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  • The Robinson’s adopt Again!

    Tessa Robinson Winder, Georgia

    Tyler and I have always wanted a big family and like most couples we have struggled with infertility for many years. We started the adoption process in 2019. From 2019-2022 we had 3 failed adoptions but finally in September of […]

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  • The Bostic Family Adopts From North Macedonia

    Kari Bostic Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

    We are Chris and Kari Bostic of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.  In the early years of our marriage, we became increasingly aware of the great need for children both locally and around the world to be fostered and adopted.  Since those early […]

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  • Happily Ever Albanese!

    Emily Albanese
    Emily Albanese Phoenix, Arizona

    Hi! Thank you for taking the time to read our story. This is a very vulnerable thing for the two of us to write, so we appreciate your openness to hearing us share.  UPDATE: We are beyond grateful that Lifesong […]

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  • Moss Family Adoption

    Ashlen Moss Winter Park, Florida

    Our story begins with us dating in highschool throughout college and getting married in 2016. In our eight years of marriage, there have been many hardships and challenges, and God has remained faithful and brought us closer together. We have […]

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  • Josh and Rebekah’s Adoption Journey

    Rebekah Flint
    Rebekah Flint Louisville, Kentucky

    Hello! We’re Josh and Rebekah, and this is our daughter, Karis. Thanks for taking the time to learn a bit more about us, and for considering joining with us en route to our second adoption! We’ll be married for 11 years this […]

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  • Stella Adoption’s Journey

    Stella Tchetgen
    Stella Tchetgen Herndon, Virginia

    Dear Family and Friends, Some of you may know and others were at my side as I battled Cancer twice with very difficult recovery moments but still carried a heart for motherhood. However, through the years God continued to provide […]

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  • The Pav Family Adoption Juorney

    Breckon & Stephanie Pav
    Breckon & Stephanie Pav Huntersville, North Carolina

    We are Breckon and Stephanie Pav, we live in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. We have six amazing kids, and we are so thankful and excited to tell you the story of our adoption journey! Our desire to adopt began […]

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  • 38 for 38

    Ben Arant
    Ben Arant

    Hi, my name is Ben and it’s about to be my 38th birthday!  On my birthday, I am going to run 38 miles in order to raise money for Lifesong for Orphans Ethiopia. A few years ago, I had the privilege […]

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  • Jones Family Adoption

    Odis and Ashley
    Odis and Ashley Brandon, Mississippi

    Adoption has been a part of our conversations and prayers from before we were married. We want to show the love of Christ by celebrating and loving a birth mom choosing life in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy or […]

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  • Tolopka’s Adoption Journey

    Tyler and Cassidy
    Tyler and Cassidy Suffolk, Virginia

      Thank you so much for taking time to read about us and support our journey to adopting baby Tolopka! We are Tyler and Cassidy Tolopka and we will be married for six years this June. We value quality time, […]

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  • Powell Kyrgyzstan Adoption Journey

    Dillon Powell Cantonment, Florida

    We have always had a desire to expand our family through adoption. While this stage of our journey is new, the process actually began more than three years ago. Both of our families had been involved in foster care in […]

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  • Happily Ever Halbert! Domestic Infant Adoption

    Sarah Halbert
    Sarah Halbert Jackson, Mississippi

    A note from Sarah: There has never been a time when I thought forward about adoption and didn’t think that it was something I’d like to do one day.  It became heavy on my heart after my second time spent […]

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