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  • Guernsey Family Adoption

    Tracy Guernsey Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

    Our adoption testimony began before we met. My (Tracy) desire to adopt began when I spent three months living in Uganda, Africa.  At an after school program where I helped teach a music class, a little girl remarked that I […]

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  • Support for Mission Trip to Bercy, Haiti – Gabi Broschard

    Gabi Broschard
    Gabi Broschard Hershey, Pennsylvania

    Three years ago, my best friend Hazel and I promised we would travel in the Summer of 2017 together. Originally we planned on hiking the Appalachian Trail or biking across the country, but as the years progressed we knew we […]

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  • Lizzy’s Journey Home

    Tressa James Decatur, Illinois

    Last summer, Theo and I were blessed to be able to host a 12 year old orphan girl.  Lizzy was born in China with cerebral palsy.  At the age of 2, she was abandoned and brought to the orphanage.  Her […]

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  • Bringing Levi Home

    Amber C

    As many of you know we adopted our precious Kayla last year from China. Our hearts knew that we would be adopting again, but we didn’t know when God would call us to go back. We met our friend April […]

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  • Our China Adoption

    Krystle Stanley Collierville, Tennessee

    We’ve been a family of four now for almost three years.  Noah and Esther bring more joy to our lives than we could have ever imagined.  We laugh ourselves to sleep many nights sharing funny comments the girls have made or […]

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  • The Olson family is adopting from Haiti~Isaiah in our Hearts

    Tara Olson
    Tara Olson Erie, Colorado

    Before you read our story I want to say THANK YOU! Thank you for being a part of journey. So many of you have prayed for us and even given money to help us raise the funds to bring Isaiah […]

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  • Story’s Story

    Mark and Lynn Shaeffer Bangor, Pennsylvania

    We are the Shaeffer Family. We began thinking about adoption shortly after we were first married, 28 years ago. Our daughter was born and we thought we might adopt the next baby. God, however, had different plans. When we contacted […]

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  • Bringing Our Bulgarian Daughter Home

    Pam Marsh
    Pam Marsh Hamilton, Michigan

    We hadn’t pictured the direction our life would be taking to journey halfway across the world to meet our daughter in Bulgaria. It’s been a sharp turn to say the least! Scott and I have two healthy wonderful sons and […]

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  • Diving In – An International Adoption Journey

    Curtis Pollock Chesterfield, Virginia

    Adoption was not something even on our radar.  But thankfully, the Father’s plan is perfect and complete, encompassing so much more than the egocentric blips that we allow ourselves to detect in our “busy”, day-to-day lives. “V” (age 9, pink […]

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  • Bringing HOME W2 from Colombia!

    Kent Sandschafer Robinson, Illinois

    February 9, 2017 Dear Friends & Family, We are beyond thrilled to share that we will be traveling to Colombia in late spring to bring home W2 to his FOREVER home (and no that’s not a tax form – we can’t […]

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  • Grace’s Gift

    Amy Block Caddo Mills, Texas

    Life had never been easy for mama, my baby brother and I. Papa disappeared when I was just 4 years old. He simply walked out the door one Friday evening, never to return. Mama believed for the longest time he […]

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  • Pocius Family match Grant

    Johanna and Jeff Pocius
    Johanna and Jeff Pocius East Greenville, Pennsylvania

    ***We are incredibly blessed and thankful to have received a $3,000 matching grant through Gregory’s Gifts and New Community Church of Wexford. That means that every dollar you donate is matched all the way up to $3,000 which would give […]

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