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  • Journey to Healing

    Tony and Ashley
    Tony and Ashley Charles County, Maryland

    “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds” (Psalms 41:3).   When we think about the above scripture, it gives us so much hope. Hello, we are the Warricks and we are honored that you are taking the time […]

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  • Ethan & Alyssa’s Adoption Journey

    Ethan Adams
    Ethan Adams Elgin, Illinois

    Precious friends and family,   You may or may not have heard the wonderful news: we’re adopting!   If you haven’t been following along in our journey already via Facebook, Instagram, or our email list (links for all of them […]

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  • Journey to Healing

    Will and Rachel Harrison
    Will and Rachel Harrison Fort Cavazos, Texas

    I’m sitting here staring at the screen and wondering what I am supposed to say. It has been almost three years since I sat down and wrote our first Lifesong story to raise money for our adoption. What a rollercoaster […]

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  • Ryan and Elise Morrison’s Adoption

    Ryan Morrison
    Ryan Morrison Madison, Alabama

    Hello! We are Ryan and Elise Morrison, and we’re thrilled to be expanding our family through adoption. When we first met and started dating, we expressed our individual desires to adopt. As our relationship progressed, we continued to discuss and […]

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  • We’re headed to India to adopt our Lil J.

    Daniel & Hilary Maxwell
    Daniel & Hilary Maxwell Denver, Colorado

    After much prayer and leading, we started the adoption process in November 2022.  In July 2023 we were matched with a beautiful little girl who turned 3 this last September.  We’re excited to bring Little J. into our lives. Nylah […]

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  • The Hendricks Family Adopts!

    Rachel Hendricks Knightdale, North Carolina

    Thank you for being interested in hearing our story and our hopes to adopt!   Rachel has been excited about adoption for as long as she can remember. When she was 10 years old, a close aunt and uncle brought […]

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  • Evan’s Trauma Therapy Road

    David and Kimberly Derby
    David and Kimberly Derby Owasso, Oklahoma

    We, David and Kimberly, have been married for 26 years and are the blessed and proud adoptive parents of two beautiful boys. Quentin (18) was our first adoption and we were blessed to hold him when he was 6 hours […]

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  • Dobbins Adoption

    Karissa Dobbins Wenatchee, Washington

    Adoption has always been a part of the conversation for David and Karissa. They dreamt of having a beautiful blend of biological and adopted babies in their family. They knew adoption was a possibility with Karissa’s PCOS. Thankfully the Lord […]

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  • Our Adoption Journey

    Tim & Meaghan Hartman Conroe, Texas

    Many of you have been journeying along with us as we have been building our family. It became apparent pretty early on in our marriage that we were not able to conceive naturally, and it took us a long time […]

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  • Avenue to Adoption – God’s Bigger Purpose In Our Infertility

    Christian and Abby
    Christian and Abby

    Throughout these years of painful and difficult infertility, we (Christian and Abby) were praying for God to clearly guide our next steps and make it abundantly obvious what He was leading us to do for our pathway to becoming parents. […]

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  • The Watson Adoption

    Tony Watson
    Tony Watson Greensboro, North Carolina

    We are adopting! If you know us, you understand the weight of such a lighthearted announcement, and we ask nothing less of you than to celebrate, pray, and continue to support us as you already have. After years of one […]

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  • The Story We’ll Tell

    Chris Strano Charleston, South Carolina

    When we first met, we knew that we both had longing desires to be parents. We longed to teach, to love, and to raise children of God, creating our own little family built on a strong foundation. One night, prior […]

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