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  • Byington Family Adoption

    Natalie Byington Athens, Georgia

    We’re adopting! We started daydreaming about having a family back when we were still engaged. As we began to share our hearts with one another, we were both incredibly encouraged to realize that the other person had already felt a personal […]

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  • Adopting Because He First Adopted Us

    Bryan & Sonya Hedrick
    Bryan & Sonya Hedrick Knightdale, North Carolina

    The Lord began to put adoption in my (Sonya’s) heart about five years before getting married.  When my Asian co-worker shared her story about when she was a little girl in her home country, I began to see the need […]

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  • Adventure is on the Horizon (adoption adventure #2)

    Ben & Kristi Graves
    Ben & Kristi Graves Buford, Georgia

    We have BIG news!  The Graves are adopting again! We have been married for 14 years and have had many adventures together. We have lived in other countries and traveled all over the world. We have walked the path of […]

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  • Carmichael Family Adoption Journey!

    Kasey Carmichael
    Kasey Carmichael Kernersville, North Carolina

    Hello, we are Noah and Kasey, along with our daughter, Quinn! We first met in March of 2010, when Kasey started attending the same church as Noah. We immediately connected as friends, but since Noah was a few years older, […]

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  • Mike and Aerika Adopt

    Aerika Katip
    Aerika Katip Huntington, Indiana

    We are Mike and Aerika Katip. We own a house in Huntington, Indiana and both work in Fort Wayne. Mike is a Marketing Specialist and Aerika is a Social Worker. We have been married a little over two years now. […]

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  • Kelly Family Adoption

    Jordan Kelly Omaha, Nebraska

    We have BIG news! We are live in the adoption process. The last few years have been difficult as we have navigated through infertility. Through fertility treatments, we were blessed with our daughter, Harper. In trying for a second, we had […]

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  • Schaefer Together – The Schaefer’s Adopt!

    Candice Schaefer Garner, North Carolina

    Hello! We are Aaron and Candice Schaefer! We are delighted to announce that we have been matched with a joyful, handsome, energetic 2 year old boy, Barrett!! Adoption is something we have always desired, separately and together. We discussed it […]

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  • Weber Family Adoption Journey – Adding One to All Our Fun!

    Jordan Weber
    Jordan Weber Bloomington, Illinois

    Thank you for reading our family’s journey to adoption! At the beginning of our marriage, like most newlyweds, Matthew and I would frequently dream about our family’s future.  Our conversation would often include a debate about how many children we […]

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  • Our road to Adoption Mahomet, Illinois

    We welcome you to our Journey and to hear how we got to this point: We were so excited to announce our adoption. Like a pregnancy it was very hard to keep it quiet. We have been praying together, as […]

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  • Connelly Family Adopts

    Caitlyn Connelly Greenwell springs, Louisiana

    We are the Connelly family. We are high school sweethearts who have been married for 9 years and have 5 kiddos currently. We are in the pursuit of a little boy in Eastern Europe. He is around 2-3 years old […]

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  • Growing the Geiters

    Schae Geiter Grundy Center, Iowa

    In September of 2020, we put into motion the pull we’ve been feeling for years now to add to our family through adoption. We researched, prayed, and eventually took a leap of faith and started the domestic infant adoption process. […]

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  • Penley Adoption

    Jessica Penley
    Jessica Penley Raleigh, North Carolina

    We started thinking about adoption as a couple about 6 or 7 years ago. It was a burden on our hearts to know that there were children who needed loving families. At that time, we were both in full time […]

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