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  • Chelsea and Parker Day Family Adoption

    Chelsea Day
    Chelsea Day Altoona, Iowa

    Hello friends and family!   Adoption has always been something on our radar and is something we discussed even while we were dating. I think in our minds we always assumed that foster care is the route we would take- […]

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  • Rick & Melissa’s Adoption Journey

    Rick Reiter Herndon, Virginia

    We are so excited to tell you… we’re adopting! Lots of families get to post cute announcements letting friends and family know they’re expecting. And in similar fashion we’re excited to let you know that we’re expecting to adopt a […]

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  • Steven & Ally’s Adoption

    Steven Wright Fort Collins, Colorado

    Thanks for being a part of our adoption story! We both had discussed adoption prior to getting married, but had not given it much thought the first couple years of marriage. Then, in late 2016, the Lord began to stir […]

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  • Adoption #4

    =Aaron Winter Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Friends & Family- we are excited to announce that we are adopting again! We have been so richly blessed by adoption already in the form of the three beautiful kids we get to call our children. This particular adoption journey […]

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  • Bringing home baby Ray

    Amanda Ray
    Amanda Ray Byram, Mississippi

    Adoption, some people see that word and the first thing most people think about is the money. Yes, adoption can be expensive, but when God calls you to something, he will see you through it. Patrick and I met February […]

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  • The Parker’s Adopt:India

    Katie Parker
    Katie Parker Woodstock, Georgia

    Hi Friends and Family! We are so thankful you’ve chosen to walk with us through this adoption journey. Let us give you a little background to explain how we got here… Eric and I met in college and through the […]

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  • Schroeder Family Adoption

    Sarah Schroeder
    Sarah Schroeder Bend, Oregon

    When we got married, we always knew that we wanted to have children. We both grew up with siblings, and we desired for our children to have that joy as well. Our plans were to have at least three or […]

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  • King Family Adoption

    Ted & Michele Noblesville, Indiana

    Our adoption story begins in 2014. We were attending a church with an Adoption and Orphan Care Ministry which we would help support from time to time. It was such a joy and priviledge to watch families grow through adoption […]

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  • The Chelians are Adopting from Thailand!

    Abby Chelian San Jose, California

    We are excited to announce that we are in the process of adopting a little one from Thailand! When I (Abby) was a child, my parents took me and my sister on a missions trip to Thailand, and I visited […]

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  • Jamesley Stevens and Family

    John Stevens Kenosha, Wisconsin

    In 2013 Angie and I had one biological child (Reanna).  We were in a Sunday morning service at Journey Church and the topic was the need for international adoptions.  Angie and I wanted to have another child in our family and […]

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  • This Auntie wants to be a Mother.

    Debbie Dezutter
    Debbie Dezutter Bonney Lake, Washington

    In 2008, I started working for a non-profit organization that serves orphans and neglected children in West Africa. I am a nurse by training, so my role as their Healthcare Coordinator was a natural fit. I worked abroad in this […]

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  • The Johnston Family Adoption

    Brandon Johnston Bremerton, Washington

    “Be strong, and let your heart take courage, all you who wait for the LORD!” (Psalm 31:24). God’s words and promises are the themes of our adoption story. We have been married for 9 years and God’s faithfulness has been […]

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