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  • The Lawrence Family ~Adoption Dream

    Christina Lawrence
    Christina Lawrence FRESNO, California

    Brian and I met in 2008 in a dance class. He was a very graceful leader. I had lots of energy and he literally swept me off my feet ☺. We married in 2009 and In 2012 we moved down […]

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  • Bridges Adoption

    Tyler Bridges Louisville, Kentucky

    Tyler and I have been in the adoption process for almost two years. This round has taken much longer than Adeline’s adoption. It has been a long and emotional journey, especially after we experienced a disruption in December 2021. However, […]

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  • Fish Family Adoption

    Emily Fish Fort Worth, Texas

    We are adopting!!! Even before we were married, adoption has been in our hearts. Our hearts have always longed to grow our family by two avenues- biological and adoption. We have prayed for many years about when the time to […]

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  • The Stewarts are adopting!!

    Christin Stewart
    Christin Stewart Lagrange, Kentucky

    Jacob and I met in 2012 at Passion Conference in Atlanta, GA. Neither of us were at that conference looking for a relationship, but God formed a friendship in those days that continued long distance and eventually developed into much […]

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  • Baby Blanchard Adoption Fundraiser!

    Natalie Blanchard Katy, Texas

    After several years of trying to grow our family, we felt the Lord was calling us to grow our family through adoption. Before we were even married, we discussed that we both saw adoption as something we’d love to pursue […]

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  • The Ames are Adopting

    Emily Ames Hoover, Alabama

    After years of prayer and consideration, we strongly feel God’s calling on our family to adopt! He has blessed us with two amazing kids, a home full of love, and an incredible community (thanks to YOU!).  And that’s why we […]

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  • Collins Family Adoption

    Kimberly Collins Richardson, Texas

    We are the Collins family, Michael, Kimberly, and Nathan (3). Michael is a Firefighter-Paramedic in North Texas and Kimberly is a homemaker. We have been married for almost 5 years. When Kimberly was seven years old, God gave her the […]

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  • Kresic Adoption – India

    Christopher Kresic
    Christopher Kresic Strasburg, Pennsylvania

    When Chris & Ashley married in 2013 we determined to build our family through biological and adoptive children. Ashley had spent time internationally on mission trips and was aware of the orphan crisis worldwide. Chris was moved by the spiritual […]

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  • Growe Adoption

    Jeff & Laurel Growe
    Jeff & Laurel Growe Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    Sweet family and friends, we are so excited to invite you into this journey of adoption with us! As many of you already know, we are stepping into this hopeful process of adopting internationally from Taiwan! We are thrilled! This […]

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  • Our Adoption Journey!

    Andrew & Stephanie Moment
    Andrew & Stephanie Moment St. Charles, Illinois

    Growing our family through adoption has been something on our hearts for a long time – years before we had ever met. It has never been a question of “if”, but of “when” we would begin this journey. You can […]

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  • Al&Liz: Adoption Journey

    Elizabeth Marien
    Elizabeth Marien Bryant, Wisconsin

    Becoming parents has been on our minds and in our hearts as long as either of us can remember, even as children. Being a mom. Being a dad. Creating a family was always the core of the plan. We both […]

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  • Cameron & Jenny’s Adoption Journey

    Jenny Brooks Sioux Falls, South Dakota

    After four challenging years of trying to start a family, we believe God has brought us to this surprising new chapter in our marriage — and we could not be more excited! As Christians, adoption means more to us than […]

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