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  • And Baby Makes 3

    Allison Eberhardt
    Allison Eberhardt

    We are excited to add a third sibling to the family. In late spring we received another surprise call from our adoption lawyer. She said that our son’s birthmother was pregnant again, due in a few months… with a girl (insert […]

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  • Help Us Grow Our Little Family!

    Tony & Amy Lerma
    Tony & Amy Lerma Indianapolis, Indiana

    Hi Friends and Family, Welcome to our Adoption Page! We know some of you already know parts of our story from social media postings, conversations, and texts/phone calls but we would love to share it from the beginning. We have been […]

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  • Negrete’s Special Needs Adoption

    Megan Negrete
    Megan Negrete Whittier, California

    OUR HEART FOR ADOPTION Adoption has always been part of our plan for  growing our family. We welcomed our precious daughter home from Uganda in 2016 and then welcomed a biological son in 2017. Our family doesn’t feel complete and […]

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  • Hoping to Adopt!

    Darin Gundy
    Darin Gundy Eureka, Illinois

    Both Kelsey and I (Darin) always wanted to be parents and envisioned our married life raising children in a Christian home. We love kids and are excited to welcome children into our home. Adoption has always been something that has […]

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  • One Day a Keeney – Haiti Adoption

    Jennifer Keeney
    Jennifer Keeney Greensboro, North Carolina

         There’s a saying in Haiti that goes, “Yon jou la jou,” which translates to, “One day will be the day.” We learned this saying on one of our mission trips to Haiti from 2011-2015. It stuck with us […]

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  • Jenn & Jon Adopt AGAIN

    Jennifer Sato
    Jennifer Sato La Verne, California

    We are adopting AGAIN! We are beyond thrilled to be working with Bethany Christian Services once again and are doing everything we can to be prepared to welcome a new little one into our family. Our sweet girl is so […]

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