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  • Isla’s Adoption

    Joy Turner Mt Pleasant, South Carolina

    Hi friends, Our family has come together through adoption over the last 10 years. My oldest daughters were born in Uganda and we became a family when they were 4 and 7 years old. My next daughter was born in […]

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  • We Are Adopting!

    Mario & Cynthia
    Mario & Cynthia LA, California

    We have BIG news… we’re adopting a child! This has been a long time coming for us, almost 15 years to be exact. One of our greatest desires is to be parents to a child of our own. We are […]

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  • Wilson Adoption: The Sequel

    Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson Redmond, Washington

    After waiting in the adoption process for 4 years, we adopted our son, Felix, this past March. In June, we got an unexpected phone call informing us that his birth mom is pregnant and has decided to place this child […]

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  • Help us adopt from Kyrgyzstan!

    Hannah Thorson Edinburg, North Dakota

    Our adoption story started on February 14th, 2015. We were engaged to be married and excited about the adventures ahead. I (Hannah) for Valentine’s Day gave James a card. Inside the card was $100 and a small note that wrote “let’s […]

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  • Jackson Family Adoption

    Christy Jackson
    Christy Jackson Plano, Texas

    We are the Jacksons…Spencer, Christy, and Haston!  We’ve always dreamed of having a big family and the Lord has made it clear that adoption is the right next step for us to grow our family and promote Haston to big […]

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  • The Story We’ll Tell

    Chris Strano Charleston, South Carolina

    When we first met, we knew that we both had longing desires to be parents. We longed to teach, to love, and to raise children of God, creating our own little family built on a strong foundation. One night, prior […]

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  • Kuhner Adoption: The Sequel!

    Michelle Kuhner
    Michelle Kuhner MENDON, New York

    We are so pleased to announce to family and friends that we will be welcoming another baby boy into our family through adoption! We are speedily getting ready, as ‘Baby Boy Kuhner’ is due on October 16th (but may come any day now) – we […]

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  • Adding to the Nulls: Our Adoption Journey

    Joshua & Paige Null
    Joshua & Paige Null East Petersburg, Pennsylvania

    Hi friends & family, The secret’s out – We are adopting! Josh and I will be married 7 years in August and together 12 years this month. We couldn’t ask for a better way to celebrate our dating anniversary than sharing […]

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  • Our journey to Colombia to bring our child home!

    Sarah Fitzgerald
    Sarah Fitzgerald Birmingham, Alabama

    One of our favorite things to share is how God has given us a heart together for adoption since the beginning, and how our desire to adopt is totally Spirit-led. When Sarah was a little girl, she had a vision […]

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  • Baby Dennis Adoption

    Alex Dennis Manhiem, Pennsylvania

              Over the last year, we began to wonder and pray whether God was still calling us to adopt.  As I began to pray and research adoption, God began to arouse a passion within me. I […]

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  • The Mehta Adoption Journey

    Katherine Mehta Cary, North Carolina

    Hi Friends, Family, and Supporters! We are the Mehta family – Samir, Katherine, Rowen, Kinley, and Leland – and we are so excited to share with you that we will be growing our family through international adoption from India.  We […]

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