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  • Daughters of the King Retreat

    Lifesong for Orphans
    Lifesong for Orphans Gridley, Illinois

    As you heard in the video above, our girls at Lifesong School Zambia come from a culture where women are often abused and devalued.  Our heart and prayer is that each girl could discover their true identity in Christ, ultimately living as Daughters […]

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  • The Friesen Family Adoption Story

    Natalie Friesen Ferndale, Washington

    Natalie first became interested in adoption in 5th grade when she read the book, The Family Nobody Wanted about a couple that adopted several special needs children from around the world. She decided then that she would adopt 20! Well, […]

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  • Bringing Bella Home!

    Frick Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    When we brought our second child home, we started on a new journey as parents to a wonderful little girl born with Prader-Willi Syndrome.  God asked us to step out in faith and adopt Chloe and He has provided every step […]

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  • Our Colombian Princess – Gebhardt Adoption

    Adam Gebhardt
    Adam Gebhardt Wexford, Pennsylvania

    UPDATE:  After much consideration and prayer, we have decided to switch our country of adoption from Haiti to Colombia.  We have found a beautiful Colombian princess that we are working diligently to bring home!  Please consider supporting our efforts to […]

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  • Kowatch Adoption Journey

    Casey Kowatch
    Casey Kowatch Waxahachie, Texas

    We are excited to announce that we are adopting! Many of you know that our desire to adopt began long before we ever met. From the beginning of our relationship, we had a deep desire to have both biological and […]

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  • We believe in miracles- Our journey to adopt

    Alfredo & Wendy Gonzalez Linden, New Jersey

    Thank you for visiting our page!  We are honored that you have decided to be part of our adoption journey. Those of you who know us, you know we LOVE children!  We have been trying to build our family ever […]

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  • The Odens Adopt Again

    Shanda Oden Adams, Oklahoma

    We are so happy to share that we have a $3500 matching grant from the Karis Adoption Fund, administered by Lifesong. All donations up to $3500 will be matched, so your money is doubled! Here is our story… A few […]

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  • Raise Up the Next Generation of Leaders in Haiti

    Lifesong for Orphans
    Lifesong for Orphans Gridley, Illinois

    50% of children in Haiti do not attend school. Why? 90% of the schools are private, overcrowded, and charge high fees families cannot afford. So children grow up without education and hope for a bright future. Many grow up without hearing the Gospel. […]

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  • Loving Lucy

    Brad Cook
    Brad Cook Lacey, Washington

    Our adoption journey began on the first mission trip that we took together in 1999 to Romania. At the time, we were pregnant with our second child, and we visited an orphanage for the first time. This experience changed our […]

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  • God’s Perfect Timing

    Sara Kerns
    Sara Kerns Aurora, Colorado

    As many of you may know, we were matched with a birth mother who was due with a baby boy around Christmas 2017. A few days before his arrival, the birth mom changed her mind. We were devastated, but knew […]

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  • Ethiopian Adoption

    Ross Crenshaw Crestwood, Kentucky

    We started the adoption process about six years ago. We desired to start a family, and, after much prayer and consideration, we chose to adopt from Ethiopia. Through the years the process and laws changed. We received a referral (match) the […]

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  • Our Adoption Journey

    Nathan & Jessica Sorensen
    Nathan & Jessica Sorensen Greeley, Colorado

    When Nathan was 5 years old, he was diagnosed with Lymphoblastic lymphoma; a type of cancer of the blood and bone marrow that affects white blood cells. After several year of battling cancer with the aid of chemotherapy he was […]

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