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  • Nass Family Adoption

    Leigh Nass Omaha, Nebraska

    Hello, we are Leigh and Jason Nass. The desire to add to our family through adoption has been on our hearts from the time we were a young married couple. After the birth of our second child and a lot […]

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  • Chelsea and Parker Day Family Adoption

    Chelsea Day
    Chelsea Day Altoona, Iowa

    Hello friends and family!   Adoption has always been something on our radar and is something we discussed even while we were dating. I think in our minds we always assumed that foster care is the route we would take- […]

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  • Dorn Adoption – Amor Sin Limites

    Tiffani Dorn
    Tiffani Dorn Newark, Ohio

    I don’t know when the desire to adopt for me began, but I feel like it was always there. Even though I have lived in the same area my whole life, there has been wanderlust in my mind and heart and […]

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  • Tyler and Kristen’s Journey to Adoption

    Kristen Burleson Jonesboro, Arkansas

      As many of you know, we’ve been praying over the last several years for God to provide us a child.  In this season of waiting, while we’ve had lots of ups and downs, God has truly taught us a […]

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  • Adoption Journey

    Mercy Reuter Sioux Falls, South Dakota

    Maggie (aka Mercy) and I started our adoption journey in May of 2018.  After a few years of not being able to have children of our own we have felt led by God to turn to adoption.  We did look […]

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  • Fawley Family Adoption Journey

    Katie Fawley
    Katie Fawley Winona Lake, Indiana

    We are Kenny and Katie Fawley and we have been blessed with two beautiful girls, Haley and Marcy. The following describes where we are at in our adoption journey from Eastern Europe. Going into our marriage, we knew if there […]

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  • Marks Adoption Story

    Rachel Marks
    Rachel Marks Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

    Our Story God is growing the Marks family in a very special way! Adoption is a big part of our lives, especially since we have several family members who are adopted.  Dan has 3 adopted siblings (2 sisters who were […]

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  • Rieger Family Adoption

    Jessica Rieger
    Jessica Rieger Leola, Pennsylvania

    We are TJ, Jess, Blake, and Malcolm Rieger from Lancaster, PA. We are very excited to be in the process of adoption from South Korea. We have recently been matched with a beautiful 8 month old baby girl! TJ and […]

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  • Grunden Adoption

    Grunden Lititz, Pennsylvania

    We were just a few weeks away from our son’s due date when we got an unexpected email. The adoption agency that we used to bring home one of our children asked if I would call them right away. My […]

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  • Please help us bring our baby home

    Joe and Gretchen Tonellato
    Joe and Gretchen Tonellato Jacksonville, Illinois

    We are Joe and Gretchen Tonellato, and we need your help to bring our baby home. We have been married for 18 years, and we have had a desire for a child from the beginning. After trying for years to […]

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  • The Hallelujah Adventure!

    Whitney and Jeremiah Napier
    Whitney and Jeremiah Napier McCalla, Alabama

    I already feel like we’re friends! Grab a warm cup of coffee or some hot tea, get cozy, and let’s chat. We are the Napiers. We met at the end of college, dated long distance as we both pursued our […]

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  • Stowers Adoption

    Charissa Stowers Austin, Texas

    We have felt called to adoption since before we were married, and we are thrilled to take the steps toward bringing a little one into our lives. We are so honored to have received a matching grant from The Fellowship […]

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