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  • Beautiful in Time – The Echols Adopt from Colombia

    Keith Echols
    Keith Echols KENNESAW, Georgia

      Welcome friends and family! Thank you for joining us on our journey to adopt from Colombia! We have been awarded a $5000 matching grant from the Johnson Ferry Baptist Church adoption fund which is administered by Lifesong for Orphans. […]

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  • Dreaming of Ada

    Holly Osbeck
    Holly Osbeck Rockford, Michigan

    Adoption was something that we always supported but never really considered for our own family until recently, even though adoption had impacted both of our immediate and extended families. We were set on having two children, and we had also […]

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  • Bringing Bei Bei Home

    Jessica Beck
    Jessica Beck Freeland, Maryland

    We are adopting again! Building a family, following the Lord We are the Becks. We are family of five with a story that looks different from most. Our oldest son, Joshua, age 15, joined our family in May 2018 through […]

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  • Our Adoption Journey

    Cortney Holland Murray, Kentucky

    Cortney and Justin first met in high school in our small hometown in Kentucky. But it was several years later before our lives crossed paths again that we ran into one another at church. We spent the next two years […]

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  • Global Hands of Hope Medical Center Relocation

    Global Hands of Hope
    Global Hands of Hope Normal, Illinois

      The Suubi Medical Clinic is currently located in the same building as our early education classrooms. Little children practice their alphabet by following the letters painted on the outside walls of the building as sick patients sit and wait […]

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  • #AJonesFromHaiti

    Sarah Jones
    Sarah Jones Spring Hill, Tennessee

    Hello friends and family, and friends and family of friends and family! We are so excited about this new oppertunity and the ability to launch this page. I do think maybe I should rewind in case you haven’t encountered our […]

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  • Bringing Home Baby Ritchie

    Jessica Ritchie
    Jessica Ritchie Jackson, Kentucky

    “Where God guides, He provides.”  -Isaiah 58:11 Throughout the past year, we (Nathan and Jessica) have stood on the promise of this verse, and continue to see the Lord keep His word above and beyond what we could have imagined! […]

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  • Adding Another Mann to Our Clan!

    Brittany Mann Winter Springs, Florida

    We are the Mann family and we have had the great privilege of visiting international orphanages during our childhood and teen years. When we started dating, we talked about how adoption was part of our “plan A” and couldn’t wait […]

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  • Waiting, hoping, and praying for HER

    Stephanie Bingel
    Stephanie Bingel Carmel, Indiana

    A smile we have not yet seen…but God sees. A laughter we have not yet heard…but God hears. A face we have not yet beheld…but God beholds. A name we do not yet know…but God knows for His thoughts are […]

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  • Michael and Jessica’s Matching Grant


    Hello, Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us! We have previously grown our family through adoption and know how special it is. Adoption has brought our family so much joy and we are excited to add […]

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  • Baby Porter Adoption

    Kyle & Jessica Porter Story, Wyoming

    On October 14, 2019 we received the call! We have been entrusted to be the forever home for a special baby girl due to be born December 18th! What a blessing this Christmas season! STRIPE charges an online processing fee […]

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  • Riddle Adoption – Moving Mountains

    Julie Riddle
    Julie Riddle Humble, Texas

    We began our adoption journey in August of 2018. When we decided we were ready to add another child to our family, we also decided we wanted to do that through adoption. We believe every child has a right to […]

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