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  • Gillespie’s Get A Girl

    Jason Gillespie
    Jason Gillespie Indianapolis, Indiana

    Thank you for listening to our story.  We have long wanted to adopt and long wanted a little girl.  We have finally gotten the chance to achieve both of those dreams when we were matched in August 2019!  Our little […]

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  • Ben and Emily adopt!

    Emily Cornish
    Emily Cornish Louisville, Kentucky

    We have been asking and trusting in the Lord to grow our family since we got married in 2012. It was likely that infertility was our reality from the start, but we believed God was bigger than our diagnosis. As […]

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  • Hoping to bring home baby!

    Monica Jackson
    Monica Jackson Chattanooga, Tennessee

      Our motivation to adopt came from our long journey of infertility over the course of 3 years. We’ve prayed and we feel that this apart of our story to growing our family. Over the course of this journey we’ve […]

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  • Adopting Honey

    Kaysie Berry
    Kaysie Berry Bellingham, Washington

      We never actually had adoption in our hearts, and I feel that’s where God comes in, to shake us up and show us we are not in control of our future, but He is. We don’t know our plan, […]

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  • Lifesong Goal MET! :-) Thank you!

    Kevin & Laura Drewry
    Kevin & Laura Drewry Caledonia, Mississippi

    (Picture drawn by our daughter.  Translation:  “thanks for making this dream come true”) We are in the process of adopting a sweet teenage girl from Colombia! We are beyond excited and have been doing everything we can to prepare to welcome […]

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  • Why Us? Why Now?

    Dan Zehr DORR, Michigan

    This September, we will celebrate 14 years of marriage and in those 14 years, we’ve experienced so much.  The idea of adopting a child had always been on the back burner but had never taken center stage.  Sheila has wanted […]

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  • Glad Surrender – Luster Adoption

    Carrie Luster
    Carrie Luster Brandon, Mississippi

    The Glad Surrender – our Adoption Story and testimony of His (Jesus) faithfulness, His plan, His timing, His strength, His grace, His steadfastness, His love, His purpose, His comfort, His hope, Him choosing us, His Story! Surrender THE word that God […]

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  • Overton Adoption

    Robert & Kameilia Overton
    Robert & Kameilia Overton Aubrey, Texas

    Thank you for choosing to come along side us and be a part of the adventure God has called us to.  Most of you know that our family is growing through domestic infant adoption. After Robert and I married, adoption […]

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  • Dreaming of Ada

    Holly Osbeck
    Holly Osbeck Rockford, Michigan

    Adoption was something that we always supported but never really considered for our own family until recently, even though adoption had impacted both of our immediate and extended families. We were set on having two children, and we had also […]

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  • Mirabal Party of Five!

    Katlynne Mirabal
    Katlynne Mirabal Dover, New Hampshire

    Many of you have already joined us on our adoption journey and to those who are just finding out, welcome! We’ve wanted to adopt for almost a decade now, so our hearts are exploding with joy as we’re finally in the […]

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  • Watson Family Domestic Adoption

    Tabitha Watson Tega Cay, South Carolina

    Thank you for joining us on our adoption journey! Adoption has always been a part of our family plan and we began our journey back in 2016. It has not been the easiest path, but we are thankful for the […]

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  • We’re Adopting a Baby Girl!

    Justin Bronson
    Justin Bronson Bend, Oregon

    From early on in our conversations about family, we both expressed a desire to adopt. Justin grew up with an adopted younger brother, and his father was adopted by his step dad when he was very young. There was a […]

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