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  • Growing in Our Hearts

    Rachel Arnold Renton, Washington

    We are adopting a child! As some of you may know, I (Rachel) have wanted to adopt a child since I was about 14-years-old. To me, adoption was a matter of when, instead of if. Matt and I began talking […]

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  • White Family: Party of 4

    Andrew White
    Andrew White Mineral Wells, Texas

    We always knew that adoption would be part of the story God was writing for us. But we had no idea how that story would unfold. While we were dating, way back in 2007, it became clear to both of […]

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  • Slay Adoption

    Danal and Elizabeth Slay
    Danal and Elizabeth Slay Peachtree Corners, Georgia

    We wanted to introduce ourselves to you and share with you how the journey of adoption started for us. We both believe that our savior, Jesus, has already written and planned our story, including our adoption story. He loved us […]

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  • Path To Priya

    Chelsea Ripley
    Chelsea Ripley Humble, Texas

    Our adoption story is less about us and much more about our daughter. We play the very tiniest part in the grand story that God is writing for her life, but oh what joy we have to be a part […]

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  • Love Has No Borders: Traxels Adopting from the Dominican Republic

    Joshua Traxel
    Joshua Traxel Springfield, Illinois

    Jesus said, “I will not leave you as orphans. I will come to you” (John 14:18). We are Joshua and Abby Traxel and we have been married for seven years. We have an amazing four-year-old biological daughter. Our journey towards […]

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  • Help Bring the Ruges Home!

    Sigrid Ruge
    Sigrid Ruge Denver, Colorado

    After many years on the journey of adoption, we were selected in 2018 to adopt our son.  A few months later, we were on a plane traveling to Mwana Villages to meet him. Mwana Villages is a non-profit family and […]

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  • A Story of Experiencing Grace

    Jacob Chicago, Illinois

    Adoption is a story of unmerited favor and grace.   Our hearts have been longing for the opportunity to adopt internationally for many years, and we are excited to invite you to join us in this journey!   The principle […]

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  • Called to adopt

    Dusten Harward Cornelius, North Carolina

    Dusten and I have some exciting news to share that we want you to join in with us: We have begun the process of adopting a domestic infant through a local adoption agency! We feel like if we are going […]

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  • Waiting to add a little Gudde!

    Elizabeth & Sheldon Gudde
    Elizabeth & Sheldon Gudde Virginia Beach, Virginia

    Once upon a time, a Washington boy met a Virginia girl and he really liked her dogs… so they became friends and walked the dogs and talked a lot, and after a lot of walking and talking and exploring and […]

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  • Bringing Home Baby Boy Bryant

    Lacey Bryant
    Lacey Bryant Argyle, Texas

    Hello! We are Bailey and Lacey Bryant. We live in the DFW area and are pastors at a small church in Flower Mound, TX. Lacey also stays at home with our children and homeschools them. Many years ago, God put […]

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  • Skrepak Family Adoption

    Melissa Skrepak
    Melissa Skrepak Spirit Lake, Iowa

    Early on in our marriage we sat at the kitchen table and talked about how wonderful it would be to adopt someday. I have no idea what triggered the conversation but we both felt the call. We didn’t know what […]

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  • Silvas Adopt

    Lucy Silva
    Lucy Silva Rockville, Maryland

    Matt and I are honored and humbled to announce that we are expanding our family through adoption. Since the beginning of our marriage, we have had a desire for this to be a part of our family story. God willing, […]

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