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  • Bringing Our Last Child Home- The Wynnes Adopt a Third Time

    Paige and Jeremy
    Paige and Jeremy Topeka, Kansas

    Hello from the Wynne family! We hope this season of life finds you and yours well. We are writing this letter to share some exciting news with you! We have officially started the process to bring our third and last […]

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  • Degnan Family Adoption

    Michael Degnan
    Michael Degnan North Liberty, Iowa

    We’re Michael and Elizabeth Degnan. We met in 2019, married in August of 2020 and since then have been contemplating how we want to grow our family. We’ve separately both been led to consider adoption over the years, but have […]

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  • We’re Asher and Stephanie Neal and we are adopting our first baby!!!

    Stephanie Neal
    Stephanie Neal Mount Vernon, Kentucky

    We’re Asher and Stephanie Neal and we are adopting our first baby!!! Why are we adopting? For the past 6 years we have struggled with infertility. From the time we started dating to now, we have always said we would adopt. Since […]

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  • David & Abby’s Adoption Story

    Abigail Elliott Honolulu, Hawaii

    It’s hard to believe it’s actually happening! We are beyond excited (and nervous!), and are doing everything we can to be prepared to welcome a sweet new life into our home. If you know us well, you know that adoption […]

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  • The Settle Family Colombia Adoption

    Madeline Settle
    Madeline Settle Bethany, Louisiana

      Welcome! We are so thankful to We Care for Orphans for awarding us a $4,000 matching grant administered by Lifesong for Orphans! That means every dollar you give towards our adoption is doubled up to $4,000! Thank you so […]

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  • Be Apart of Our Beauty for Ashes Story

    Meghan Cathey
    Meghan Cathey McKinney, Texas

    God lit a fire in my heart the day Peyton was born, when I got the honor of holding her. That was the moment I began fighting for her. Peyton did not get to come home with me that day. […]

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  • yes no maybe so – How God taught us to say yes before He even asked

    Gracie Lathrop
    Gracie Lathrop Chapin, South Carolina

    Where do we even begin?! If we go back to the VERY beginning it would be over 20 years ago when my husband’s family chose to adopt from China and brought home our Mika. That was the moment that changed […]

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  • Raising arrows, changing hearts with RAD

    Haley Chambers Hanahan, South Carolina

    We are the chambers family. We have 5 amazing children, 3 adopted from overseas. Two biological boys. We have 3 sons and two daughters. All of our children are unique and wonderful in their own ways. We are no strangers […]

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  • JJ’s Adoption

    Brenton & Amanda Stamper
    Brenton & Amanda Stamper Montgomery, Texas

    God called us into foster care to show His love to children by providing love and a safe place for them while their families get things figured out. In JJ’s case, God has placed him in our home to stay […]

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  • The Simmons’ Special Needs Mission to Bulgaria

    Zachary Simmons
    Zachary Simmons Gable, South Carolina

    Adopting a child with Down Syndrome has always been something the Simmons family has discussed and desired. Megan is a former special education teacher and volunteer with various organizations that assisted and served children and adults with special needs. She has […]

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  • Jackson Family Adoption

    Christy Jackson
    Christy Jackson Plano, Texas

    We are the Jacksons…Spencer, Christy, and Haston!  We’ve always dreamed of having a big family and the Lord has made it clear that adoption is the right next step for us to grow our family and promote Haston to big […]

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  • 2 more waiting boys become sons!

    Rachel Suero
    Rachel Suero Fort Wayne, Indiana

    We are the Suero family and we’d love to share our adoption story! Our family includes dad/Danny, mom/Rachel, and kids: Isaac, Jonah, Oliver, Lily, Ivy, and Simon. Isaac and Lily were adopted in 2020 from Ukraine via unrelated concurrent adoptions. […]

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