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  • Adopting Baby Mango

    Kait & Jonathan
    Kait & Jonathan McCordsville, Indiana

    Family and Friends–it is surreal that you are even reading our story, really. We have been talking about adoption since our first date! And years later, we are on the brink of becoming parents. God has taught us a lot […]

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  • You Can’t, God Can

    Sonja Nelson
    Sonja Nelson Apex, North Carolina

    Adoption has been apart of our lives and family for over 35 years.  I was diagnosed with endometriosis at just 17.  After multiple surgeries & birthing complications, we were blessed with 2 children.  Their births caused additional damage to my […]

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  • Overton Adoption

    Robert & Kameilia Overton
    Robert & Kameilia Overton Aubrey, Texas

    Thank you for choosing to come along side us and be a part of the adventure God has called us to.  Most of you know that our family is growing through domestic infant adoption. After Robert and I married, adoption […]

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  • Journey to Jenny

    Michael Smith
    Michael Smith Hoschton, Georgia

    First, we would like to say thank you, with all our hearts, for supporting our cause through finance, encouragement, and prayer! We love you all and are so blessed by your willingness to pour into this cause.  Lifesong for Orphans, […]

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  • Stowers Adoption

    Charissa Stowers Austin, Texas

    We have felt called to adoption since before we were married, and we are thrilled to take the steps toward bringing a little one into our lives. We are so honored to have received a matching grant from The Fellowship […]

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  • This is a story of a boy…

    Jeffrey Bergquist Maryville, Tennessee

    Dear Family and Friends, We are so excited about continuing the process of adoption for Josiah! As many of you know, this has been a long process. On 12/20/16, Jeff’s nurse, Kelli, came down the hall and said to Jeff, […]

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  • Hoping to bring home baby!

    Jackson Chattanooga, Tennessee

      Our motivation to adopt came from our long journey of infertility over the course of 3 years. We’ve prayed and we feel that this apart of our story to growing our family. Over the course of this journey we’ve […]

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  • Knox County chapter of The Forgotten Initiative

    Brittany Clark
    Brittany Clark Sunbury, Ohio

    The Knox County chapter of The Forgotten Initiative is a ministry that serves to be the bridge between the Foster community and the Church of Jesus Christ, bringing needs to the church and letting them step out in obedience and […]

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  • Partner with the Paladinos on our path to adoption…

    Jennifer Paladino Ypsilanti, Michigan

    Thanks for tuning into our path to adoption!  Many of you have wanted to encourage and support us in this journey.  If you’re open to assisting us financially, we’ve been awarded a $3,000 matching grant from the Lifesong for Orphans Adoption […]

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  • The Journey to Baby Gray 2.0

    David and Ashley Gray
    David and Ashley Gray Lumberton, Mississippi

    We are the Gray family- David, Ashley and Matthew!  David is a pastor and Ashley is a social worker who previously worked in foster care and adoption for 12 years. Matthew is a very active little boy who is ready […]

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  • LaShomb Family

    Lauren LaShomb
    Lauren LaShomb Spring, Texas

    Hi! We are the LaShomb family: Michael, Lauren, Lincoln, and Holden.  Last month we welcomed Holden into our family after a quick match and placement through our adoption agency.  A few days earlier our church shared that they offer matching grants, […]

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  • The Olsen Odyssey – Our Journey through Adoption

    Abigail Olsen
    Abigail Olsen Madison, Wisconsin

    Listening to Adventures in Odyssey is one of our favorite past times on long road trips.  We chuckle over Eugene’s mishaps and Mr. Whitaker’s life-lessons never get old!  Our current trek through adoption is one of the greatest adventures in […]

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