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  • The Story of a Lifetime: Bringing home baby Prater

    Erin Corash Avondale, Colorado

    How do you even start the story of a lifetime? Once upon a time? In a galaxy far, far away? For us it started with seven simple words from our six-year-old daughter, “Mommy, we need to go get our baby.” […]

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  • Where the Redfern’s Grow

    Jenne Redfern
    Jenne Redfern Corbett, Oregon

    We are the Redfern family. We are adopting a special needs sibling set from Eastern Europe and hope to travel October or November 2020. There is this perception that a certain amount of sacrifice is good.  You get the kudos […]

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  • “Perhaps You Were Born for Such a Time as This”

    Thompson EASTLAND, Texas

    Hey there! We are Jim and Alaina Thompson! We have been married for 5 years and have decided it is time to start growing our family. When we got married, we were living in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex but knew […]

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  • Bringing Home Baby Presley

    Jalyn Presley
    Jalyn Presley Birmingham, Alabama

    We are Wes and Jalyn Presley and we are on a journey to grow our family through adoption. From the beginning of our relationship, we realized that both of us felt a calling to adopt but were not sure when the […]

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  • Abel and Kara’s Awesome Adoption

    Kara West Darwin, Minnesota

    We’d like to start by saying that God is good!  We’ve wanted to become parents for over 8 years, and by God’s grace, we will be this week!  We have been matched with the most wonderful birth mother who is […]

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  • China Adoption Journey Bastrop, Texas

      Thanks so much for stopping by! It is our great joy to tell you about our adoption story! In March of 2019, after years of serving as  foster parents with the intent to adopt, we stepped out in faith […]

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  • Morehouse Party of 4

    Brad Morehouse
    Brad Morehouse Goshen, Indiana

    Thank you so much for taking the time to learn a little bit about our adoption journey! Ashley and I have been married for 5 years, during our courtship days we always talked about having  large blended family of biological […]

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  • Will & Shannon are adopting!

    Will and Shannon Middleton
    Will and Shannon Middleton Burlington, North Carolina

    Hello! We are Will and Shannon Middleton, a North Carolina couple who are hoping to adopt domestically.   We’ve had adoption in our prayers and conversations for many, many years. We discussed it when we were dating as teenagers, even […]

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  • The Rosenbalm’s are adopting!

    Alannah Rosenbalm
    Alannah Rosenbalm Franklin, Indiana

    Hi!  We are the Rosenbalm family, and we are so excited to share our story with you. Whether you know us personally, or we have never had the pleasure of meeting, we hope first and foremost that you are feeling […]

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  • Odell Adoption Story – Take 5!

    Joseph & Carrie Odell
    Joseph & Carrie Odell Clarksville, Tennessee

    Before we got married, we discussed adoption as something we would do “someday”. For the first decade of marriage, we always had a reason why it was “just not a good time yet.” But, after reading “Crazy Love”, “Radical”, and […]

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  • Our Journey to Parenthood

    Brandilyn Hetzel MISHAWAKA, Indiana

    We are Stephen and Brandilyn Hetzel. We have been married for almost 4 years.  We both have a strong desire to be parents and began trying to start our family just after our first anniversary.  Three months later, we experienced […]

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  • Walls’ Family India Adoption

    Ashley Walls Greenville, Texas

    Adoption was something we talked about on one of our very first dates. As two college students, the idea of being able to one day model the adoption that we have in Christ through an earthly adoption of a child […]

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