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  • Franje Adoption

    Mandy Franje Grimes, Iowa

    I was in a small group years ago where a couple adopted two children and that initially sparked something in me. Fast forward a couple of years and then I became involved in an orphanage on the board of directors. I […]

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  • Love Never Fails!

    Jorge & Jen Uriostegui Warrenville, Illinois

      Dear Family and friends, As 2020 comes to an end, and we welcome in a new year with joyful expectation, we wanted to share some updates from our family, including our adoption update, and a couple of photos. Like […]

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  • Help Bring Rahama Home!

    Amber Burger
    Amber Burger Katy, Texas

    We are in the process of trying to adopt this sweet girl, Rahama, from South Sudan. She was orphaned by the war as her entire family was killed in a raid on her village. She was left for dead, wrapped […]

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  • Dorn Adoption – Amor Sin Limites

    Tiffani Dorn
    Tiffani Dorn Newark, Ohio

    I don’t know when the desire to adopt for me began, but I feel like it was always there. Even though I have lived in the same area my whole life, there has been wanderlust in my mind and heart and […]

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  • One Less Orphan – with your help

    Daniel Busenbark Fort Mitchell, Alabama

    In May 2016, God brought our family of 8 to Bridges of Faith, a ministry that hosts 10 Ukrainian orphans for a month, three times a year. As a family, God broke our hearts for orphans. We learned that:10% of Ukrainian […]

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  • Gundy Adoption

    Darin Gundy
    Darin Gundy Eureka, Illinois

    We have been hoping to grow our family through adoption and became homestudy approved over five years ago. We have an all-knowing God and, although difficult at times, have trusted in his divine timing. We are thrillled to share that we […]

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  • Matching Funds for Neidert Adoption

    Travis Neidert
    Travis Neidert Fort Collins, Colorado

    Some amazing friends of ours with huge hearts for adoption have decided to match all donations in this account UP TO $1000!!! Here is our adoption story so far: Travis and I have discussed adoption throughout our marriage.  There have […]

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  • Why wait around for a miracle when you can be one

    Keisha Galliher
    Keisha Galliher Olin, North Carolina

    While Michael and I were on a mission trip in Peru South America, God started working in our hearts to prepare us for what he was calling us to do. We fell in love with a young man in the […]

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  • Jamesley Stevens and Family

    John Stevens Kenosha, Wisconsin

    In 2013 Angie and I had one biological child (Reanna).  We were in a Sunday morning service at Journey Church and the topic was the need for international adoptions.  Angie and I wanted to have another child in our family and […]

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  • “D” Family Adoption

    Dean and Tara
    Dean and Tara

    We are the “D” Family.  Our family is excited to again be following God’s call to adopt.  We are both excited and nervous but we have seen time and time again God is Faithful. We adopted our son at birth […]

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