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  • Hutchens Haiti Adoption

    Brandon Hutchens
    Brandon Hutchens Westfield, Indiana

    From the time we were married we had discussed the idea of adoption, but we were never sure it was something God was calling us to until later on in our marriage.  In 2011, after being a part of and […]

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  • Adoption From Thailand

    Jillian Prior
    Jillian Prior Pickerington, Ohio

    3 years ago we started our first adoption journey. We adopted our amazing son Ansel from Thailand. He was 5 when we brought him home and he has changed and enriched our lives and taught us so much about God’s […]

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  • The White Family Adoption

    Ramsey White Birmingham, Alabama

    Thank you so much for considering donating to our adoption! We have felt so much support from our church, family and friends as we have navigated the adoption process. We are thankful for you! Our Family’s Call to Adopt Our […]

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  • Watson Family Domestic Adoption

    Tabitha Watson Tega Cay, South Carolina

    Thank you for joining us on our adoption journey! Adoption has always been a part of our family plan and we began our journey back in 2016. It has not been the easiest path, but we are thankful for the […]

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  • The Whites Go to China (Again)

    James White Omaha, Nebraska

    Hi, we are James and Arliss White. We currently have four children; our youngest child, Xiao Xiao, came home from China in 2017. We’ve known ever since that we would eventually return to adopt another child, and we are now […]

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  • India to Mississippi – Griffiths Adoption Journey

    Lyndsie Griffiths
    Lyndsie Griffiths Madison, Mississippi

    Lyndsie and I first spoke of adoption when we were just high school sweethearts dating in a small town in southeast VA. Five years passed by in a blur and we returned to that small town to get married. We […]

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  • The Story of a Lifetime: Bringing home baby Prater

    Erin Corash Avondale, Colorado

    How do you even start the story of a lifetime? Once upon a time? In a galaxy far, far away? For us it started with seven simple words from our six-year-old daughter, “Mommy, we need to go get our baby.” […]

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  • Simpsons Adopt from India!

    Courtney Simpson
    Courtney Simpson Birmingham, Alabama

    A year after we got married, we ended up meeting some our our close family friends who lived near us and they had two biological daughters, an adopted son, and were in a process of adopting their two littles. Getting […]

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  • Bringing Silas Home

    Jessica Peters
    Jessica Peters Liberty Township, Ohio

    Home! We are so happy to be home with all of our kids in one spot. It’s unbelievable that only four days after submitting our names, we got a phone call that a precious family chose us to raise their […]

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  • Bringing Home Baby Barber

    Nash and Emily Barber
    Nash and Emily Barber Madison, Mississippi

    I always knew that adoption would be part of my journey one day.  Nash had honestly never really had it on his radar.  Shortly after we got married in 2014, we began praying for a family.  It became evident to […]

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  • The Haupts: Bringing Home Our Littlest One

    Charlton and Naomi Haupt
    Charlton and Naomi Haupt Berthoud, Colorado

    Our story, our story, our story… It’s a little hard to explain a story that has run deeply through many years, on many levels. Adoption has basically been on our radar from the beginning, and to be at the point […]

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  • Walters Family Adoption

    Zeke Walters
    Zeke Walters kimberly, Alabama

    There are certain moments in life when God completely wrecks us in the best way possible and we feel like for a second we’re able to see a glimpse of what heaven may feel like – complete surrender, total peace. […]

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