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  • Growing our family through adoption

    Jen Booth
    Jen Booth Columbia, South Carolina

    We are excited to announce that we are growing our family through adoption! We have partnered with Lifeline Children’s Services to pursue domestic adoption. We’ve completed our homestudy process, and we’re awaiting being matched. Even from our dating years (yes, […]

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  • Johnson Family Adoption

    Anaely Johnson
    Anaely Johnson Rossville, Georgia

    A Crib and Some Paint Cans My husband put this crib together almost 5 years ago. I was VERY pregnant at the time with our son Justus and we were elated to be able to decorate a room that would […]

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  • We’re adopting from South Korea!

    Han Shim Great Mills, Maryland

    (EDIT: Thank you all for helping us reach our fundraising goal!) Hello from Han and Eui! We are very excited to announce that we are adopting a boy from South Korea!  It was always our desire to have children and […]

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  • Bringing “Promise” Home-adopting from China

    Kate St Louis, Missouri

    I’m Kate C. In 2009, I adopted my daughter, Lexi, from Russia. She was 6 1/2 years old. Lexi is an amazing daughter–loving, tender-hearted, brave and loyal–who gladdens my heart each and every day. I began to feel that our […]

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  • Bringing Home Baby Bull- Adoption Journey

    Stacey Bull
    Stacey Bull Alabaster, Alabama

    Who We Are We are John and Stacey Bull.  We have been married for 5.5 years!  We have 2 dogs.  We have always wanted children and can’t wait to become parents. Why We Are Adopting As most married couples do, […]

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  • Bringing Home Baby Catron

    Lindsey Catron
    Lindsey Catron Richmond, Kentucky

    Hello! We are Rex and Lindsey Catron, and we are adopting our bundle(s) of joy! When Lindsey was three years old, she was diagnosed with epilepsy. She has been through so much in her life, but has always been so […]

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  • Davis Adoption

    JESSICA DAVIS Columbus, Ohio

    Our family has had a heart for caring for vulnerable and at risk children long before we began pursuing adoption. We both have experienced the grace and love of Jesus and being adopted into God’s family, and we see adoption […]

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  • Doing the Lord’s Work

    Cate Bryan
    Cate Bryan Waukee, Iowa

    Dear Friends and Family,Over a decade ago, God set us out on a journey as husband and wife. During that time, we have grown to love one another and Christ more every day. Today, we would like to include you […]

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  • Kirkman Family Adoption #2!

    Bethany Kirkman Charlestown, Indiana

    Thank you for considering being a part of our adoption journey! Our hope is that you get to know us and support us through your prayers as we are so excited to extend our family by adopting again from China! […]

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  • The Langefelds are Adopting

    Elizabeth Langefeld
    Elizabeth Langefeld Raleigh, North Carolina

    We are Marc and Elizabeth, currently pursuing a domestic infant adoption. We discussed adoption as a possibility while dating, and in 2019, moved forward with our plan. We would love to become parents through the blessing of adoption. We are currently […]

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  • Trusting Through the Waiting

    Andy Miller Sioux Falls, South Dakota

    Our journey of wanting to grow our family began in May of 2015. Even before this, there was a desire to adopt a child at some point in our lives in addition to conceiving naturally. In the last six years, […]

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  • Our Adoption Story

    Prentiss Morris
    Prentiss Morris Madison, Mississippi

    (From the perspective of the Father) To all of our friends and family and anyone else who came across our page – here is our story! As many of you already know, we are adopting.  This is not something that […]

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