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  • Carswell Adoption Journey

    Lara & Robert Carswell Newnan, Georgia

      Our HOPE is in the LORD!   We are excited to share that we are on the journey to adopting a child though domestic infant adoption – and that our precious baby boy “Jack” was born on June 1, […]

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  • Simply Joy

    Bethany Lyles
    Bethany Lyles Benton, Kentucky

    Adoption has always been a part of my life and dear to my heart. I knew as a very young girl, I wanted to adopt a child. This was something Evan and I discussed and agreed upon before we ever […]

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  • Bruce and Nicole are Adopting!

    Bruce and Nicole Norris
    Bruce and Nicole Norris Jacksonville, Florida

    Bruce and Nicole are growing their family through the miracle of adoption! Four years ago, we found out that we may not be able to have biological children. The journey through infertility, and the grief and loss from that experience, […]

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  • Help John & Caitlin Wojtasek Adopt!

    John Wojtasek
    John Wojtasek Littleton, Colorado

    Hello, We are John & Caitlin Wojtasek. It’s wonderful to meet you! We are inviting you to become a crucial part of our adoption story through your financial support. Because, in truth, this story is much bigger than just the […]

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  • Wanted, Chosen, Loved

    Katie Palmer
    Katie Palmer senoia, Georgia

    Hello, we are Patrick and Katie. Along with our four beautiful children, we thank you for taking the time to read a little bit more about our family and praying about joining us on our adoption journey. Our story goes […]

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  • Be a piece of my adoption from Hong Kong puzzle!

    Kelly Kroeper
    Kelly Kroeper Trenton, New Jersey

    Hi everyone! If you’ve landed here you know that I have decided to adopt from Hong Kong! I have thought about adoption for quite a while, and it has been a journey to this point, but have now been given ‘the […]

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  • Our Journey to Elijah

    Amanda Glick Lancaster, Pennsylvania

    Hello, We are Elam and Amanda Glick.   Thank you so much for taking the time to read our story.  It starts out like most love stories do.   We met, fell in love, and were married 3 years later.   It was […]

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  • Shahan Family Adoption Journey

    Thunder and Kristina Shahan
    Thunder and Kristina Shahan Columbia, South Carolina

    Welcome to our adoption journey!  We are Thunder and Kristina and we are so glad you’re here. We believe adoption is Kingdom work and are truly honored to be on this journey. We are a loving home and family eager to […]

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  • Adopting our sweet daughter Nevaeh who has been with us for 3 years

    Lyschel Edwards
    Lyschel Edwards Murfreesboro, Tennessee

    I’ve always had a heart for children which is something that I got from my mother.  My mother just loved all young children and older people. In her footsteps I traveled a bit in my adulthood abroad volunteering building homes […]

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  • Our Adoption Story

    Jacob Allen
    Jacob Allen Franklin, Tennessee

    Hi, we’re the Allens! We are Jacob, Amber, Harrison, and Henry, from tallest to smallest. The idea of adoption has been a topic of many conversations in the Allen household, even before we had two boys of our own.  When me […]

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  • Jackson Family Post Adoption

    Jackson Hoover, Alabama

    Many of you have followed along our family’s journey as we brought Jian home in 2013 and Faith home at the end of 2016. As you also may realize, the journey doesn’t end once we get them home…That’s when the […]

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