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  • Pauko Party of Five

    Thomas Paukovitz CHICAGO, Illinois

    We are the Paukovitz Family. A simple family who lives and works in Chicago, with two amazing daughters, and one old dog. Through it all, we believe there is more to our story. We are excited to share that we […]

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  • Growing the Dunbar Clan

    Heidi Dunbar Grants Pass, Oregon

    We have grown our family through adoption before.  Each journey is unique in it’s own way and a miracle.  This one is no different. The question needed answering!  Were we going to sign up for this journey again?  The answer is […]

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  • Penwell Adoption Journey

    Joshua Penwell Howell, Michigan

    We’ve been married for nine years. We first met in middle school at a week of summer camp, but we wouldn’t see each other again until we were in college, and it would be at that very same camp! Before […]

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  • Growing the Geiters

    Schae Geiter Grundy Center, Iowa

    In September of 2020, we put into motion the pull we’ve been feeling for years now to add to our family through adoption. We researched, prayed, and eventually took a leap of faith and started the domestic infant adoption process. […]

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  • Waiting Here For You

    Joshua Poteet
    Joshua Poteet HOUSTON, Texas

    Our family isn’t complete. I’m terrified. But ready. So, so ready. There have been so many flickering thoughts. Thoughts that I wrote off as crazy, and let pass almost immediately. Then those thoughts turned into the quietest/quickest of whispers to […]

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  • We’re Adopting!

    Emily Casada Bowling Green, Kentucky

    We are excited to announce that we are adopting!  If there is one passion that is fundamental to our family, it would be our heart for orphans and vulnerable children. We have decided to begin our journey to adopt a child […]

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  • Bringing Home Baby Bull- Adoption Journey

    Stacey Bull
    Stacey Bull Alabaster, Alabama

    Who We Are We are John and Stacey Bull.  We have been married for 5.5 years!  We have 2 dogs.  We have always wanted children and can’t wait to become parents. Why We Are Adopting As most married couples do, […]

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  • Phillips Adoption #2

    Russell & Jessica Phillips Greenville, Pennsylvania

      We’re adopting again. It seems to be a tradition of ours to make plans only for God to change them. In 2018, we completed our first adoption from China; a wonderful son who immediately fit right into our family. […]

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  • We’re adopting from South Korea!

    Han Shim Great Mills, Maryland

    (EDIT: Thank you all for helping us reach our fundraising goal!) Hello from Han and Eui! We are very excited to announce that we are adopting a boy from South Korea!  It was always our desire to have children and […]

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  • Johnson Family Adoption

    Anaely Johnson
    Anaely Johnson Rossville, Georgia

    A Crib and Some Paint Cans My husband put this crib together almost 5 years ago. I was VERY pregnant at the time with our son Justus and we were elated to be able to decorate a room that would […]

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  • Bryan and Rachel Adopt

    Rachel Wendel Brookville, Indiana

    Our family is looking to expand from four to five! We are so excited to be starting our third adoption journey and thrilled to be able to share our story with you. We truly believe that God had a hand […]

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  • Bader Adoption Journey

    Katelyn Bader
    Katelyn Bader Akron, Ohio

    My husband Jared and I have always shared the dream of adopting. While we have a biological son of our own, Edison, we dream to commit our family to loving an orphan and making them our son or daughter. We […]

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