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  • Baby K Adoption Journey

    Briana Kraayenbrink Sioux Center, Iowa

    It has always been a desire of our hearts to adopt long before we were married. After we were married we thought we would have a biological child before starting the process of adoption. However, after two years of infertility […]

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  • Adopting Baby Mango

    Kait & Jonathan
    Kait & Jonathan McCordsville, Indiana

    Family and Friends–it is surreal that you are even reading our story, really. We have been talking about adoption since our first date! And years later, we are on the brink of becoming parents. God has taught us a lot […]

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  • Canfield Adoption Journey

    Brigitta Canfield Selbyville, Delaware

    We are so incredibly excited to become a family of 5! Our journey has been long, beginning many years ago in a Russian orphanage.  Brigitta firsthand saw what it was like for children to grow up in an orphanage and came […]

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  • Kyah Jo and Justin Adopt!

    Kyah Jo Stangl Wausau, Wisconsin

    We are so excited to announce that we are ADOPTING! You may already know that we have struggled with infertility and during these last 5 years we have experienced much joy, but also experienced loss and grief. As we were […]

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  • You Belong

    Philip Meadows
    Philip Meadows Willow Park, Texas

    Sarah and I thought we were done having kids, until we went to a conference together in February 2019. As we were worshipping together, the Lord spoke to both of us individually and at the same time.  We saw the […]

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  • Journey to JinJin – Adopting a special needs older child from China

    Kacey Reese
    Kacey Reese Redmond, Oregon

    We have been on a faith journey like no other which began as a discussion and promise before we were even married.  Through life’s ups and downs, we have always had adoption on our hearts, and just a little over […]

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  • The Johnsons Adoption – Puzzle Fundraiser

    Lindsey Johnson
    Lindsey Johnson South Range, Wisconsin

    Welcome, friends, to our adoption story. People ask how the decision to adopt all got started for Matt and me, and the best way to describe it is this: it all came down to one cold night in January 2019 […]

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  • The Allen Adoption

    Karey Allen
    Karey Allen Louisville, Kentucky

    I (Karey) have wanted to grow my family through adoption from the time I was a teenager. When Nate and I began dating, we talked about adoption and I discovered that he was just as passionate about it as I […]

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  • “a11 in” The Davis Family Adoption Round 2

    Rachel Davis
    Rachel Davis Lakin, Kansas

     ***We have a matching grant**” That means all donations up to $5,000 will be matched by our friends at Aim 5.  So a $5 donation is really worth $10.  A $50 now worth $100!!!  Guys this is huge!! Kurt and […]

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  • The Millers Adopt 3 from Kyrgyzstan!

    Nathanael Miller
    Nathanael Miller Lancaster, Pennsylvania

    It is difficult to explain, but the Lord had always placed in our hearts a desire to adopt children internationally. Whether it is rooted in our desire to care for the orphan, or to fulfill the Great Commission in making […]

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  • Adopting from India!

    Heike Wilson Cincinnati, Ohio

    We are Zach & Heike Wilson from Cincinnati, Ohio. We visited India in 2017 and felt called to adopt.  We are so excited to be on this journey to adopt from India! Adoption is expensive – the approximate cost to […]

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  • Bringing Emersyn Home

    Stacy Metzger Rensselaer, Indiana

    We are excited to tell everyone we’re adopting again.  We have 5 wonderful children and are excited to bring home our 6th child from China.  Almost 2 years ago we adopted a beautiful little girl and she has fit in […]

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