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  • Welcoming Ivy & Willa into our family!

    Jon and Annette Miller
    Jon and Annette Miller Salisbury, Pennsylvania

    Help us welcome Ivy & Willa into our family by supporting their adoption costs. We, Jon and Annette Miller, started the adoption process last October. At the end of March we got the call that we have been matched! A […]

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  • One More Rohrer

    Mike & Peggy Lynne Rohrer
    Mike & Peggy Lynne Rohrer Washington Boro, Pennsylvania

    Dear Family & Friends, We are truly thankful for being at this point in our adoption journey, which started early on in our marriage…but if you think this story is about us, you would be wrong.  This story is about […]

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  • Bringing Home Baby

    Kenny & Laura
    Kenny & Laura

    Dear Friends & Family, We have begun the domestic infant adoption process using Christian Adoption Consultants. Though we don’t know our little guy yet, we do know this: he needs a safe and caring home where he can thrive, develop, […]

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  • Livingston Adoption

    Todd Livingston Clinton, Mississippi

    From the beginning of our marriage, our desire has been for the good news of Jesus to be glorified through every aspect of our family-no matter what.  We did not know exactly what this would look like (and still don’t), […]

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  • Schroeder Family Adoption

    Sarah Schroeder
    Sarah Schroeder Bend, Oregon

    When we got married, we always knew that we wanted to have children. We both grew up with siblings, and we desired for our children to have that joy as well. Our plans were to have at least three or […]

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  • Sherron Family Adoption

    Chris and Tammy Sherron Rougemont, North Carolina

    Hi! We are the Sherron family from Rougemont, NC. We have four kids…Caleb, Emily, Aija and Brooke. If you are wondering about our middle daughter’s name, it’s Latvian. Aija became part of our family through adoption. We never talked about […]

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  • Hobbs Family Adoption

    Kaitlin Hobbs Louisville, Kentucky

    We are so excited to announce that WE ARE HOME STUDY APPROVED! Our Story Nathan and I have shared our desire to adopt since one of our first dates. Twenty-eight is the number of foster children my mother helped my grandparents […]

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  • For the Love of a Life – We Choose Adoption!

    Erika Saladino
    Erika Saladino Falls Church, Virginia

      The miracle of life and the chance to raise an adopted child is so dear to our hearts.  We cannot wait for the honor and blessing of investing our lives into another little child, and John and I are overjoyed to […]

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  • Jackson Family Adoption

    Ryan Jackson Matthews, North Carolina

    Hello! Our names are Ryan and Rachel Jackson. When we got married we desired to have many children, and after completing our masters programs, Rachel quickly became pregnant with Adalyn and had no complications with her pregnancy. Adalyn is a […]

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  • We’re Adopting!

    David & Laura Combs
    David & Laura Combs Bunker Hill, West Virginia

    Hello! We are David and Laura and we just adopted a baby!  For everyones safety and privacy, we aren’t permitted to share any other information or pictures at this time. It wasn’t an easy journey to get to where we […]

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  • The Road Back To Family. Sara and Jessika’s Adoption Story

    Sara Pomeroy
    Sara Pomeroy Richmond, Virginia

    In April, 2015 my life changed when Jessika came into my life through the Foster Care system. I became a Foster Mom to a beautiful, loving, sassy smart girl from El Salvador. All of a sudden, life consisted of packing […]

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  • Cooke Family Adoption

    Chad Cooke
    Chad Cooke High Point, North Carolina

    We adopted our oldest son from Ethiopia. The process has taught us so much. There have been many painful tears but also tears of joy and glimpses of beauty and redemption from the brokenness. We also have two biological sons. […]

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