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  • Bring Baby Brown Home

    Paul Brown
    Paul Brown Hoover, Alabama

    While we always had talked about adoption, we battled infertility and all of the struggles associated with not being able to have children for nearly three years. In the Spring of 2015, we decided that we should pursue adoption with […]

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  • Steps of Faith, Bringing Our Son Home from India

    Kevin & Ansley Gwyn Pelham, Alabama

    Adopting our son from India is an act of love and obedience.  God is leading and we are simply taking stumbling steps of faith as we follow him.  Kevin and I both see God’s heart for adoption and feel confident that he […]

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  • Bringing Jeremiah Home

    Jimmy and Christina Turrubiate Baytown, Texas

    At the beginning of 2016, we knew God was calling us to adopt, specifically through Harmony Outreach in China. It didn’t take long for God to confirm that this precious little boy, soon to be known as Jeremiah, was our […]

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  • Not everyone is called to adopt

    David and Christi Gould
    David and Christi Gould Columbia, Tennessee

    “No matter how large, your vision is too small.” Thomas Chalmers said that. And our Pastor has it on a bulletin or handout often … so it’s been before us on a regular basis for over 10 years. It’s easy […]

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  • Rightly Placed: To China and Back Again

    Heidi Estep
    Heidi Estep Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

    It began for Heidi after reading Choosing to See by Mary Beth Chapman. God used this book to cultivate a heart for adoption in her and she kept these things in her heart (not yet sharing this with Matt), praying […]

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  • Obedience

    Melissa Tubergen Hamilton, Michigan

    When Dave and I were first on the adoption path to adopt Beau it was an adventure that was fully God lead and this one is no different. In July 2016 as we sat in the Jinan Children’s Welfare Institute […]

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  • Marks Adoption Story

    Rachel Marks
    Rachel Marks Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

    Our Story God is growing the Marks family in a very special way! Adoption is a big part of our lives, especially since we have several family members who are adopted.  Dan has 3 adopted siblings (2 sisters who were […]

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  • Adopting our daughter from India!

    Heather Green
    Heather Green Eclectic, Alabama

    In 2005, at First Baptist Graceville, FL we had a Sunday night sing. Neysa Wilkins, a news anchor in Panama City, sang and gave her testimony. She talked about going to Ukraine on a mission trip and so many of the children there living […]

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  • Picture Perfect Timing

    Ed and Allison McEwen
    Ed and Allison McEwen Prairie City, Illinois

    Our story begins with a picture. While scrolling through Facebook one day, I saw a picture of three little boys in their school uniforms.  It turned out that they were best friends at a Chinese orphanage, looking for host families […]

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  • Fincher’s Adoption Journey! – Got her!

    Paul Fincher
    Paul Fincher Midland, Georgia

    Almost 10 years ago, we weren’t certain about many things. We were newlyweds, new homeowners, and were both starting fairly new careers. We were excited about our new life together and the future was full of opportunity and mystery. However, one […]

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  • Stevens Party of 5 – Bringing Home Olivia!

    Bettina Stevens
    Bettina Stevens Charlottesville, Virginia

    We’ve been home with our 2 boys from Uganda for a year and a half, and as we’ve gotten more settled as a family, we began to discuss what the rest of our family would look like. In the Fall […]

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  • Bring Magnolia Joy Home

    Kate Jones Kalispell, Montana

    We are so excited to be bringing our sweet Magnolia Joy home this summer. We just know that she will fill our lives and our home with joy. She rocks her extra chromosome pretty well in our opinion! Last fall […]

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