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  • Bringing Home Baby Campbell

    Bethany Campbell Madison, Alabama

    We started dating in 2003 and were married in 2008. Early on in our relationship we discussed our passion for adoption but assumed it was something we would do after conceiving on our own. In 2013 we started trying to grow […]

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  • Beautiful in Time – The Echols Adopt from Colombia

    Keith Echols
    Keith Echols KENNESAW, Georgia

      Welcome friends and family! Thank you for joining us on our journey to adopt from Colombia! We have been awarded a $5000 matching grant from the Johnson Ferry Baptist Church adoption fund which is administered by Lifesong for Orphans. […]

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  • Dunn Family Adoption


    Hello there!! We are the Dunns. We have been MATCHED with a birth mother and are currently awaiting the birth of our adopted child due in Fall of 2019. The last Ultrasound was not able to clearly tell if we […]

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  • Walseman Family Adoption

    Ashley Walseman
    Ashley Walseman Croghan, New York

    Hi! We’re Patrick and Ashley! We will have been married 7 years this coming June, started our relationship as high school sweethearts, and are grateful for each day we’ve shared together. In these 7 years having children has not been […]

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  • Help bring Gamaliel home!

    Douglas Shenker
    Douglas Shenker Senoia, Georgia

    Our son is waiting, help us bring him home. For me having a family is a miracle. My name is Doug Shenker, husband to Itanie, daddy to Gabriella and prayerfully soon to Gamaliel. When I moved to Georgia in 1999 […]

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  • Judah’s Story

    Christina Ferguson
    Christina Ferguson Pinellas Park, Florida

    Matt and I were married three years ago. God gave us both a deep desire to be parents and raise children in our home, so we began trying to have children after a year or so. We lost our first […]

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  • A Surprise Adoption

    Justin Fluhr
    Justin Fluhr Elizabethtown, Kentucky

    I’ve had some big phone calls in my life. Asking my father-in-law if I could marry his daughter, accepting a new job, hearing the final closing date on our house, but nothing would top the unexpected call we received this […]

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  • Mills Matching Grant For Adoption

    Kerry Mills
    Kerry Mills Moseley, Virginia

    Hello! We are David, Kerry, Luke, Braeden, Esther, and coming soon … Mia Mills. Adoption is near and dear to our hearts, and we are ecstatic to grow our family once again through adoption. We have been graciously awarded a […]

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  • Alderman Adoption Journey

    Savannah Alderman Thompson's Station, Tennessee

    Adoption has been on both of our hearts for a long time. In the first week of Robbie and I getting to know each other, he brought up his desire to adopt. I had never met a guy that had […]

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  • Bringing home Nehemiah

    Sarah Jackson
    Sarah Jackson Salem, Virginia

    Hey everyone! If you don’t know us, we are Kevin and Sarah Jackson. And this will be our THIRD adoption (wow, right?). So, let’s start from the beginning. Not with just this adoption, but to when we first met. When […]

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  • Bringing Home Baby Cenci!

    Sara Cenci
    Sara Cenci Louisville, Kentucky

    Hello! We are Andrew and Sara Cenci. We met in college in 2008 and eventually dated and married. We were married in 2012, with the hopes that we’d grow our family after a few years of marriage. During our dating […]

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  • My heart started for adoption when I was 14 yrs old

    Sarah Steinhauer
    Sarah Steinhauer Spring Hill, Tennessee

    Hi my name is Sarah and My Adoption story started on a mission trip to Romania when I was 14 yrs old, 1993. I visited a couple of orphanages and I knew at that time I would adopt one day. […]

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