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  • Domestic Infant Adoption

    Nate and Rachel Franz
    Nate and Rachel Franz Frederick, Maryland

    Planning had become our obsession; planning on having our own child. As the years went by our plans began to become desperate. We tried fertility treatments, no luck. We tried “timing”, we tried medication, all to no avail. Finally, after […]

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  • Funding for Rowan James’ Adoption

    Allyn Childers
    Allyn Childers Pearland, Texas

    Brandon and I felt God tugging out heart toward adoption many years ago.  We researched for a long time and really felt like an open adoption with a local agency was the way we were supposed to go.  We love […]

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  • This is a story of a boy…

    Jeffrey Bergquist Maryville, Tennessee

    Dear Family and Friends, We are so excited about continuing the process of adoption for Josiah! As many of you know, this has been a long process. On 12/20/16, Jeff’s nurse, Kelli, came down the hall and said to Jeff, […]

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  • Kuiken Adoption

    Danielle Kuiken Orange City, Iowa

    Our adoption journey started with infertility.  We struggled with infertility for a number of years, through that we felt God lead us to in-vitro to have our daughter.  After she was born we did a little more doctoring, but didn’t feel […]

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  • Our Adoption Adventure

    Caleb & Angie
    Caleb & Angie

    After meeting in high school and dating in college, we married during graduate school in June 2007. From the beginning of our marriage, our expectations for life were challenged. In fact, we totaled our car when we hit a deer on […]

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  • Bringing “A” Home To Stay

    Carrie Banks
    Carrie Banks Grand Prairie, Texas

    We are the Banks family!   We are pastors with a lot of love to give.  We have devoted our lives to serving the least, the last, and the lost.  It is our belief that all of us are called to […]

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  • And Ethan Jona makes Six!

    Jonathan Trevino Porter, Texas

    The Trevino Family is growing!   “Hey dad… mom… why aren’t we adopting?  Our family has enough love to give a kid that doesnt have a family.”   This question came from one of our sons, after listening to the […]

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  • We’re Expecting…From INDIA!!!

    Rosemary cubbage
    Rosemary cubbage Dickinson, Texas

      We’re expecting MORE!  A story of bringing greater fullness to our family.   We have already been awarded a $3,500 “matching” grant from Families for the Fatherless Adoption Fund, administered by Lifesong for Orphans, for which we are so […]

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  • Adoption as Missions

    Matthew Weakley Del Rio, Texas

    Hello!  We’re the Weakley family and we have a passion for bringing the gospel of Christ to bear in the life of our family through adoption.  Christ not only wanted the little children to come to Him, but also set […]

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  • Cheesman Family Adoption

    Emily Cheesman
    Emily Cheesman Union, Maine

    Dear Family and Friends,  We have some exciting news: we are adopting! We have always loved children and even before we started having children, we talked about adopting some day.  After our four children were born we started discussing the […]

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  • Bringing Bella Home!

    Frick Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    When we brought our second child home, we started on a new journey as parents to a wonderful little girl born with Prader-Willi Syndrome.  God asked us to step out in faith and adopt Chloe and He has provided every step […]

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  • Kim Family: Bring Caleb home~

    Young Kim
    Young Kim PALISADES PARK, New Jersey

    Our Adoption Story Our hearts for the orphans started out very small long time ago, as we participated in our church’s mission trip to the orphanages in Korea. As our hearts grew, we looked for more personal ways to make a […]

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