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  • The Cook Adoption

    Peter Cook Louisville, Kentucky

    Hello! We are the Cook Family (Peter and Emily). We have been in the process of adoption for almost two years. Although there have been some ups and downs, it has always been clear that God called us to adoption. […]

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  • Love and Hope to China

    Zac Irwin
    Zac Irwin Leesburg, Virginia

    We were orphans, adopted by God, and grafted into His family. In turn, we too are called to care for the orphan. This care can look vastly different to many people, but to us, it ultimately looked like this – […]

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  • The Asamoa-Tutu Family Adoption Fund

    Austin and Kim Asamoa-Tutu Holland, Michigan

    Hi, we are Kim, Austin and Chloe. Thank you for taking the time to read our story.     We knew we always wanted to adopt alongside having biological children.  Our plans changed after years of infertility and a failed in-vitro […]

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  • Patrick Family Adoption

    Jill Patrick Hendersonville, Tennessee

    Thanks for taking the time to read our story on how we came to our decision to adopt. Our journey to adoption began about 9 years ago.  We had several family and friends who opened their hearts and lives to […]

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  • Hutchens Haiti Adoption

    Brandon Hutchens
    Brandon Hutchens Westfield, Indiana

    From the time we were married we had discussed the idea of adoption, but we were never sure it was something God was calling us to until later on in our marriage.  In 2011, after being a part of and […]

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    Nick & Amber Steffen
    Nick & Amber Steffen Bluffton, Indiana

    From the beginning of our relationship, we have talked about being open to wherever and whatever God is leading us towards. Today, that’s led us to serve cross-cultural workers through clinical counseling in Eurasia, where we now live. We also talked very […]

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  • Novakoski India Adoption

    Katie Novakoski
    Katie Novakoski Omaha, Nebraska

    My name is Katie Novakoski and I am adopting an older child with more involved special needs from India. My immediate family includes my mother, father, and brother (who was adopted domestically at birth). Two years before I was born, my […]

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  • Two Siblings (Surprise!) in 11 Months

    Daniel Casey
    Daniel Casey Raleigh, North Carolina

    Hey! We are Dan & Grace Casey from Raleigh, NC. We have been married for just over five years. Dan is a Chaplain at a school in Raleigh and he also coaches the football team. Grace owns her own business […]

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  • We are adopting and need your help!

    Abby Morrison
    Abby Morrison

    How we got here… Even while dating and in the early days of our marriage, we were having conversations about adoption. Adoption has never been a question of “if,” but always “when?” However, what we didn’t see coming was our […]

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  • Adopting an orphan from Colombia!

    Eugenia Wittick Durham, North Carolina

    We have 3 little girls, and we are adopting an orphan from Colombia! STRIPE charges an online processing fee (2.2% +.30 USD per transaction). Your donations will be decreased by this amount. You may also send a check payable to […]

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  • Bringing Lily Home

    Julie Thiry Spokane, Washington

    After seeing first-hand how well the Second Chance Adoption program works for kids with attachment issues, we have felt led to adopt a child through that program. We would love to give a child who is failing out of a […]

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  • Maxwell Adoption

    Kasee Maxwell
    Kasee Maxwell Headland, Alabama

    Hey everyone! We are Higgins and Kasee, thank you for checking out our story. We have been married for almost 7 years and have always dreamed of a big family. We both discussed adoption/fostering before we were even married, and […]

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