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  • Bader Adoption Journey

    Katelyn Bader
    Katelyn Bader Akron, Ohio

    My husband Jared and I have always shared the dream of adopting. While we have a biological son of our own, Edison, we dream to commit our family to loving an orphan and making them our son or daughter. We […]

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  • Essig Family India Adoption

    Jeremiah and Sarah Durham, North Carolina

    We are honored to be able to take part in God’s plan for this girl. We are just an ordinary couple who have been convicted this is the way God wants us to start our family. We both know that adoption is God’s plan […]

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  • Gephart Adoption #3

    Clare & Phil Gephart
    Clare & Phil Gephart ROCK HILL, South Carolina

    We met in 2014 and were inseparable after our first date. Phil jokes that I pushed him into a cactus on our first date, and while it is true that we spent thirty minutes pulling cactus spines out of Phil’s […]

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  • Adding Pages

    Dakota and Bekah Page
    Dakota and Bekah Page Davenport, Florida

    We are thrilled to announce that we will be adding another Page to the beautiful story God has written for our family. We have witnessed first hand how God has worked miracles in the adoption of our children-Rileigh, Braxton and […]

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  • Gravino Adoption

    Emily Gravino
    Emily Gravino Atlanta, Georgia

    Our adoption story began when we talked seriously about our future. We knew without a doubt we  wanted to be parents, Nick was the first one to  bring up adoption as a way forward. He always  wanted to adopt because of […]

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  • The Lugtharts are Adopting!

    Rebecca Lugthart
    Rebecca Lugthart Rock Hill, South Carolina

    Hi! Thank you for considering partnering with us in our adoption journey! It’s been a looonnnngggg 2.5 year process and we are weary but are trusting in the Lord’s sovereignty and waiting on His perfect plan. We started our homestudy […]

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  • Matt and Kaylin’s adoption story

    Kaylin MacDaniels DUBACH, Louisiana

    About 3 years ago, the Lord began to radically alter our desires and began to replace them with His desires. After a mission trip to Honduras and encountering some challenges in life, I (Kaylin) was faced with giving up the […]

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  • Bond004…The Unexpected

    Matthew and Anna Bond
    Matthew and Anna Bond San Marino, California

    It was Wednesday, July 14, 2021. I was at the Costco gas line when I received a text message….“Would you and Matthew be interested in adopting a Chinese baby boy with these symptoms” followed by a screenshot of various conditions. Within […]

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  • Lentfer Adoption from South Korea!

    Nathan Lentfer
    Nathan Lentfer Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

    Hello, We are Melissa and Nathan Lentfer. We live in Brooklyn Park, MN, a northern suburb of Minneapolis. We had always expected to have biological children, but that wasn’t God’s plan for our family. After 12 years of marriage, we […]

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  • Johnsen Family Adoption

    Rebecca Johnsen
    Rebecca Johnsen Stanwood, Washington

    Michael and Becca’s desire to become parents began way back in their “dating days”. Each have a strong connection with children, with Michael growing up with numerous young cousins and Becca being an elementary school teacher. When they married in […]

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  • Growing our family

    Paige Bailey
    Paige Bailey High Point, North Carolina

    In 2015, Nicholas and I brought our daughter into the world. She was everything I’ve ever imagined and more. The love I have for her is perfect. We knew we wouldn’t be able to have biological children again after complications […]

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  • Jagge Family Adoption

    Kelci Jagge
    Kelci Jagge Saint Hedwig, Texas

    If you had met Theron and I before 2020, you would probably be surprised to hear that we are now in the process of adopting.  Prior to 2020, we were focused on our dreams of a bigger house, bigger bank […]

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