are abundantly blessed to have Kara as our daughter, that we […]

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  • 5 to 8: The Littleton Family is Growing!

    Dane Littleton
    Dane Littleton Bay village, Ohio

    Thank you so much for visiting us here.  If you were involved in our first adoption, you know we just cannot keep up with blogging! There are just not enough hours in the day for us as a family of […]

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  • Fennells Adopting from The Philippines

    Laura Fennell
    Laura Fennell Fort Wayne, Indiana

    The Fennells are adopting (AGAIN)! We’ve know for a while now that we would adopt a second child. Over the past year, we’ve been able to sort through the when, what and where that adoption might look like for us. […]

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  • Franje Adoption

    Mandy Franje Grimes, Iowa

    I was in a small group years ago where a couple adopted two children and that initially sparked something in me. Fast forward a couple of years and then I became involved in an orphanage on the board of directors. I […]

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  • For the Love of a Life – We Choose Adoption!

    Erika Saladino
    Erika Saladino Falls Church, Virginia

      The miracle of life and the chance to raise an adopted child is so dear to our hearts.  We cannot wait for the honor and blessing of investing our lives into another little child, and John and I are overjoyed to […]

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  • We’re one month from adopting RYAN’S biological sibling!

    Hunter Gilstrap Monroeville, Pennsylvania

    Recently we were awarded matching fundraising grants from both our church, Northway Christian Community, and Gregory’s Gift via Life Song for Orphans.  We applied for financial assistance through Lifesong because we are still pretty far from our goal of $55,000 […]

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