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  • Haiti Internship

    Quinn Leggett Carlsbad, California

    My name is Quinn Leggett, I am a freshman in college at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa. Last year I was blessed with the opportunity to go to Haiti on a missions trip with a team from my high […]

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  • We’re Adopting!

    David & Laura Combs
    David & Laura Combs Bunker Hill, West Virginia

    Hello! We are David and Laura and we just adopted a baby!  For everyones safety and privacy, we aren’t permitted to share any other information or pictures at this time. It wasn’t an easy journey to get to where we […]

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  • The Crazy Eight! (adopting two girls from Colombia)

    Laura Armbrust
    Laura Armbrust Round Rock, Texas

    Our story begins one Sunday morning last spring, when our church showed a video of waiting children who would be a part of a summer hosting program. Little did I (Laura) know, but that video touched many of us in […]

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  • Help Us Grow Our Little Family!

    Tony & Amy Lerma
    Tony & Amy Lerma Indianapolis, Indiana

    Hi Friends and Family, Welcome to our Adoption Page! We know some of you already know parts of our story from social media postings, conversations, and texts/phone calls but we would love to share it from the beginning. We have been […]

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  • Bean Family Adoption Journey

    Erin Bean
    Erin Bean Gainesville, Georgia

    Dearest family and friends, Before I (Erin) begin telling our story, Clayton and I want to humbly thank you for even taking the time to read where the Lord has brought our family. We also selflessly ask for your prayers […]

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  • Baby Hsiang is Home!

    Callie Hsiang Knoxville, Tennessee

    In December of 2014, we found out that Callie has a genetic disorder. In the process of decorating our Christmas tree, we got a phone call from our genetic counselor that this disorder could be passed on to future children. Our friends Kent & […]

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  • Bring Home the New Payne

    David Payne
    David Payne Greensboro, North Carolina

    Hi! We are David and Katie Payne and we are raising money to fund our adoption. We live in North Carolina with our two-year-old son and are looking forward to bringing another child into our family through international adoption. We […]

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  • Bringing Micah home!

    Daniel Lute Montevallo, Alabama

    We have always known we would adopt as a way to grow our family. We have two biological daughters and in November of 2017 we began the process of adopting from India. God has called us to care for orphans […]

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  • The Falink Family is Adopting!!!

    Christina Falink
    Christina Falink Elwood, Indiana

    Hello Friends and Family! Some of you know we have felt called by God to adopt a child from another country. We began our adoption journey in April of 2018, after returning from a trip to Costa Rica.  We both have had […]

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  • Oyer Family Adoption

    Adrianne Oyer
    Adrianne Oyer Fort Wayne, Indiana

    Adoption has been on both of our hearts for years, and it’s been part of our plan for our family since before we were married. After spending just over a year volunteering in Thailand, Landon and I moved back to the U.S. […]

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  • Our Journey

    Garrett Turner
    Garrett Turner Roanoke, Virginia

    We are so excited to announce we received a $2500 matching grant from Lifesong through our church FCC. No one likes to ask for money but we pray God will use this post and our story to extend his kingdom. […]

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  • Kick Family Adoption #2

    Amanda Kick Newark, Ohio

    We fiercely and unashamedly believe that orphans belong in families.  When Cory and I started our first adoption in 2016 we couldn’t imagine where God would bring our family. We saw over 150 people step up beside us to help […]

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