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  • The Ryan Family Adoption/MATCHING GRANT

    Aimee Ryan Sellersburg, Indiana

     Our family is on an adventure to adopt another son from China.  We completed the adoption of Elizabeth and Levi, from China, in 2014. We had not intended to adopt again.  However, in this last 6 months, we have felt […]

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  • Jo: A miracle adoption from China

    Katherine Kaufmann
    Katherine Kaufmann Hillsborough, North Carolina

    The idea of international adoption sounded like an absurd idea to both of us, and we had never honestly considered it. Together, we have been foster parents for 3 years, and have committed to fostering as a ministry as long […]

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  • Twins…sort of

    drew garfield Gaithersburg, Maryland

    For 7 years of marriage we had no children. At this time last year we had no children. Today Maddox, 10 month old, is jumping up and down in his jumper as I write this, and next to Maddox sits […]

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  • Mitchell Family China Adoption

    Hannah Mitchell Longmont, Colorado

    We’ve dreamed of adopting since before we were married!  Jamie has three younger brothers who are adopted, one from India and two from the U.S.  The privilege of having an interracial/international family is something that has inspired us to adopt […]

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  • Bring Baby Brown Home

    Paul Brown
    Paul Brown Hoover, Alabama

    While we always had talked about adoption, we battled infertility and all of the struggles associated with not being able to have children for nearly three years. In the Spring of 2015, we decided that we should pursue adoption with […]

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  • Full Circle: The Anglin’s Adoption Journey

    Lissabeth Anglin
    Lissabeth Anglin LUBBOCK, Texas

    We are the Anglin family- Shawn, Lissa, Knox and Liv, excited to be pursuing a special needs girl from China! God first began stirring our hearts for the orphan during a trip to China when we were both still in […]

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  • Kids On The Move

    Matthew Lee
    Matthew Lee Lexington, Kentucky

    Transporting 13 excited children to school each day, and 7 special needs children to therapy 2-3 times each week is a challenging task in any situation. If you factor in the reality that a small 5 passenger car is used […]

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  • Gonzales Family Adoption/Matching Grant

    Andy & Sara Gonzales
    Andy & Sara Gonzales Colorado Springs, Colorado

    Dear Family, Friends & Church, Hola from the Gonzales family. We have been married for 16 years and are the proud parents of two boys and two girls – Karson & Catrina (from a previous marriage) who are adults with […]

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  • Please help us bring our daughter home!

    Tyler Parson
    Tyler Parson Holstein, Iowa

    We are growing our family through adoption and have been matched to an adorable little girl July 2016 and should be able to bring her home in 10-12 months. Our adoption story began years ago, when Tyler and I were high […]

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  • Haiti – Open Arms

    Lifesong for Orphans
    Lifesong for Orphans Gridley, Illinois

    In November 2015, Lifesong for Orphans and Ministre de Bras Ouverts (Open Arms Ministry) joined together to build a high school with residential dorms on an undeveloped 45-acre site in Bercy, Haiti, about an hour northwest of Port Au Prince.  Already, access […]

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  • Bringing home #1 Best Bro

    Jill Latchana Derwood, Maryland

    He was always a part of our family. JK came to live in Latchana Casa around 2am in October 2013. He was number eleven in our list of babes from Foster Care. As five-month-old babies often do when uprooted from all […]

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  • Raynor Adoption Journey

    Drew Raynor
    Drew Raynor Cary, North Carolina

    Hi! We would like to welcome you into our adoption journey. From the time we began dating, we have prayed that the Lord would allow adoption to be a part of our family’s story. The centrality of adoption in the […]

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