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  • Our Colombia Addition

    Kara Steele
    Kara Steele Spotsylvania, Virginia

    Many of you know we have felt called by God to adopt a child into our family. We’re matched with a little girl from China and have been diligently waiting to bring her home for two years now. As we continue […]

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  • You Belong

    Philip Meadows
    Philip Meadows Willow Park, Texas

    Sarah and I thought we were done having kids, until we went to a conference together in February 2019. As we were worshipping together, the Lord spoke to both of us individually and at the same time.  We saw the […]

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  • Pauko Party of Five

    Thomas Paukovitz CHICAGO, Illinois

    We are the Paukovitz Family. A simple family who lives and works in Chicago, with two amazing daughters, and one old dog. Through it all, we believe there is more to our story. We are excited to share that we […]

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  • Growing our family through Adoption!

    Dylan and Megan

    Hello! We are Dylan and Megan, and we are hoping to grow our family through adoption. Thank you for coming to hear our story! Our story starts in 2015, with a diagnosis of male-factor infertility. The news was devastating to this young […]

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  • Fulmer Party of 6!

    Ahna Fulmer
    Ahna Fulmer LITITZ, Pennsylvania

    Hi Friend! We are the Fulmer Family – Zach, Ahna, Gracelyn, Caleb, and Lillian.  We are thrilled to be in the process of adopting a precious baby boy from the Pacific Island of Samoa. read more about our story here –> […]

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  • Our Journey to Adoption

    Jayme Lohrenz Sioux Falls, South Dakota

     We are super excited as we are beginning this amazing adventure into parenthood.  We have seen through the eyes of Beth’s sister and aunt as well as Jayme’s older sister and brother how wonderful it can be to bring an […]

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