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  • Riber Family

    Kristin Riber
    Kristin Riber Cedarville, Ohio

    “Imagine if Christian churches were known as the places where unwanted babies become beloved children. If this were the case across the board around the world, sure, there would still be abortions, there would still be abusive homes. But wouldn’t […]

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  • Davis’ Adopt Again

    Gabriel Davis
    Gabriel Davis Charlotte, North Carolina

    Our adoption story starts years ago, as Dionne has wanted to adopt since we were married. She has always had a soft spot in her heart for children who are in need of a home, and her being a nanny […]

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  • Growing Our Family Through Adoption- The Duersons

    John and Chayli Duerson Liberal, Kansas

    We got married in October of 2019 after being together for several years.  In 2020 we knew that God wanted us to start the process of adopting.  We began having some fundraisers and the road eventually led us to an […]

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  • Bob Rush Memorial Contributions

    Shonda Dietz
    Shonda Dietz Overland Park, Kansas

    Robert “Bob” Leroy Rush, Jr., age 67, of Gardner, Kansas, passed away on April 29th at home surrounded by loved ones after a long battle with cancer.  Bob was born August 31, 1954 in Boonville, Missouri to Robert (Bob) and […]

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  • Hedden On Our Adoption Journey

    Luke and Rachel Hedden
    Luke and Rachel Hedden Walpole, Massachusetts

    We are thrilled to be able to share with our family and friends that we are adopting from Haiti! We have long known that adoption would be part of our family journey; it was never if, but when. In an […]

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  • The Potts Adoption Journey – Join Us!

    John Potts Littleton, Colorado

      Welcome to our page! Thank you so much for taking time to learn about our story. We are deeply grateful. We are excited to share with you our story, as well as how you can join us in our […]

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  • The Landins’ Infant Adoption Journey

    Alanna Landin
    Alanna Landin Batavia, Illinois

    Greetings from the Landin family! We are on the journey toward adopting a baby within the U.S. It has been a long and beautiful path so far, and we wait with great expectation for the way that God will bring […]

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  • Growe Adoption

    Jeff & Laurel Growe
    Jeff & Laurel Growe Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    Sweet family and friends, we are so excited to invite you into this journey of adoption with us! As many of you already know, we are stepping into this hopeful process of adopting internationally from Taiwan! We are thrilled! This […]

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  • The Bush Family’s 4th Adoption

    Matthew Bush
    Matthew Bush Jacksonville, Florida

    Our family currently consists of 5: Myself (Matt), my wife Jessica, and our three children Sophie (6), Elijah (5), and Ezekyal (4). After 4 years as a family of 5, we will soon be a family of 6! Our adoption […]

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  • Here We Go Again…Adoption Round 2!

    Bekah & Brian Schwanbeck
    Bekah & Brian Schwanbeck

    Surprise! Our family is growing…We are adopting again!   If you’re just joining our story…We had talked about wanting to adopt since the beginning of our marriage almost 12 years ago. Fast forward, and God blessed us with two biological children, but […]

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  • Harlow Adoption

    James Harlow Nesbit, Mississippi

    First, we felt led to adoption because we love the gospel. Throughout our study of the Scriptures, we have always been enthralled by the picture of God adopting sinners into His family through the finished work of Jesus Christ. We […]

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  • Lefkof family adoption

    Nadine Lefkof Frisco, Texas

    Adoption of a child with special needs has been on my heart for over 15 years. After reading an article about kids in other countries with Down’s Syndrome who were dying every day in orphanages, I was convicted that adoption […]

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