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  • A Brand New Hildebrand!

    Talitha Hildebrand Spring, Texas

    Hello! We’re Russell and Talitha and we’re excited to be adding to our family through adoption and thought we’d share a bit more of our story with you. It began in 2013 when we met at a church in the United […]

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  • Navigating to Knox

    Chelsea Ripley
    Chelsea Ripley Humble, Texas

    Our road to adoption was nothing spectacular. There was no pomp and circumstances to what lead us to this journey. We hold to the conviction that orphan care is something that all believers should be participating in. So here we are, the Lord growing our […]

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  • Richardson Family Adoption

    Seth Richardson Abington, Pennsylvania

    Hello Everyone, We are the Richardsons!  Please watch our family’s video that was created for expectant mothers looking for an adoption match. Thank you so much for considering helping our family. The two of us met in college, fell in love and got […]

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  • Sarah & Aaron to adopt a child

    Sarah & Aaron Spartanburg, South Carolina

    When we got married we talked about adoption, which was even in our marriage vows! Later in our marriage, we found out about our infertility, we tried many different avenues to have children. The hardest part of this process was […]

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  • Bringing Home Baby Carnley

    Megan Carnley Birmingham, Alabama

    We are pursuing domestic adoption to grow our family with a daughter/sister!  We would love if you would consider partnering with us on this long journey to bring home our baby girl!  We are currently a family of 5, with […]

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  • We are adopting a sibling group from Costa Rica!

    John & Bethany Chancey
    John & Bethany Chancey Spring Lake, North Carolina

    God began working in our hearts concerning adoption even before we were married over 15 years ago. In early 2022, God began to clearly show us that He wanted us to pursue adoption. God reminded us that we are called […]

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  • Post-adoption mental health care

    Michael Hart
    Michael Hart Killeen, Texas

    In 2013 we adopted our daughter from India. She had come from a very hard place. She was abandoned on the streets of New Delhi at age 2 and taken into an orphanage for over 2 years, where she had […]

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  • Caldwell Family Adoption

    Whitney Caldwell Bledsoe, Kentucky

    Hello,  We are the Caldwell Family from the beautiful Mountains of Kentucky. Clifton is a middle school science teacher and I am a school counselor. We met in the fifth grade and have been smitten ever since! I (Whitney) grew […]

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  • Kresic Adoption – India

    Christopher Kresic
    Christopher Kresic Strasburg, Pennsylvania

    When Chris & Ashley married in 2013 we determined to build our family through biological and adoptive children. Ashley had spent time internationally on mission trips and was aware of the orphan crisis worldwide. Chris was moved by the spiritual […]

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  • Our adoption journey

    Shawnee Doherty Phoenix, Arizona

    We met in college and in 1999 tied the knot after 3 ½ years of dating. In 2004, we bought a home in Central Phoenix and started making it our own. After a couple years of living there and 7 […]

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  • Langr Family Special Needs Adoption

    Chloe Langr
    Chloe Langr Overland Park, Kansas

    Joseph grew up helping his dad care for adults with physical and mental disabilities and brought up the desire to parent a child with special needs, particularly Down syndrome, when Joseph and I (Chloe) started dating. But every time it […]

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  • The Simpsons are adopting from Hungary!

    Jared Simpson
    Jared Simpson Houston, Texas

    We are the Simpson Family – Jared, Lindsey, Bailey, Parker, and Charlotte – and we are thrilled to announce that we are adopting from Hungary!  While our journey to adopt has had many surprises, including a change in country, God […]

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