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  • How God turned 6 into 7!

    Dustin & Emily Hughes
    Dustin & Emily Hughes Salida, Colorado

    Journey of Adoption(s) 2020 Our story of adoption began in 2006.  We had tried for several years unsuccessfully to conceive and had finally taken all the measures medically to find out what was wrong.  We were told we had a 1-in-2 million […]

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  • Matthew 18:5

    Megan Phillips Madison, Alabama

    When we were considering marriage, adoption was a non-negotiable. We hoped for biological children, but whether or not we could have biological children, we were certain we would someday adopt. Adoption has been a part of our family plan from […]

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  • Always Win!

    Tara Echols
    Tara Echols Lithonia, Georgia

    I have always wanted to be a mother. However, God has not sent the husband he has for me and after a significant health battle I am physically incapable of conceiving. It took some time for me to come to […]

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  • The Pittmans are Adopting!

    Jared Pittman
    Jared Pittman Madison, Alabama

    We have been planning and praying about adoption for a long time! We both had hearts that were open to adoption even before we were married. It was a topic that would come up, but we didn’t spend much time […]

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  • Hastings Adoption Journey

    Stoya Hastings
    Stoya Hastings Murray, Kentucky

    We are the Hastings family, and we are so excited to bring our son, Tobiah, home from South Korea soon. We were matched at the end of September 2020 and could be traveling as soon as February 2021. Our son, […]

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  • Love Grows More Love- Our Adoption Story

    Emily Landis
    Emily Landis Lititz, Pennsylvania

    We have the privilege of opening our home to another little one, Lord willing, in early January. We have been gifted a $3,000 matching grant from Team127 Adoption Fund, administered by Lifesong for Orphans! That means every dollar up to […]

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  • Growing the Nations

    Matt & Jess Nations
    Matt & Jess Nations Fort Myers, Florida

    Hello! We are the Nations Family. At least, the current members of the Nations family. We are in the process of growing out family through domestic, infant adoption! We are so excited, and cannot wait to see who he, she, […]

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  • Why Don’t You Do Something

    Jennifer Maitland GREENVILLE, South Carolina

    I am a single mom with two adopted daughters and thought we were set as a family.  But I felt a real conviction when I heard the words that were “why don’t you do something” as a request to God.  […]

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  • Bringing Home Our “Caboose”!

    Sarah Epting Pomaria, South Carolina

       Bringing Home Our “Caboose”   We had always talked about adoption… even before having biological children.  Sarah’s parents were missionaries in Africa when she was young.  She wanted to grow up and adopt the orphan children she saw in […]

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  • Casch Family Adoption

    Chelsie Casch
    Chelsie Casch Boise, Idaho

    Our hearts have longed to adopt since our dating days. We had discussed adoption as a way to grow our family and continued to pray throughout our marriage that God would make it clear when the time was right.  After […]

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  • Kanagy Family Adoption

    Kelly Kanagy
    Kelly Kanagy Belleville, Pennsylvania

    Tyler and I met and fell in love in 2012 while working at a therapeutic wilderness camp for boys.  We got married  almost 2 years later and continued working at the camp together.  Our eyes were opened to the world […]

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  • Bringing “Promise” Home-adopting from China

    Kate St Louis, Missouri

    I’m Kate C. In 2009, I adopted my daughter, Lexi, from Russia. She was 6 1/2 years old. Lexi is an amazing daughter–loving, tender-hearted, brave and loyal–who gladdens my heart each and every day. I began to feel that our […]

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