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  • Growing Our Family Through Adoption- The Duersons

    John and Chayli Duerson Liberal, Kansas

    We got married in October of 2019 after being together for several years.  In 2020 we knew that God wanted us to start the process of adopting.  We began having some fundraisers and the road eventually led us to an […]

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  • Hoping to Adopt!

    Darin Gundy
    Darin Gundy Eureka, Illinois

    Both Kelsey and I (Darin) always wanted to be parents and envisioned our married life raising children in a Christian home. We love kids and are excited to welcome children into our home. Adoption has always been something that has […]

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  • Kirkman Family Adoption #2!

    Bethany Kirkman Charlestown, Indiana

    Thank you for considering being a part of our adoption journey! Our hope is that you get to know us and support us through your prayers as we are so excited to extend our family by adopting again from China! […]

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  • Our journey to Colombia to bring our child home!

    Sarah Fitzgerald
    Sarah Fitzgerald Birmingham, Alabama

    One of our favorite things to share is how God has given us a heart together for adoption since the beginning, and how our desire to adopt is totally Spirit-led. When Sarah was a little girl, she had a vision […]

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  • Help Bring Rahama Home!

    Amber Burger
    Amber Burger Katy, Texas

    We are in the process of trying to adopt this sweet girl, Rahama, from South Sudan. She was orphaned by the war as her entire family was killed in a raid on her village. She was left for dead, wrapped […]

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  • Plimmer family adoption

    Jodi Plimmer
    Jodi Plimmer Meridian, Idaho

    We are grateful you are taking time to learn about our journey! We invite you to join us as we pray for God’s timing in matching our family with precious children from Burundi!  Adoption has been on our hearts for years […]

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  • Horan Bulgaria Adoption

    Macall Horan
    Macall Horan PASADENA, California

    There have been a lot of pieces to our journey that have led us to adoption. When we were first married, we volunteered in the high school group at our church. It was there that we met a boy named […]

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  • When Will My Family Come?

    Ron and Betsy
    Ron and Betsy Durham, North Carolina

    “When will my family come?” 6-year-old Joseph asked the volunteer at the children’s home. This question rose to Joseph’s lips after he watched a groupmate leave for the US with her forever family.  When the volunteer, our friend and colleague, mentioned this to […]

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  • God’s Amazing Plan

    Amy Minnich
    Amy Minnich Neoga, Illinois

    Our adoption story is one we wasn’t looking for, or even had on the radar. BUT GOD HAD IT ON THE RADAR, AND HE HAD A BEAUTIFUL PLAN! We have 3 children Alex 24 Alivia 20 Matthew 16 My husband […]

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  • The Nichols Are Adopting!

    Sharon Nichols
    Sharon Nichols Birmingham, Alabama

    Hello, we are the Nichols family and this is our adoption story. For us, adoption was in each of our hearts before we even met. There was no real plan or direction at that point. Just an understanding that for […]

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  • Zylstra Family Adoption Journey

    Kayla Zylstra
    Kayla Zylstra Noblesville, Indiana

    We are growing our family through domestic adoption! For the past 2 years, Sam and I have been prayerfully considering adoption to start our family. We had always talked about adoption being part of our story–we always had our why […]

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  • Weber Family Adoption Journey – Adding One to All Our Fun!

    Jordan Weber
    Jordan Weber Bloomington, Illinois

    Thank you for reading our family’s journey to adoption! At the beginning of our marriage, like most newlyweds, Matthew and I would frequently dream about our family’s future.  Our conversation would often include a debate about how many children we […]

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