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  • Our Pink Caboose

    Jeanine Burnside Hernando, Mississippi

    Struggling with fertility was part of our story from the beginning. Our oldest son was a miracle baby, a product of fertility treatments. Baby number two was a pleasant surprise, just 2 years later. After they were born, we tried […]

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  • Foss Family Adoption

    Sage Foss
    Sage Foss Bozeman, Montana

    The three of us, Eric, Sage, and Jasper, currently make up the Foss family, and how excited we are to add two more to our tribe. We know there are two children that God has ordained for us to bring […]

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  • Adoption Fundraiser for Caleb

    Brent Vallee Vallee newport news, Virginia

      Four and a half years ago after completing our adoption home study with Bethany Christian Services we began our wait for a child and after two years we brought Tabitha home.  After years of waiting our hearts were filled […]

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  • Zander’s Heart

    Carly Floyd
    Carly Floyd Albuquerque, New Mexico

    We (Luke and Carly) started pursuing our first adoption (first child!) in February of 2015. Adoption was on our hearts since we were dating. We knew were going to adopt regardless of our ability to have biological children. One year […]

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  • We are Adopting Twins from China!

    Elizabeth Bennett Gurnee, Illinois

    The Back Story: We always knew we wanted to adopt. I (Elizabeth) first knew I would adopt when I was 15. It was a somewhat naive idea of what adoption was, but I knew it would happen. When I stepped […]

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  • Sean and Alicia Cleland Adoption Journey

    Alicia Cleland Salem, Oregon

    Hello from Sean and Alicia! We have been married 10 years and have been off and on trying to start our family but no success. Adoption has always been something we were open to. It was made very clear to […]

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  • Making Room for One MORE to make One LESS

    Joe and Lauren
    Joe and Lauren Opelika, Alabama

    God placed international adoption on Joe’s and my heart when we started dating over 20 years ago. We believe that we have been adopted by Christ. We were once lost in sin but Jesus paid the ultimate price with His […]

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  • We are adopting!

    Rochelle Goldberg
    Rochelle Goldberg Orlando, Florida

    We are thrilled to announce our decision to adopt a child. God’s perfect timing put us together later in life and we feel He is calling us to be parents. We are partnering with a local Christian Adoption Agency to […]

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  • Called to adopt 2 (maybe 3) kids from Haiti!

    Tonya Fink Gilbert, South Carolina

    We are Greg and Tonya Fink!  We believe that God has called us to adopt 2 (maybe 3) kids from Haiti.  We currently have 4 biological children.  We are very excited to see how God is going to bless our […]

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  • Newhouse Family International Adoption

    Tucker Newhouse Zeeland, Michigan

    BACK STORY Africa’s been part of Sharon’s story since high school. As a naïve 15-year-old, Sharon remembers being determined to, somehow, protect the precious little ones impacted by the terrors of the Darfur conflict. Her senior year, God opened the […]

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  • Pegram Domestic Adoption

    Kirsten Pegram
    Kirsten Pegram Raleigh, North Carolina

    Dillon & I have felt led to adoption since we started dating & through some serious prayer & talking with elders and growth group leaders we felt led to start with domestic adoption now. Adoption has always been a passion […]

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  • Dreaming About the Next Drollette

    Elizabeth Drollette
    Elizabeth Drollette Pike Road, Alabama

    Hi there! We’re Nick and Elizabeth Drollette. We married on September 7, 2013, and spent our first couple of years as newlyweds making memories together and traveling as much as we could. We both knew, even at a young age, […]

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