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  • Welcome to the Family, Baby Girl Manthey!

    Julie Manthey Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Hello! We are Chris and Julie Manthey and our sons, Isaiah, Caleb, and Levi.  We met and fell in love in 2006 and got married in 2007. We spent the first 5 years of our marriage in ministry together and […]

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  • Bringing Silas Home

    Jessica Peters
    Jessica Peters Liberty Township, Ohio

    Home! We are so happy to be home with all of our kids in one spot. It’s unbelievable that only four days after submitting our names, we got a phone call that a precious family chose us to raise their […]

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  • The Belcher’s are Adopting a Girl from India

    Carl Belcher
    Carl Belcher Lehigh Acres, Florida

    Our adoption story begins with the gospel. In Galatians 4:3-7, Scripture says, “In the same way we also, when we were children, were enslaved to the elementary principles of the world. But when the fullness of time had come, God […]

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  • Our Already, But Not Yet


    We are so thankful and blessed to have been awarded a $3000 matching grant from Lifesong for Orphans Adoption Fund! I thought I would share a little bit of our testimony and how God has brought us to this point. […]

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  • Growing in Grace – Navigating the Adoption Journey

    Rebecca GROVETOWN, Georgia

    Becca, here! It’s amazing to see how prominent adoption has been in both our lives even from a very early age. As kids, we were directly impacted by adoptees: Nate was raised with one and I was raised by one! Adoption […]

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  • Kowatch Adoption Journey

    Casey Kowatch
    Casey Kowatch Waxahachie, Texas

    In April of 2020 I began to feel we were to begin the process of adopting our next little one(s) while listening to Ted Youman’s (our adoption attorney) share his heart about adoption.  It was in that moment that my […]

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  • Walters Family Adoption

    Zeke Walters
    Zeke Walters kimberly, Alabama

    There are certain moments in life when God completely wrecks us in the best way possible and we feel like for a second we’re able to see a glimpse of what heaven may feel like – complete surrender, total peace. […]

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  • Long Family Adoption from India

    Susie Long
    Susie Long Fairfield, Alabama

    Aaron and I talked about adopting one day since before we were married. This desire was prompted in us by a combination of our understanding and gratitude for how God has adopted us as his children, an understanding of God’s […]

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  • From Moldova to Alabama 4 Siblings Will Flourish

    Justin Watson Enterprise, Alabama

    We are the Watsons–Justin, Jennifer, Zoe (11) and Xander (8) and we are doubling our family through adoption.  We are matched with four siblings in the country of Moldova who have been waiting for years for a family to keep […]

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  • Orso adoption story

    Callie Orso
    Callie Orso Mobile, Alabama

      We are Darryl and Callie Orso.   When we met, and we knew that God had something big in store for us.  We had the same goals in life, and the best part is, we both loved Jesus with […]

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  • Wegert Adoption – Bringing Ira Home

    Wegert Knoxville, Tennessee

    Hello from TN! We are excited to share our adoption story and let all of you know what we have been up to during this pandemic! In early 2019 we had to make a tough choice and moved to Knoxville, […]

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  • Siblings from India!

    Aaron and Julie Griggs
    Aaron and Julie Griggs Montrose, Pennsylvania

    We’re adopting siblings from Inida! We’ve been married for a little over 10 years. For the majority of our marriage we’ve resided in northeast Pennsylvania, although we also lived in Germany for a year! Aaron works as a radio announcer […]

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