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  • Adopting from India!

    Heike Wilson Cincinnati, Ohio

    We are Zach & Heike Wilson from Cincinnati, Ohio. We visited India in 2017 and felt called to adopt.  We are so excited to be on this journey to adopt from India! Adoption is expensive – the approximate cost to […]

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  • Bring Our Boy Home

    Kristin Mooney
    Kristin Mooney Taylorsville, Kentucky

    Matt and I have four children, and even after the fourth was born we never thought we were finished having children.  Every other mom kept telling me “you will know”. I never felt like I “knew”, but I just couldn’t figure out […]

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  • Otte Adoption Story

    Robin Otte Florence, Alabama

    11 years ago, I was grieving. I just had my 2nd miscarriage after several unsuccessful attempts to conceive.  I was so desperate to have a child. Up to this point, everything in my life had gone according to my plans. […]

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  • James 1:17- Barton’s Adoption Journey

    Ben and Kelsey Barton Delta, Ohio

    Roughly nine years ago, we were sitting in church. On this particular day it was Sanctity of Life Sunday.  Our pastor’s sermon was on adoption. At this time, we were engaged and to be married in early summer. The topic […]

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  • Bringing T Home

    Jennifer Garity
    Jennifer Garity Racine, Wisconsin

    Our adoption journey began in 2013, when our eyes were opened to the global orphan crisis. We had Jacob and James at the time and thought our family was “perfect”. God had a different plan. We started to question what […]

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  • Beautiful in Time – The Echols Adopt from Colombia

    Keith Echols
    Keith Echols KENNESAW, Georgia

      Welcome friends and family! Thank you for joining us on our journey to adopt from Colombia! We have been awarded a $5000 matching grant from the Johnson Ferry Baptist Church adoption fund which is administered by Lifesong for Orphans. […]

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  • Foss Family Adoption

    Sage Foss
    Sage Foss Bozeman, Montana

    The three of us, Eric, Sage, and Jasper, currently make up the Foss family, and how excited we are to add another little boy to our home. We know there is a little boy that God has ordained for us […]

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  • Ammon Adoption

    Alexis Ammon
    Alexis Ammon Louisville, Kentucky

    Welcome to our adoption fundraising page! Lexi and I have been married since August 2015 and have both had a strong desire to adopt for many years. Prior to meeting each other, both of us had separate experiences working in […]

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  • Ok, God Im listening….

    Denise Champion Irondale, Alabama

    It was after the death of my husband, I felt this call to adopt a little boy with Down syndrome. I was a widow, raising a little boy with cerebral palsy. Looking back on that time, I put that call […]

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  • Ford Adoption Journey

    Kamie Ford Ardmore, Oklahoma

    Caring for orphans became a priority for each of us in our early adult years, before we met and married. We came to believe that to live in obedience to the Lord meant to care for orphans. Soon after we married, […]

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  • The Smith Tribe’s Adoption Adventure

    Elizabeth Smith Columbus, Ohio

    Hello!! We are Jason and Elizabeth Smith, and our family is so excited to be adopting from Uganda. The call to adopt began years ago for us. Before we were even engaged we talked about adopting and planned to do […]

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  • Open hands

    Emily Holliday
    Emily Holliday Auburn, Indiana

    Hi! Thanks for joining us on our adoption adventure to bring home our baby girl 🙂 All of the donations go towards the expenses involved in domestic adoption. What are some of those expenses? The largest portion are the legal […]

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