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  • Where God Guides, He Provides


    We have always been excited at the thought of adoption, having heard the stories of many friends who are adopted, and having ourselves received the greatest family through adoption, the Church. While we longed for the privilege of raising godly […]

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  • Four Adoptions in Five years!

    Erin Corash Walsenburg, Colorado

    Our family is a chosen family, grafted together from many trees to make one beautiful tree. We have four kiddos in our family, L, H, E, and our new little baby M. With grateful hearts we are pleased to say we […]

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  • Casch Family Adoption

    Chelsie Casch
    Chelsie Casch Star, Idaho

    In case you missed our big news, we are pursuing adoption again! The process this time around is moving much quicker. Not adopting during the height of a global pandemic as well as the impending governmental changes in South Korea […]

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  • Kirkman Family Adoption #2!

    Bethany Kirkman Charlestown, Indiana

    Thank you for considering being a part of our adoption journey! Our hope is that you get to know us and support us through your prayers as we are so excited to extend our family by adopting again from China! […]

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  • The Johnsens are Adopting!

    Asha Johnsen
    Asha Johnsen Colorado Springs, Colorado

    Adoption has touched our lives significantly. Asha’s mom was a young college student, pregnant, unwed and feeling pressure to end the pregnancy when she was told at the clinic that she was one week too far along for a walk-in […]

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  • The Kemmerer Family Adopts

    Jaimee Kemmerer
    Jaimee Kemmerer Reading, Pennsylvania

    When Jaimee and I first talked about adoption late 2020, we only knew that we wanted to continue to grow our family. Last year Jaimee and I got to be involved closely in our friend’s international adoption journey.  Watching and […]

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  • Shipley Family Adoption

    Nicolette Shipley

    We are Michael and Nicolette Shipley. We’ve been married for nearly a decade and have one daughter.  Michael is a Captain in the US Army so we’ve had the opportunity to live all around the world. Adoption has been something […]

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  • The Stracke’s Adopt!

    Tyler Stracke Des Moines, Iowa

    The Announcement:  As we have grown together in marriage, so has our desire to start and build a family. Through much prayer and discernment, we are excited to make this announcement: WE WILL BE ADOPTING!  Since the beginning of our […]

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  • Adopting From China (The Wests going East)

    Josh West
    Josh West Goose Creek, South Carolina

    While adoption has been on our hearts for a long while, given its nearness to the very heart of God, it was 6 years ago, while pregnant with our youngest, that we watched a Netflix documentary on orphans in China. […]

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  • Misura Family Adoption

    Kevin Misura
    Kevin Misura Dunlap, Illinois

    We began pursuing adoption in January of 2023. Adoption is such a beautiful picture of God’s love for us in that He chooses us to be His children, part of His family. His love for us is unconditional. We want […]

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  • Team Stumpf Adoption

    Stephanie Stumpf Latrobe, Pennsylvania

    We are Alex and Steph and we have been married for 3.5 years and adopted our son, Riglee in December of 2023!  We traveled to Arizona December 23, after getting the call December 22, that our sweet baby boy would […]

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