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  • Fletcher’s Ready to Travel to Colombia!

    James & Aimee
    James & Aimee Spring Hill, Tennessee

    For us, this journey of adoption began November of 2017 and has moved so quick! Since 2013 we have been serving internationally on an annual basis, largely in Guatemala and the Lord has used each of these experiences to teach […]

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  • Dorn Adoption – Amor Sin Limites

    Tiffani Dorn
    Tiffani Dorn Newark, Ohio

    I don’t know when the desire to adopt for me began, but I feel like it was always there. Even though I have lived in the same area my whole life, there has been wanderlust in my mind and heart and […]

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  • One Less Orphan – with your help

    Daniel Busenbark Fort Mitchell, Alabama

    In May 2016, God brought our family of 8 to Bridges of Faith, a ministry that hosts 10 Ukrainian orphans for a month, three times a year. As a family, God broke our hearts for orphans. We learned that:10% of Ukrainian […]

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  • Hoping to Adopt!

    Darin Gundy
    Darin Gundy Eureka, Illinois

    Both Kelsey and I (Darin) always wanted to be parents and envisioned our married life raising children in a Christian home. We love kids and are excited to welcome children into our home. Adoption has always been something that has […]

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  • Matching Funds for Neidert Adoption

    Travis Neidert
    Travis Neidert Fort Collins, Colorado

    Some amazing friends of ours with huge hearts for adoption have decided to match all donations in this account UP TO $1000!!! Here is our adoption story so far: Travis and I have discussed adoption throughout our marriage.  There have […]

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  • Why wait around for a miracle when you can be one

    Keisha Galliher
    Keisha Galliher Olin, North Carolina

    While Michael and I were on a mission trip in Peru South America, God started working in our hearts to prepare us for what he was calling us to do. We fell in love with a young man in the […]

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  • #AJonesFromHaiti

    Sarah Jones
    Sarah Jones Spring Hill, Tennessee

    Hello friends and family, and friends and family of friends and family! We are so excited about this new opportunity and the ability to launch this page. I do think maybe I should rewind in case you haven’t encountered our […]

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  • Sean and Alicia Cleland Adoption Journey

    Alicia Cleland Salem, Oregon

    Hello from Sean and Alicia! We have been married 10 years and have been off and on trying to start our family but no success. Adoption has always been something we were open to. It was made very clear to […]

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  • And Then There Were Three…

    Stephen & Meaghan Jones
    Stephen & Meaghan Jones Ooltewah, Tennessee

    …Three Jones kids that is! We are excited to welcome another little one into our family, this time through adoption. The Lord began burdening Meaghan’s heart for adoption in early 2016, and she began praying that God would speak to […]

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  • The Chelians are Adopting from Thailand!

    Abby Chelian
    Abby Chelian San Jose, California

    We are excited to announce that we are in the process of adopting a little one from Thailand! When I (Abby) was a child, my parents took me and my sister on a missions trip to Thailand, and I visited […]

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  • Jamesley Stevens and Family

    John Stevens Kenosha, Wisconsin

    In 2013 Angie and I had one biological child (Reanna).  We were in a Sunday morning service at Journey Church and the topic was the need for international adoptions.  Angie and I wanted to have another child in our family and […]

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  • The Johnston Family Adoption

    Brandon Johnston Bremerton, Washington

    “Be strong, and let your heart take courage, all you who wait for the LORD!” (Psalm 31:24). God’s words and promises are the themes of our adoption story. We have been married since 2008 and God’s faithfulness has been our song. We […]

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