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  • Hastings Adoption Journey

    Stoya Hastings
    Stoya Hastings Murray, Kentucky

    We are the Hastings family, and we are so excited to bring our son, Tobiah, home from South Korea soon. We were matched at the end of September 2020 and could be traveling as soon as February 2021. Our son, […]

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  • The Stevens Family Adopts

    Stevens Bowling Green, Kentucky

      We are Jacob and Cara Stevens. Along with our daughters Elisabeth (3) and Abigail (1), we live in Porto, Portugal where we serve as missionaries. Before marriage, God had put the desire to adopt “one day” in our hearts, […]

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  • Townsend Family Adoption from South Korea

    Rachel Townsend
    Rachel Townsend Kountze, Texas

    He’s been working in our hearts for a long time. We were walking hand in hand down the sidewalk in a quiet neighborhood in Dallas. Sunset was near and a cool breeze hung in the air, (perfect strolling weather). It was […]

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  • Williams Family Adoption

    Elizabeth Williams Evansville, Indiana

    We are the Williams.  Phillip and I met in 2011, and got married in May of 2013.  We wanted to wait a few years before trying for children.  I had an overactive thyroid, and my doctor wanted us to wait […]

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  • Why Don’t You Do Something

    Jennifer Maitland GREENVILLE, South Carolina

    I am a single mom with two adopted daughters and thought we were set as a family.  But I felt a real conviction when I heard the words that were “why don’t you do something” as a request to God.  […]

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  • The Wegners Adopt!

    Kellsey Wegner
    Kellsey Wegner Oregon, Wisconsin

    Hi! Thanks for stopping by. We are John and Kellsey and we have just been awarded a $3,000 matching grant from Blackhawk Church and Lifesong Adoption Funds, administered by Lifesong for Orphans! We have been married for over 9 years […]

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  • Novakoski India Adoption

    Katie Novakoski
    Katie Novakoski Omaha, Nebraska

    My name is Katie Novakoski and I am adopting an older child with more involved special needs from India. My immediate family includes my mother, father, and brother (who was adopted domestically at birth). Two years before I was born, my […]

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  • Bring Home the New Payne

    David Payne
    David Payne Greensboro, North Carolina

    Hi! We are David and Katie Payne and we are raising money to fund our adoption. We live in North Carolina with our two-year-old son and are looking forward to bringing another child into our family through international adoption. We […]

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  • Our Colombia Adoption Journey

    Nicklaus Lakeland, Florida

    Our desire to adopt started before we had ever met each other. Through different life circumstances and family experiences, we were both introduced to the picture of adoption and we witnessed the exciting, challenging, and miraculous journey that it is. […]

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  • Nicely Adoption Journey

    Caitlin Nicely
    Caitlin Nicely Bedford, Indiana

    Hi there! We’re the Nicelys– Matt, Caitlin, Micah, and Eleanor. Together, we are excited to share that we are growing our family through adoption! Before marriage, Matt and I have had a heart for adoption and always knew adoption would […]

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  • The Smith Tribe’s Adoption Adventure

    Elizabeth Smith Columbus, Ohio

    Hello!! We are Jason and Elizabeth Smith, and our family is so excited to be adopting from Uganda. The call to adopt began years ago for us. Before we were even engaged we talked about adopting and planned to do […]

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  • Our Call to Adopt

    Haley Wright Boston, Massachusetts

    I (Haley) have felt called to adopt since I was a young girl. After salvation I felt it was the first specific calling God laid on my heart. My Mom worked in social work and I spent many of my […]

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