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  • Matching Funds for Neidert Adoption

    Travis Neidert
    Travis Neidert Fort Collins, Colorado

    Some amazing friends of ours with huge hearts for adoption have decided to match all donations in this account UP TO $1000!!! Here is our adoption story so far: Travis and I have discussed adoption throughout our marriage.  There have […]

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  • Why wait around for a miracle when you can be one

    Keisha Galliher
    Keisha Galliher Olin, North Carolina

    While Michael and I were on a mission trip in Peru South America, God started working in our hearts to prepare us for what he was calling us to do. We fell in love with a young man in the […]

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    Campaign Ended
  • Jamesley Stevens and Family

    John Stevens Kenosha, Wisconsin

    In 2013 Angie and I had one biological child (Reanna).  We were in a Sunday morning service at Journey Church and the topic was the need for international adoptions.  Angie and I wanted to have another child in our family and […]

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  • “D” Family Adoption

    Dean and Tara
    Dean and Tara

    We are the “D” Family.  Our family is excited to again be following God’s call to adopt.  We are both excited and nervous but we have seen time and time again God is Faithful. We adopted our son at birth […]

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