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  • Bader Adoption Journey

    Katelyn Bader
    Katelyn Bader Akron, Ohio

    My husband Jared and I have always shared the dream of adopting. While we have a biological son of our own, Edison, we dream to commit our family to loving an orphan and making them our son or daughter. We […]

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  • The Britts’ Greatest Adventure

    Anthony & Suzannah Britt
    Anthony & Suzannah Britt Madison, Mississippi

    Hello, my name is Anthony Britt, and I would like to share our adoption story. I am married to Suzannah, and we have two children, Hannah Rae (18) and Russ Taylor (16). Suzannah and I had talked about the possibility […]

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  • Bryan and Rachel Adopt

    Rachel Wendel Brookville, Indiana

    Our family is looking to expand from four to five! We are so excited to be starting our third adoption journey and thrilled to be able to share our story with you. We truly believe that God had a hand […]

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  • The Vests are Adopting

    Joey Vest
    Joey Vest North Chesterfield, Virginia

    Our Story We are so excited to have you join us in this adventure to grow our family. Adoption has always been something that we have thought about and feel that God is calling us to it now. When we […]

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  • Bringing (Little) Brother Home!

    Madyson Posey
    Madyson Posey Lexington, Kentucky

    Justin and I always knew separately and when we got married that we would adopt. In 2021, we traveled to bring home our first son from Hungary, and in this last year with him, we have spent our time growing […]

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  • Growing Our Family Through Adoption- The Duersons

    John and Chayli Duerson Liberal, Kansas

    We got married in October of 2019 after being together for several years.  In 2020 we knew that God wanted us to start the process of adopting.  We began having some fundraisers and the road eventually led us to an […]

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  • Bring Baby Rigney Home!

    Summer Rigney
    Summer Rigney Madison, Mississippi

    We are EXCITED to begin this adoption journey! Thank you for visiting our page. We are beyond ecstatic to say we have been award a $10,000 Matching Grant from Colonial Heights Baptist Church’s Adoption Fund, administered by LifeSong! Help us […]

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  • Cooper Adoption Story

    LAURA COOPER Loganville, Georgia

    They say, “God writes the best stories.” Here’s ours. In 2007, we found ourselves sitting across from one another at a birthday party of a mutual friend. The conversation went a little like this… “So Laura, what’s your major?” “International […]

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  • Adopting an Older, Special Needs Child from Bulgaria

    Ryan Norris
    Ryan Norris Seabrook, Texas

    We are the Norris Family – Mary, Ryan & Henry! We are happy to share that God has called us to adopt a wonderful child from Bulgaria who is in need of a home. The child’s name is Ansel and […]

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  • Because He First Adopted Us

    Amanda Kelley
    Amanda Kelley Newnan, Georgia

    Our Story… We have talked about adoption since we were dating and have prayed often throughout our marriage about the timing of this pursuit, wondering when God would reveal His timing between our terms in Chad. Knowing that God in His great love has […]

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  • Gephart Adoption #3

    Clare & Phil Gephart
    Clare & Phil Gephart ROCK HILL, South Carolina

    We met in 2014 and were inseparable after our first date. Phil jokes that I pushed him into a cactus on our first date, and while it is true that we spent thirty minutes pulling cactus spines out of Phil’s […]

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  • Essig Family India Adoption

    Jeremiah and Sarah Durham, North Carolina

    We are honored to be able to take part in God’s plan for this girl. We are just an ordinary couple who have been convicted this is the way God wants us to start our family. We both know that adoption is God’s plan […]

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