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  • Awaiting Baby Crais – Matthew and Danielle’s Adoption

    Danielle Crais
    Danielle Crais Lexington, South Carolina

    We are so excited to announce we are adopting! For those that do not know our story, we have been married for 9 years. Shortly after becoming engaged, Danielle was diagnosed with breast cancer. Among the many hardships this brought, […]

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  • Byington Family Adoption

    Natalie Byington Athens, Georgia

    We’re adopting! We started daydreaming about having a family back when we were still engaged. As we began to share our hearts with one another, we were both incredibly encouraged to realize that the other person had already felt a personal […]

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  • More Room in our Hearts

    Allie Casavant
    Allie Casavant Omaha, Nebraska

    Dear Friends and Family, We are so excited to share our Adoption Journey with you! Adoption is something we’ve been praying about relentlessly for almost 3 years now as Allie’s pregnancies and postpartums became increasingly more complicated. We are certain of […]

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  • The Clarks are Adopting!

    Tristan Clark
    Tristan Clark Colorado Springs, Colorado

    Hello friends and family! Thank you so much for clicking the link to hear about our story and heart for adoption! Adoption has been on our hearts since our first year of marriage. We were driving down to Florida to […]

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  • Kronawetter Adoption!

    Aaron Kronawetter Lititz, Pennsylvania

    Hey friends and family,   Allison and I have an exciting announcement; we are adopting again!    It has been an absolute blessing and joy welcoming Raelynn into our family and we have absolutely loved being parents!  We are so […]

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  • Our Adoption Story


    We are excited to say that we officially started the adoption process in April 2021! God laid the desire for adoption on both of our hearts even before we got married, so we wait with excited anticipation for the children that God desires to bless […]

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  • The Platt’s Go To Colombia!

    Tiffany Platt
    Tiffany Platt Auburn, Georgia

    Our desire to adopt started long before we met one another. The Lord was knitting our hearts as 2 single people and shaping our lives to prepare us for what was ahead! Our first conversation about adoption occurred in a […]

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  • Pankratz Family Adoption

    Stephen and Cayli Pankratz
    Stephen and Cayli Pankratz Spring, Texas

    We are so excited to announce that we are adopting! We have both dreamed of one day adopting a child, individually (prior to meeting one another), and then together from the time of our engagement. We are overjoyed to finally […]

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  • Bring Benny Home!

    Cameron Amigo
    Cameron Amigo Norwalk, Connecticut

    We’re thankful for the opportunity to grow our family through adoption. After piles of paperwork and many fervent prayers, we have been matched with a precious little boy, Benny!  We know that God loves adoption and he will see us through […]

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  • Our Continuing Adoption Journey, Come see what the Lord has done!

    Josiah Arington
    Josiah Arington Bartonville, Illinois

    The Lord has done some marvelous things in our family. God has given my wife, Jessica, and I (Josiah) three children through adoption. Two girls and a boy. Nevaeh, (9) Inara (4) and Jovan. (3) We have done private adoption, […]

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  • Rutherford Family Adoption

    Amanda Rutherford Norton, Ohio

    We are in the process of adopting a beautiful 16 year old girl from Colombia! We are planning to travel to Colombia in March of 2022 and will be in Colombia for around 4 weeks. (Joe will be going for […]

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  • Moore Adoption Story: “Your Son is in India!”

    Bryan Moore
    Bryan Moore Conroe, Texas

    Why are we adopting from India? Thank you for checking out our adoption story. Our adoption journey began nearly 7 years ago. We did not have adoption on our radar at that point since we were still in the exhausted […]

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