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  • Hope and Healing for the Wises

    Joy Wise
    Joy Wise Arbela, Missouri

      It is from a desperate and vulnerable place that we are reaching out and sharing our story here.   Adoption was on my heart even as a young girl. It was something I had always felt led to do. […]

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  • Shipley Family Adoption

    Nicolette Shipley

    We are Michael and Nicolette Shipley. We’ve been married for nearly a decade and have one daughter.  Michael is a Captain in the US Army so we’ve had the opportunity to live all around the world. Adoption has been something […]

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  • The Buergers are adopting!

    Stephen Buerger Garland, Texas

    Our Story In 2016, God heard our prayers and brought us our son Samuel. In 2021, he brought us more joy and added our son Joseph to our family. At the beginning of 2023, as we were talking and praying about growing […]

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  • Ryan’s Road to Adoption

    Chelsea Ryan
    Chelsea Ryan Greensboro, North Carolina

    We have always known that adoption would a part of our story. Chelsea was adopted at a young age and has always had a heart for adoption. When both of us became believers we understood what it looked like for […]

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  • Our Journey to Jozsef

    Kristin Pushak
    Kristin Pushak Reston, Virginia

    Joe, Gabriella, Angelina, Zoe, and I are so excited to pursue God’s calling to welcome a precious child into our family through adoption. God first placed the desire to adopt in my heart as a young child. Throughout my adult […]

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  • Wilson Adoption: The Sequel

    Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson Redmond, Washington

    After waiting in the adoption process for 4 years, we adopted our son, Felix, this past March. In June, we got an unexpected phone call informing us that his birth mom is pregnant and has decided to place this child […]

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  • It’s Time to Bring S, S, and S Home!

    Ross and Angel Jackson Stafford, Virginia

    We began our adoption journey 7 years ago, but the timing was not right and the Lord put a pause on our process. Fast forward to last November 2022, the Lord clearly called us to begin the process again as a […]

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  • The Barker’s Adoption Journey

    Jennifer Barker
    Jennifer Barker Carthage, Missouri

     Our adoption story began about 6 years ago. My husband and I watched the 2016 film Lion, and I was moved not only to tears but to action. My heart broke at the thought of hundreds of thousands of orphan […]

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  • The Johnsens are adopting Baby #3!

    Asha Johnsen
    Asha Johnsen Colorado Springs, Colorado

    Nine years ago, when we married, we dreamed of the day we would get to adopt a child into our family. Through a lot of prayer and paperwork, that day is drawing near. We have been in a domestic infant waiting pool since December, […]

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  • Our Adoption from Colombia

    Sam and Allison Knaus Altavista, Virginia

    Adoption is beautiful not just because it gives a home to a child who needs it but also because it is a vivid picture of what has happened spiritually to every child of God (Gal. 4:4-7). Since we were first married, […]

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  • Where God Guides, He Provides


    We have always been excited at the thought of adoption, having heard the stories of many friends who are adopted, and having ourselves received the greatest family through adoption, the Church. While we longed for the privilege of raising godly […]

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  • Adding another Page

    Dakota and Bekah Page
    Dakota and Bekah Page Davenport, Florida

    We have dreamed of a large family since we were young. Watching God provide our deepest desires through adoption has been an indescribable journey. Because of adoption we have been able to welcome four wonderful children into our family. Each […]

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