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  • Help the Borcks Bring Home a Baby!

    Tom & Ashley
    Tom & Ashley Springfield, Virginia

    We have exciting news! We are adopting! Last year we began the journey of growing our family through domestic adoption. This has long been on our hearts, and we eagerly anticipate the moment when we finally can bring a baby into […]

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  • The Steiner’s Haiti Adoption

    Stacy Steiner
    Stacy Steiner Crown Point, Indiana

    We believe the Lord put adoption on our hearts many years ago. We talked and prayed a lot about when to adopt and where to adopt from. In 2015, we sensed the timing was right to start our adoption process […]

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  • Cottle Family Adoption – Adding to our crazy, loud, wonderful family

    Aimee Cottle
    Aimee Cottle Indianapolis, Indiana

      There is so much we could tell you about the path that led us here. All the conversations. Prayers. Nudges. Gut checks. Fear. Leaps. We’ve both felt like adoption was something we were always supposed to do. Separately, at […]

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  • Baby Wong #4

    Aaron Wong
    Aaron Wong Rockford, Illinois

    From the time I was a teenager, I knew I wanted to adopt a child one day. I was sitting in church listening to a guest missionary speaker – watching the photo slides and hearing his stories, when I felt […]

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  • One More Powell

    Seth Powell
    Seth Powell Hueytown, Alabama

    We are an adoptive family of 5. Our current three children were adopted through the foster care system while we served as foster parents in Mississippi prior to moving to Cochabamba, Bolivia to be full-time missionaries. In 2019, we moved […]

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  • Our Colombian Adoption

    Chris and Paige Beaty
    Chris and Paige Beaty Omaha, Nebraska

    So You’re Adopting a Kid? We’re actually adopting two kids. We have requested to be placed with a sibling group, ages 6 or younger with no preference for gender. Why International Adoption/Colombia? Both of us have talked about adoption throughout […]

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  • Our Adoption Story

    Prentiss Morris
    Prentiss Morris Madison, Mississippi

    (From the perspective of the Father) To all of our friends and family and anyone else who came across our page – here is our story! As many of you already know, we are adopting.  This is not something that […]

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  • Stowers Adoption

    Charissa Stowers Austin, Texas

    We have felt called to adoption since before we were married, and we are thrilled to take the steps toward bringing a little one into our lives. We are so honored to have received a matching grant from The Fellowship […]

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  • Paul & Miriam’s journey to legally have forever children

    Miriam Stewart Redding, California

    God brought our paths together at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, where we married and started our journey together. Interestingly, it looks like we may be moving back there this summer. We had strong desires to raise […]

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    Jorge & Jen Uriostegui Wheaton, Illinois

    Let’s bring Savannah Hope, Hiu-Sze, HOME! We’re excited to share we received a $4,000 matching grant award from Glen Ellyn Bible Church, which is administered by Lifesong for Orphans. Now every donation we receive will be matched up to $4,000!  This wonderful news comes at a […]

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  • The Wood’s Go Back to China!

    Jennifer Wood
    Jennifer Wood Hartwell, Georgia

    We are the Wood family from a small town in Hartwell, Ga. We are so excited to announce that we are going back to China to adopt our second child! We could not be happier, and are praying that God […]

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  • The Dominick Adoption Adventure

    Peter and Mindy Dominick
    Peter and Mindy Dominick Locust, North Carolina

    Our journey to parenthood has been a long and painful one. In the end, the answer to all the difficult questions was simple. We are parents who want children, and there are children who need parents. Adopting just makes sense. […]

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